Friday, 24 August 2012

Humungous Amount Of Love For The Stag Do In Bristol

After an eventful year in the stag world, I know it's only August and I am having my end of year speech however there is an extremely popular stag do destination that everyone is raving about and this news cannot wait until December; Bristol.

We have had a lot of trustpilot feedback and the stag destination that constantly gets 5 star reviews is Bristol.

What's not to like:

  • Fantastic 4 star city centre hotels with breakfast buffets
  • Amazing daytime activities from Rage Buggies and Paintball to West Country Games and Cider tasting.
  • The nightlife; casinos, lap dancing and nightclubs all within easy walking distance from each other and the plentiful bars and friendly pubs

There's that word; "friendly", one of the stag groups described Bristol as a laid back smaller London with friendly people.

Basically stating that Bristol has the facilities London offers (on a smaller scale obviously) but in a much more friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

A friendly laid back atmosphere has been scientifically proven* to suit stag parties, fast....ish.

Delving into daytime activities Bristol has many activity sites but the one that excplipses all of them is an extensive activity site 20 minutes from the city centre.

With so many activities on offer you can stay for 1 hour or 8 hours and not do the same activity twice.
Rage Buggies, Paintball, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking, SuperKats, CrossBows, Blindfold Driving, Hovercrafts, the list goes on and on.

If you prefer just a lively stag night in Bristol you cannot go wrong with the Bierkeller party night; drinking out of 2 pint glasses, dancing on tables and throwing around inflatables (shop on site) you will laugh hard and love the live band, I know I did (don't buy the food option, not good!!).

Alternatibely you have Oceana, which is a massive club on the harbourside surrounded by loads of bars and restaurants, it has many floors and rooms with music to suit most.

Bristol also has a casino on the harbourside and quite a few lap dancing clubs within easy walking distance from the casino, Bierkeller or Oceana.

Then on the Sunday when you are nursing those sore heads there are plenty of coffee bars to sober up in and great posh shops to get the Mrs a memento**!

In my opinion Bristol is one of the, if not, the best stag do destination in the UK (currently).
 *No science or surveys were done to reach this conclusion, just good old fashion common sense, which isn't so common these days.

**Also known as a guilt present.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Flying Tomatoes

Situated 40 minutes (38km) from the popular stag do destination of Valencia lies a clean and sleepy village of Bunol.

The last Wednesday of August every year sees a festival like no other. 

Tens of thousands of people fill the streets waiting for loads of trucks to dump their load of tomatoes on them.

So if you are looking for a unique stag weekend, well a unique stag midweek, this is the place to come. 

Once the tomatoes have been dumped it’s everyman for himself the only rules are to squish the tomato before throwing and no ripping of other people’s clothing (which is generally ignored).

After an hour the huge tomato fight ends with the council wanting to clean up the streets so they start firing huge water canons, so your best bet is to get yourselves down to the river for a wash.

This festival does seem bonkers however apparently the acid from the tomatoes cleans the streets, once it’s washed down the drains that is, so there is method to this madness!

So if you are looking for something totally unique to do on your stag do, you would have to go a pretty long way to beat this mad festival.

And no animals were injured, which is always a bonus.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Get Yachting On Your Next Stag Do

If you are looking for a unique stag weekend you cannot go wrong then a weekend yachting on the Solent.

The Solent is a stretch of water that splits the English mainland and the Isle of Wight, making the Isle of Wight well an island.

Onboard your vessel you have all the mod cons you need to keep you going before you hit dry land, including a fridge for your beer.

Available to hire with a skipper (obviously) are 40 - 60 ft race boats which can fit up to 14 people, should your group be larger you can always have more than one boat.

We recommend you arrive before 6pm to get onboard and sail to Cowes, there you will find plenty of pubs and restaurants to visit on your first night.

Then after breakfast you are free to sail around the Solent, learning some key Sailing skills, but also taking in the sites and generally having an extremely cool time.

That night you head back to Cowes where you moor up and get on a water taxi to The Folly Inn where you can eat, party, watch live bands, dance on tables and have an awesome night. The water bus will then pick you back up and take you back to Cowes around midnight where you can have a few beers and get your head down for the night.

The next day after breakfast it's all hands onboard to a couple of bays off the English coast for swimming and sightseeing.

You will get back to dry land at around 4pm and ready to tell tales of shipwrecks, stormy seas and running out of drinking water (or is that an episode of Black Adder?).

This break is bookable through DesignaVenture and departs from either Portsmouth or Southampton.

So if you are looking for a truly unique stag do, you cannot go wrong with a weekend of Yachting, Prince William & Harry have been seen on stag dos on the Isle of Wight so if you are looking for a Royal approval.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Your Stag Do Commitment; Message For The Stag and Best Man

This is a message to the Stag, the Main Man, the Groom to be
You have a commitment to your generation, when you sit down with your kids or even your grandchildren and they ask you what you did on your stag do, make sure your stories are heroic and of legendary status.
If you have to turn around to them and tell them you didn’t have a stag weekend you know the respect you have built up over the years will be lost, I know that’s harsh and a little far fetched however the message is clear; HAVE A STAG DO.
 Even if it’s camping on the Brecon Beacons with just you and your bestman at least you will have a story to tell, and a memory to cherish.
A Message for the Bestman
You have a totally different commitment to the groom’s, this is for your best mate, your wingman, the man who has turned to you, to help him with one of the most important moments of his life – the stag do, sorry I mean his wedding, with the stag do obviously taking centre stage.
So make sure you send him off in style, give him a weekend of laughter and make sure all the guys who were important to him over the years are there to share his celebration.
You will have to work hard some the of his mates won’t come quietly, you will need to be like a sergeant major and be well organized, alternatively allow a stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture help you organise the all important weekend, job done.