Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Stag Night Ideas

So, we have entered a double dip recession by a small fraction of a percent, it may or may not effect you directly however when you hear this on the TV and radio people tend to become a bit Froogle.
Here are a couple of stag night ideas helping you keep your money in your pocket but also having the kudos of a bang on stag do.
Go to North Wales stay in group accommodation for the night on a half board bassis have a go at mountain biking or paintballing for under £50 per person with DesignaVenture, how Froogle is that!
Canoe down the River Wye for two nights, stay on a campsite next door to a pub and have the time of your life, I did. The price for this is well under £100 per person.
Get yourself to Bristol on a stag do, have a go at Rage Buggies, Quads or Hovercrafts, stay in a 4 star city centre hotel with nightclub entry and you will not be spending more than £100 per person.
Nottingham is a great stag night out and has some fantastic nightlife. So for under £60 per person you can stay in a city centre hotel with breakfast, play paintball and get nightclub entry, more Froogle then a sewn up wallet.
Go North of the border and find yourself in Edinburgh where you can party all night long and with a package under £50 per person, this package includes 1 night in a city centre hotel with full Scottish breakfast, bar tour and nightclub entry, cheaper than a shop at Lidl.
If you’re blinded by the Blackpool lights, for less than £50 per person a trip to Blackpool on a stag night should be on your agenda. This brilliantly cheap stag do includes 1 night in a town centre hotel, breakfast, lap dancing club entry and mutli bar and club entries.
For less than £60 per person you can get 1 night in a 4 star city centre hotel with late breakfast, lap dancing entry and nightclub entry in rocking Reading, 4 star hotel with clubs at an amazing price.
All of the above stag night ideas can be found on the DesignaVenture website, I know I am trying to be unbiased but it is just an exercise to show you how cheap stag nights through a stag do organiser can be.
Good luck with Froogle, I'm off to Poundland.
Prices are correct at time of this article being published.

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