Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Is Golf A Good Stag Do Activity?

Well, it is and it isn't, if that makes any sense.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that it all depends on your group and the way you handle the booking.

We take many stag do bookings which include Golf and find half of them either reduce right down in numbers or completely cancel.

If the groom loves golf and wants to have a game on his stag weekend, then that's great, he should be able to do what he wants to do.

However, if you have 20 people on the list you will possibly find that over half will not have played golf before or even want to play this fustrating game.

Note; Churchill was quoted on saying; "Golf spoils a good walk!"

So you have two options, book the golf for the Sunday morning and do something else on the Saturday, or quote the guys two prices, with and without golf.

They then have the option and will still attend the stag weekend without feeling that have to play and pay for golf.

Golf is an extremely hard game and if you have never played before you are going to look a divot!

So most people who have never played and don't want to play golf shy away from the prospect of picking up a driver and wacking a ball.

I play golf, not very well, however I do understand that some people just do not want to play the game.

You could always ask the non players to caddy or hold the beer so they don't have to pay.

Whatever you decide, try not to push golf on a non player when booking a stag do, as you may find attendees dropping out like flies.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stag Do Ideas For The Petrol Head

You don't have to stink of petrol to enjoy some amazing motorised activities whilst on your stag do.

Motorised stag activities are extremely popular as most groups want excitement, adrenalin and speed from their activities.

One of the most popular activities to do on your stag do is Rage Buggies, these dirt buggies can reach speeds of up to 60mph and take some guts to swing them round corners at top speed!

If you prefer to be on a bike, then Quad Bikes will take some beating, they are very versatile and easy to ride. Some sites let you race these beasts around specially designed mud tracks which have adverse and reverse chambers and some even have straights with jumps in the middle of them so you can get air.

If you prefer to take on what Mother Nature has provided then off road and quad bike across extreme treks, with steep climbs and inclines, through rivers and woods this is definitely not a nature trail.

Hovercrafts for the last few years have become extremely popular with activity sites popping up all over the country. If I am honest they are hard to manoeuvre but once you get the gist of it you're away! By the way, you fly a Hovercraft and not drive or ride it, you learn something new everyday.

Race Karts (Indoor and Outdoor) are also a very popular activity to do on your stag do, on most tracks you can get 12 karts on the track at once giving your group maximum competition and bragging rights for the winner.

Finally there are other motorised activities which hardly ever get a mention in Blogs such as Mini Racing, Argocats, Power Steer Karts, Blindfold Driving and Car Rallying - you can find out more about these stag activities on the DesignaVenture website.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Unusual Stag Do Ideas

Most stags are looking for something different to do on their stag do, something most of the guys in the group have not done before.

Below, I have put together some unusual stag do ideas for you to have a peak at.

If money is no object and for a luxury stag do, book a private jet to a European destination of your choice. DesignaVenture offer this option on their website and will include private transfers at your resort, 5 star accommodation and entry into prestigious nightclubs and bars.

If you would prefer to stay in the UK and get away from the grime and erratic nightlife of the big cities, Pitch Up and Canoe down the River Wye. With exceptional scenery and a chance to unwind, drink and catch up with friends this really is a great idea.

If you would prefer loads of full on activities ideal for the stag who love the outdoor life, then North Wales is a fantastic option.

White Water Rafting, Gorge Scrambling / Canyoning, Abseiling off 60 foot bridges are just some of the activities you could be doing if you choose North Wales as your chosen destination.

Milton Keynes is a destination where many people have heard of but have never been to. This modern City has some excellent activities and fantastic nightlife. Activities include indoor sky diving, indoor skiing and indoor climbing, sounds to me the perfect destination if the weather on your weekend is going to be wet!

If you have sea legs (if you don't find bouncy up and down on the waves sickening) then hire a yacht and skipper from Portsmouth and sail to Cowes. Whilst on your sailing tour you will learn a little about sailing your racing yacht and get to enjoy the nightlife at the very same location Prince William went to on a similar stag do.

To cap it all off, if your stag wants some motorised fun at an extremely competitive price then I must recommend something DesignaVenture offers in Nottingham called the Rage Buggies, Bikes and Boogie.

This is one of our most popular packages and includes 2 nights in a 3 star hotel, breakfast, Rage Buggies, Quad Biking and Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and guest list entry into Oceana nightclub, the biggest and best nightclub in Nottingham.