Thursday, 19 December 2013

Stag Do Trends For 2014

It's official, 2013 is on it's way out, and before you know it 2014 will be snapping around your ankles like a randy Terrier.

So, the DesignaVenture team of analysts have been hard at work looking under the bonnet of their massive database searching for stag do trends for 2014 and early indications have shown the following:

In the UK, seaside resorts are a firm favourite, receiving a massive 24% of bookings, these stag do resorts include Newquay, Bournemouth, Torquay and Brighton.

Staying in the UK, stag dos love an activity, and why the hell not! Activities give the stag a fantastic memory and also keeps the boys out the pub and stops the stag party peaking at 4pm.

Activities in the love locker are Rage and Rebel Buggies, Quad Biking, Coasteering, Canyoning and a mass of shooting activities including the hot favourite being Clay Pigeon Shooting closely followed by the Rifle Shooting and not forgetting shooting Zombies!!

The top stag destinations abroad for 2014 include Riga, Dublin, Krakow, Prague and the DesignaVenture sales team favourite Amsterdam (only because they have just come back from Amsterdam after a huge fact finding mission, or simply put, a massive p*** up!).

Stags abroad have been booking activities galore including; Bob-sleighing in Riga, Mud Wrestling in Prague, Target Shooting in Krakow and the good old tour of the Guinness factory in Dublin.

We have also found more stag parties are wanting DesignaVenture to not only sort out their accommodation and activities in these amazing stag destinations abroad, but to also to sort out their flights, as let's face it booking 20 people onto a flight can be a nightmare.

So if you are in need of some amazing stag do ideas get yourself over to the DesignaVenture Stag Do website and get browsing.

Christmas and New Year will soon be over, and you'll be needing something to look forward to, a stag do in 2014 will get your juices rolling again.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Don't Trip Up On Your Transport When Planning Your Stag Do

A Chauffeur showing the snowboarding sign
Let's make no bones about this, planning a stag do is a headache.

Booking your stag do with a company such as DesignaVenture is always advisable as these companies will sort out the major parts of your weekend such as hotels, activities, transport and clubs.

"But wait, what about if I want to book my own transport?"

"Logistically how am I going to get my group from home to our chosen stag destination and then onto activity sites etc."

Well my friends help is at hand….

Below are some useful hints, ideas and tips to make sure you have it covered.

When Planning Your Transport
First things first, make sure you allow for the following before booking times:
  • Traffic
  • Duration (a minibus/coach will take longer than a car)
  • Arrival times
  • How long you will be on site (when booking return transport for your activities)
  • Getting the boys onto the bus (it can be like herding cats)

Getting To Your Destination and Back
We do find most people drive themselves or get the train, however getting a coach or minibus with a driver is a right laugh.

You can then just pack your bag and get yourself to the meeting point.

I always recommend you use one of your local bus companies. They are on your doorstep making it less driving time / sorties for your driver creating a lower price.

Alternatively, if you have a long way to go then maybe using a company at your chosen stag destination will save you having to put your driver up.

Whilst On Tour
With activities booked for the day if your group wake up on Saturday morning having to sort their own transport to the activity site they are going to get the right hump!

So make sure you have it sorted, look on Google for transport firms in your chosen destination call at least 3 and get prices and terms and conditions in. 

You can then arrange to pay on the day or get the money in off the boys. 

Make sure you have a contingency because if you base the price on 16 people and only 12 go, you are going to be short of 4 people's money.

Taxi & Buses Sign
At Night
Try and book a hotel in the city centre, booking a hotel 5 miles out to save money could be false economy. By the time you have got cabs into town and back again that saving will disappear.

If you had to book a hotel just outside of the city centre because all the city centre hotels are full, you should be able to arrange cabs through your hotel reception. Make sure you give them plenty of notice and grab a card off the cab driver when you get to town so you can call them when you need getting back to your bed.

Some of your night time activities maybe out of town such as Greyhound or Horse Racing events, pre-arranging transport for these type of events is a must.

Be Nice To Your Driver
The nicer you are to your driver the more flexible he will be, so treat him like one of the boys and keep the bus tidy.

A Quick Plug
DesignaVenture can book minibuses / coaches for your group for the whole or part of your stag do. We will know what time you will need to leave, return and will work out all your distances, so you don't have to. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Stag Do Destinations

If you are stumped on where to spend your last days of singledom before you make the biggest commitment of your life, then the following list of stag do destinations will give you a some great ideas.

The Stag Do Destination For the Privileged
Pictures of destinations and stag activities

Las Vegas
The mecca for American bachelor parties and now a firm favourite with our very own British stag dos. It might cost you an arm and leg to get over to Vegas, but once you are there you will possible have the best weekend of your life, you never know you may want to go back with your spouses.

