Friday, 29 June 2012

The Perfect Stag Do

OK everyone is different and have their own opinion of a perfect stag do, however after booking so many stag dos and attending loads with my mates I wouldn't mind putting down the perfect stag do in the UK.

Now this isn't the most expensive stag do money can buy and would include linking champagne off C list celebrities as that isn't realistic.

It's about putting down a theme that most stag parties like to take in order to send their mate off in style.

First things first, staying in a good hotel has many benefits including a late bar, a big buffet breakfast and a comfy bed, so a 3 to 4 star hotel centrally located is my ideal accommodation.

Lap dancing on the first night starts the weekend off with a bang and gives the stag a real treat right at the start of the weekend.

After breakfast and plenty of coffee get picked up by minibus to take us to an activity site which has Rage Buggies and Paintball on the same site. Rage Buggies for the adrenalin and paintball for the competition and to get the boys more bonded then a tube of no nails.

Minibus back to the hotel to get ready for the comedy club and then moving onto a nightclub.

Now there is no new formula or ground breaking ideas here however, it's a tried and tested weekend where people will come back off the stag weekend buzzing.

Alternatively there's always Vegas!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Make The Most Of The Weather On Your Stag Do

Summer really should be sunny, blue skies and BBQ’s in the back garden however, we do live in the UK and not Australia.
So even though the sky may be cloudy and you have just got soaked going to the local, maybe we should take advantage of this wet weather by doing some fantastic stag activities.
After all, white water rafting would be boring without loads of rain, no frothing rivers and raging rapids just a slow moving stream not big enough for poo sticks let alone a raft full of hung over men!
Then you have Canyoning, without a decent amount of rain there would be no waterfalls to walk behind or deep pools to jump into making it a walk rather then an adventure!
Quad biking on a dry and dusty tracks can be a bit tame, you need mud, steams, land slides and a slippery surface to make things a little more interesting.
So even though the weather may be wet take advantage of it, and do some amazing activities on your next stag do.
Any by the way, pack a macs are still not trendy.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Horse Racing Weekends

You don’t have to walk with a cane and wear a long hat to enjoy a trip to Royal Ascot nor do you need to know the tail end of a donkey to enjoy a horse-racing event.

A visit to a racecourse on a stag weekend comes highly recommended especially on ladies day, HELLOOOO.

What’s not to like; excitement from watching your horse win, a fully stocked bar, an immense atmosphere and all your mates together, enjoying themselves.

Now, I am not sure about other stag companies however, most Horse Racing weekends DesignaVenture offer include transport to and from your hotel to the racecourse, 2 nights in a 3 or 4 star hotel with breakfast and a horse racing package which generally includes drink and food vouchers, a racing guide and a tote bet.

One of the biggest events of the horse-racing calendar is Royal Ascot, and your stag party can be there. This event is fantastic and has an atmosphere so electric you can charge up your phone on it.

So if you don't fancy doing an activity but need something to do on the Saturday, horse racing is a great stag do event.

Here are few bits of Terminology, which may help:

The parade ring
Where you can go and see the horses before they race

Where weight has been added to a horse to make the race more equal

A race over ditches, fences and water jumps

Accumulator Bet
When you bet on a number of races (one horse per race), each winning bet goes towards the next race and if you win we are talking big money

A person licensed to take bets

Each Way
Your money is spread so if your horse comes first, second or third you win (how much you win will depend on where your horse comes in).

A Guaranteed Winner
No such thing 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some Good Advice For The First Time Stag Organiser

Organising your very first stag do is a daunting task.

You want to get it right so you don't get a load of grief on the stag weekend or from your best mate, the stag.

Below is a few gems of advice which will help you on your way to a happy clappy stag weekend.

First of all don't price everyone off the weekend
Some best men get caught up in the moment and book loads of stuff in order to give their stag the best weekend ever however;

Everyone will have a budget and if you obliterate that budget they are likely to let you down, speak to as many attendees as you can in order to get a good idea of how much people are willing to spend.

Book something for the main day, don't peak too soon
 I had a mate who always used to say to me as I was lying in the gutter at 10pm at night, "don't peak too soon boy, pace yourself."

Wise words that, if on the main day most people start in the pub by midday, you know by 7pm there will be quite a few people in the stag group leathered and unable to go on, so give the guys something to do, get some adrenalin activities arrange, they will thank you for it.

There is nothing like building up a bit of camaraderie in the group and doing a popular stag activity or two.

Something like paintball, indoor karting, white water rafting or Coasteering / Canyoning will do the trick.

Be prepared, preparation will be your salvation
Where ever you go make sure you do your homework if Plan A doesn't go to umm... plan, have a Plan B.

When booking things up independently make sure you write down the person's name down you booked it with, you can then quote this name if they don't recognise your booking, better still see the next section.

Use A Professional Stag Do Organiser Like DesignaVenture
Organising 10 - 20 men is a nightmare so using a professional stag do organiser like DesignaVenture will save your bacon.

They will make sure you are booked into every venue and that your accommodation is definitely stag friendly, there is nothing worse then pretending you are a golfing party!!

You will also receive a pack by email and in the post (a DesignaVenture procedure).

Once you have received this email, forward it onto everyone in the group, this takes the emphasis off of you and no one will be able complain that the dress code for the white water rafting is no Stilettos!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Is Golf a Good Stag Activity?

Golf in my opinion will split your group, depending on who is in your stag party, Golf is not always a great stag activity.

Let's just say the Jury's out.

Some groups embrace the sport and others find that only a low portion of the group will turn up.

There are some fantastic golf courses in the UK with prices over the weekend is on the decline. Also these days and most golf courses don't even ask for everyone to have a handicap.

It's a great activity to do as it's not too strenuous, the boys can go round in groups of four chat laugh and generally have a great day.

However, it's also an extremely hard and frustrating sport (talking from experience) and if you have never played before and never really fancied it, there is a chance you would not want to pay for it no matter how much you love your mate.

So if your group is made up of like minded individuals who don't mind picking up golf clubs from time to time and taking a swing, golf is a great stag do activity.

However if your group is made up of a mixture of golfers and non golfer prepare for drop outs.

Booking through a stag company like DesignaVenture if the groom definitely wants to play golf either book it for the Sunday or give the party golf and non golf options / prices - this stops people from using the golf as an excuse not to come.