Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Your Stag Do Plan For 2013

Can you believe, that in 3 months time it will be Christmas? 
After someone has used smelling salts to aid you back to consciousness, lets talk about a very important element of  2013, your stag do.
In 2013, Brits are changing the way they celebrate their stag dos, no longer drinking all day is an adequate or even suitable solution (apologies for all the corporate talk, I have just had a meeting).
Obviously, celebrating with beverages will be part of the stag weekend however adrenalin and competition should also be a contributing factor.
Whether it’s jumping from 60-foot ledges into the sea whilst Coasteering in Newquay or hurtling down an Olympic iced track, at 80mph in a bobsleigh on your stag do to Riga, maximum adrenalin for your group will keep them buzzing for weeks.
Alternatively, there is no better place for a bit of competitive action then when you are on a stag do, be it Archery, Paintball, Karting or 5 a side football, you have enough people to make it an amazing competition.
Booking just accommodation for a 2013 stag do is not the best way to celebrate, book some activities which includes either adrenalin or competition or even better; both, you will have yourself a right up to the minute, trending busting, hashtag stag do.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Stag Do Ideas For the Petrol Head

Petrol heads, Gear heads, Grease monkeys whatever you want to call your friend, the stag, if he loves an engine, what better way to get him revving then to book a motorised activity on his stag weekend.

Below are some fantastic stag do ideas for the petrol head (what we call them in the UK):

Rage Buggies 

One of the  if not the most popular activity stag parties love to do. 600cc twin Honda engines, with fast acceleration and as tough as a tank, it's like these karts were made for the stag do!

Quad Biking
Another extremely popular stag do activity, so versatile and loads of fun to ride the humble quad bike will take on any terrain you take it. Trek the mountains of Wales or race around purpose built tracks in Bristol or Newquay (other locations available), these four wheeled bikes are amazing fun.

Not a simple machine to operate but that just adds to the fun, flying these machines around a course at speed with hardly any control is so addictive you want to rebook yourself another session.

Outdoor / Indoor Karting
Everyone has been indoor karting, and just knows how much fun they are with a group of mates, so karting on a stag do go hand in hand like Ant 'n' Dec, Cheese & Biscuits... you get the idea.

The slick tyres are fantastic for sliding your kart around corners, and if you get the racing line a bottle of bubbly awaits you for getting the fastest lap.

Mini Racing
Race fully prepared racing Minis around a track, roll cages are fitted and stiffened suspension will keep you safe and on track to having a fantastic activity, just like the Italian Job.

There are loads of other motorised stag do ideas, these are just a few popular ones available around the UK and Europe.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Winter Stag Do Ideas

This winter, is coming round quicker then Simon Cowell’s Botox injections, so are you sorted for your winter stag do?
Where to go and what to do?
Well, that is why we are here to help – we have put together some stag do ideas in the theme of the old Western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
Lets start with the Good, if you and your group can get away for some sun, then Spain for a weekend or 3 nights is ideal.
It only takes about a 2 hours to flight there and for most of the winter months the weather is 20 degrees and sunny.
Valencia is a great stag do destination and has loads going on from the white water rafting and bike tours to just going out and hitting the bars and clubs.
Now a bit of the Bad, and in bad I mean some bad-ass stag weekends for the party goer.
From Newcastle to London, Leeds to Manchester and Bristol to Bournemouth all of these places have fantastic nightlife and you can stay for 2 nights with clubs, for around the £100 mark.
Then we have the Ugly, now if your stag party is full of munters and you need to keep them away from the public eye, then I would suggest North Wales.
Here you will have find tranquility, fantastic activities and best of all hardly any people to offend.
Canyoning in Snowdonia is amazing but if it’s too cold you can always race Rage Buggies, shoot clays out of the sky and best of all North Wales / Shropshire Borders has one of the best quad bike treks in the country.
This is definitely no nature trail more of a white knuckle ride with you at the controls. Trek up a mountain pass to the top with breathtaking views (on good days) of 7 counties.
So what ever you decide on your winter stag do, remember one thing, keep it memorable...

Friday, 7 September 2012

Booking a Stag Do Abroad

So you have decided to go abroad for your stag do, but unsure where to start.
First things first, flights are usually at their cheapest the earlier you book them, so book the flights as soon as you can.
I would always recommend you book through an ATOL bonded agency such as DesignaVenture who can organise the majority of the stag weekend for you.
Booking your whole stag do including flights through an agency may cost a little more money however, you are paying for a service and you will be financially protected (to be protected you must book through a ATOL bonded tour operator).
There are ways to save money such as booking your own flights and then allowing stag do companies like DesignaVenture to book the rest (hotels, airport transfers, clubs, activities etc.). 
This way you will have the added benefit of having everything done in the UK and still having an agency over in your chosen destination should anything go wrong.
 On the majority of DesignaVenture’s stag weekends abroad you get airport transfers with guide, bar crawl on your first night to give you bearings for the rest of the weekend and decent accommodation (tried & tested).
Having a bar crawl on your first night will put an end to anxiety on your first night of not knowing which bars to go to, which restaurants to eat in etc.
Whilst on your mammoth escorted bar crawl you can also ask your guide about any questions you may have such as where are the best strip clubs, is there an area we shouldn’t go to and so on…
In my opinion booking through a UK based stag do agency for your stag weekend abroad with or without flights is definitely the best option for you and your party.
You will also have a local 24 hour contact number as a safetly buffer.
I have tried to be as unbiased as possible with regards to mentioning DesignaVenture however I was using DesignaVenture as an example of what you get when you book through a stag do agency, most other stag agencies will offer similar services.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bournemouth, Is It THE Stag Destination of 2012?

I am currently residing in a hotel in Bournemouth investigating why our stag and hens love Bournemouth so much.

It’s now the 01st September, the beaches are still packed with holiday makers enjoying 21 degrees and a vibrant atmosphere.

Why is this beach side town still packed with holidaymakers from around the UK and beyond?

Well the airshow is in town and it’s free to watch, the weather is hot and the Bournemouth Council knows how to throw a party.

The airshow features the Red Arrows doing 20 minutes of what can only be described as acrobatics in jets, this was a surprising element to my trip as I didn’t know the airshow over the beach was going on, so I took a picture.

I also didn’t know that in July and August every Friday night there is a huge firework display over the Pier and again it’s free!

Now if you are on or about to go on a stag weekend to Bournemouth you will be pleased to know that the nightlife is phenomenal, loads of great restaurants serving tasty dishes, buzzing bars, banging clubs playing music all night long, well until 4am that is and an atmosphere that rivals any great stag destination worldwide and I’ve been to a few.

In the day if you don’t fancy the beach Bournemouth has a humongous amount of stag activities, from racing Rage Buggies to power boating, from thrashing around on quad bikes to the zany It’s aknockout.

Bournemouth beach however is fantastic place for a game of Cricket, football, Frisbee or just a gentle beer catching up with all your old mates. The beach is extremely sandy, the sea is crystal clear and clean and the beachlife is young and vibrant.

Maybe the sun has gone to my head or the beer, but I would totally recommend Bournemouth as the best stag destination of 2012.

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong booking your stag weekend to Bournemouth.