The Eastern European Stag Do Destinations

The most popular old Eastern Bloc destination for stag dos, loads of activities, amazing nightlife and clubs which will put hair on your chest!

A lively, young and vibrant city with great bars and clubs and a little cheaper than Prague. Not as popular as it's counterpart Prague, but equally as good.

Possibly the cheapest stag do destination to party in under the Eastern Bloc header. Full on activities and great nightlife makes this a firm favourite with British & Scandinavian stags.

Stag Destinations By Air or By Boat

An oldie and a goodie, Amsterdam has been welcoming British stag dos since the 70's, with bars, coffee shops and amazing clubs, Amsterdam will always be a firm favourite with stag dos.

Dublin isn't as popular as it used to be, but it's still a fantastic city to go out and party in, the liveliest part of the city is called The Temple Bar area, where you'll be able to buy a Guinness or two.

Staying in the UK

Number 1 destination with the DesignaVenture's stag dos, Bournemouth is, in our opinion, one of the best places to have a stag do. Crazy nightlife and incredible stag activities you will not regret picking this fantastic UK destination.

Can you believe that Bristol is now more popular than London for stag parties! It's cheaper, easier to get around, fantastic stag activities and nightlife good enough to rival any big UK city.

Nottingham has always been a popular stag destination in the UK, and one of the main reasons is it's right the centre of the UK, so a great place to meet and party. Nottingham currently has the only Hooters in the UK, and if that's not enough the nightlife will knock you sideways!

The best place to party in the North East of England. Newcastle really is extremely lively, tolerant and friendly, which makes it a top stag do destination.

The best place to party in Scotland, the nightlife spreads across the Royal Mile, Grassmarkets and up the little streets off Prince's Street. The highlands are just an hour up the road offering stag activities such as white water rafting, cliff jumping and the infamous highland games.

Up and coming stag destinations

Any of the major cities in Germany are getting popular with us Brits however, currently Berlin tops the list.

One of Poland's liveliest cities, with a city centre easy to navigate and party in, Krakow welcomes stag parties with open arms.

This year DesignaVenture has seen an influx of enquiries and bookings for the Mad City. This has always been a great night out and is now becoming a favourite with stag and hen parties, well if it's good enough for the BBC!

The above stag do destinations have been put together by talking to stags and also from DesignaVenture bookings throughout 2012 and 2013.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Book A Stag Do Abroad The Right Way

So you've decided to go abroad for your stag do and you have 15 men chomping at the bit to get things booked.

Pictures Of Stag Do Ideas
Book A Stag Do

But hey chill your boots a minute, do it properly, read on, and don't have any mishaps whilst on Jonny foreigner's land.

First things first, how are you going to get there?

Obviously depending on where you are going, most stag groups fly, taking advantage of the plentiful routes and offers from our supposedly low cost airlines.

Now I said supposedly as there are a few pointers you need to know before you book your stag party onto a flight.

In a word, CHARGES!

Most low cost airlines charge you extra for everything including; hold luggage, if you want to pay by debit card, or by credit card, to book your seats, to check in at the airport, some have even mentioned charging for the use of the toilet onboard, but I expect that was just a publicity stunt.

Most airlines fares are usually non refundable and non changeable which basically means firstly; if someone drops out they have lost their money and secondly; if you want to change the name of that person to another likely lad, it won't be free and expect to pay quite a bit.

So before you book your flights make sure you have the correct money from the guys, you don't want to be paying for anyone you do not know or trust.

Alternatively, book with a stag do company such as DesignaVenture (that's us by the way), who will take care of it all with just a small fee, even checking you in before you go*.

After you have booked the flights, before you travel you will need to supply the airline with everyone's passport details, this includes:

  • First, middle and surnames
  • Male of Female (the way the stag's dressed, who knows!)
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Valid From Date
  • Passport Expiry Date

  • Then you have your accommodation, nights out, activities, airport transfers etc.

    My recommendation again is to book your stag do abroad with a stag do company such as DesignaVenture. So if anything does go wrong you have a 24 hour assistance number, to call and get things sorted.

    It will also mean you will have the options for escorted bar crawls (book for your first night, so you know where to go for the rest of the weekend), good central stag friendly hotels, fantastic activities and airport transfers.

    However, if you do decide to go it alone, make sure you have all your confirmations in writing from the hotel and activity sites and most importantly take them with you. Also, make sure you take the name and spelling of the person you have booked it with.

     I don't want to be preaching to the choir but you will be surprised the amount of groups who arrive at a hotel to be told "you are not booked in"!

    Whilst on your stag do abroad, make sure you are aware of any laws that may effect your celebrations. Some countries don't like the way us Brits get up to whilst celebrating, thinking we tend to go over the top and become loud, in the UK it's tolerated, and in some countries it's not, so be careful.

    If you need any further help or need advice, fill in our comment box below and I will try my best to help.

    *Airline dependant

    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    101 Guide To Arranging The Ultimate Stag Do

    So you have been given the task of arranging a stag do and you don’t know where to start, hopefully this 101 guide to arranging the ultimate stag do will help steer you in the right direction.

    DesignaVenture Logo and Stag Do Man
    Getting started 
    1. Discuss the 3 W’s (Where, When & Wonga)
    2. Find out from the stag what his expectations are
    3. Make a list of destinations 
    4. Check where the Hens are going…you don't want to be in the same place
    5. Check with the wife-to-be that the date doesn't clash
    6. Make another list of activities (day or night)
    7. Cap a budget, (see tip 16 – 18)
    8. Put together a list of invitees
    9. Be flexible at this stage you may not be able to fulfil all his expectations, however try and cover as many as you can.
    10. Don’t mix up invitees with attendees as this number will be different (see Tips 42 - 50)

    Go search and you will find
    11. With your tools of knowledge search the internet
    12. Read blogs, reviews and speak to your mates for recommendations
    13. Most stag parties tend to book with a stag do organiser come Tour Operator such as   DesignaVenture (that’s us by the way), they have a vast database of providers from stag friendly hotels to nightclubs and activity sites, giving you more time to decide
    14. If you do decide to go it alone remember to make sure to get everything in writing 
    15. Take a name when booking anything over the phone you then have a reference
    16. Tell every venue that you are a stag party, as getting turned away from bars, clubs or even hotels will not make you very popular
    17. My advice is to always book with a stag do organiser who has a good reputation and then you can’t go wrong, and if it does go wrong, you have someone to complain to
    18. Research at this stage is key; don’t book North Wales if the stag is expecting a tour of lap-dancing clubs

    19. Make sure this is discussed properly; far too many stag dos cancel because of the price
    20. You don’t want to budget people off the stag do, especially the attendees that the stag really wants to go
    21. Don’t forget the boys will need to find spending money
    22. Talk to the boys / do a straw pole on how much people will be willing to fork out
    23. Remember, cheap is not always cheaper, a hotel 2 miles from the city centre may charge you £5 less than a city centre hotel however, the cost of your cab into town may cost £10 each way!
    24. Decide on who's paying for the stag, will you split the cost, will he pay? Here are some tips on paying for the stag here
    25. Check to see if minimum numbers apply for activities, as this may affect cost

    Talk to the Boys 
    26. We are in the age of communication people, everyone has a smart phone with Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text, use social media most of it, is free
    27. Create a page on your Facebook profile about the stag do for all the invitees, if you don’t want prying eyes, password protect it
    28. Tweet news up dates
    29. Put together an email group and send the boys updates as and when you get them
    30. Communication is king with everything such as; dates, destination, how you are planning to get to the stag destination etc.

    Get It Booked 
    31. Book early
    32. Don’t leave it to the last minute
    33. Getting large groups into hotels can be tricky so booking early is a must
    34. Try not to split the group over two hotels
    35. Booking early will mean you will get the activities you want, the activity times you want, the best hotel, basically everything you want.
    36. Check if the hotel requires a security deposit
    37. How are you all getting to your chosen location.. train, minibus hire etc
    38. Check hotel reviews, cheap is not always cheerful
    39. Is breakfast included with the hotel price, eating is not cheating
    40. Decide how is everyone paying, are they paying you or the organising company
    41. Most companies offer an individual payment service

     Group Size 

    42. You will find that when you invite everyone, everyone will say yes
    43. Once you ask for deposits / money you will soon see who will be coming
    44. Usually we find a good third drop out
    45. Make sure when booking you have the flexibility to cancel people off
    46. Most places will have a cut off point around 4 weeks before you go
    47. DON’T pay for people you do not know or trust, you don’t want to lose money
    48. 12 is the average sized group
    49. We have had as little as two (best man and groom) in the group and as big as 67
    50. 8 – 15 people in my mind, is the perfect size

    pictures of activities as ideas for a stag do
    Getting Ready

    51. As previously mentioned communication is king, pass on all info to the boys so they can pack accordingly
    52. The more information they have beforehand, the less mothering you will have to do whilst on the stag do
    53. If you are travelling abroad, check info such as; if your hold luggage (suitcase) is or not included within the price, visa and passport requirements, etc.
    54. If the guys need to wear old clothes or old trainers they need to know before they go on the stag do, you don’t want to hear “no one told me I can’t wear my white Stilettos quad biking”
    55. Forewarned is forearmed!

    You’re On Tour 
    56. If you are going on a UK stag do the first thing to arrange is a meeting place
    57. Most people meet at the hotel or if they have an activity booked on the first day, at the activity site
    58. Hotel check in is usually after 2pm 
    59. Hotel check out is usually 11am 
    60. When checking in, get the guys to pop a hotel card in their wallet, so in the likely event of them forgetting where their bed is at, they have a little reminder
    61. Have a stag kitty – this will keep your group together and is a fair way of buying drinks

    Daytime Activities
    62. If you have activities booked for the next day, make sure everyone is aware of what time to meet and where
    63. Will your group need transport to the activity site, most activity sites are a short drive away
    64. Will you need to pre-book lunch at the activity site?
    65. Check that you have the arrival time, not the activity start time, you don't want to be late!
    66. Check if there are any restrictions.e.g weight limits or swimming ability
    67. Make sure everyone knows what clothing to wear e.g sensible footwear
    68. Activity sites will not allow anyone to take part if they have been drinking, so no beer for breakfast!
    69. If you plan on dressing the Stag up, check with the activity site / organiser before forking out for a costume
    70. Think about what time you want to do the activities, you might want to book the activities early so the boys don't get on it at lunch time and get turned away from the activity.
    71. Make sure you allow enough time between your last activity and evening entertainment, we all know men can take longer than women to get ready

    The big night out!
    72. Get your group on the guest list of bars and clubs, you don't want to be walking around all night looking for a venue
    73. Plan your bar crawl and make sure all the boys have a copy of the plan
    74. Check out these drinking games
    75. Do you need to take confirmation / tickets with you ~ make sure you have these
    76. If you plan on going fancy dress, check first, some clubs don’t allow it or have restrictions
    77. Here's some fancy dress ideas
    78. What are the dress codes, e.g some places require collars and no trainers
    79. Will you be going to a Lap Dancing Club… time to stitch the stag up?
    80. Check out these stag pranks
    81. If someone has control of the group's kitty, you are less likely to have any wanderers
    82. If anyone in your group looks under 25, make sure they take a valid form of photo I.D.
    83. Make sure you know what time you need to be in your chosen venues…less time queueing, more time drinking
    84. If going to a Casino, keep spending under control, you don’t want any post stag weekend divorces
    85. How far is the walk into the centre
    86. Will you need to book taxis, probably best to book through your accommodation
    87. At the end of the night, try and agree a rate for your journey before you get in and make sure it's a licensed taxi
    88. Check your crew are still standing and know where they're going by the end of the night

    The morning after
    89. Make sure everyone is alive and well
    90. Headache tablets and berroca at the ready OR hair of the dog
    91. Put in a reassurance call / text to let the 'wife-to-be' know that the stag is in one piece
    92. Before departure, make sure everyone is safe to hit the road 
    93. Anyone who looks worse for wear, sick bags at the ready
    94. Fill up on a good breakfast
    95. Does the stag still have his eyebrows

    On return
    96. Book an extra days holiday so you have time to recover
    97. Collect together your photos from the weekend
    98. Embarrass the stag with 'selected' photos' for the best-man's speech
    99. Give the stag do organiser feedback and send them some snaps of your stag do
    100. Above all…give the stag, a weekend to remember
    101. Book with DesignaVenture, experienced in stag sense.

    Monday, 7 October 2013

    Top 10 Stag Do Rules

    Stag do rules whether they're funny or serious are part and parcel of a well planned stag do, and we are about to rummage through the depths of another top 10.

    There are quite a few unwritten rules, which I have written down? To be honest, it wouldn't be much of a top 10 without some stag do etiquette (unwritten rules).

    By the way if you are lost and are looking for some brilliant stag do games, go here.

    Rule Number 1 - Whatever Goes On Tour, Stays On Tour
    Comical Man with Gaffer Tape over his mouth
    This is one of the mentioned unwritten rules, it either makes the stag do sound:

    • Mysteriously amazing
    • Something has happened and no one wants to talk about it 
    • No one can remember

    However whatever the reason, it's the most important rule to abide by.

    Rule Number 2 - Don't Leave Your Man Behind Enemy Lines
    In other words do not leave a member of the stag party asleep in a club, leaving him to get nudged by the bouncer leaving him to traverse his own way back to the hotel.

    You can also apply this rule if someone in the group meets a girl and wants to go back to her place, he should be accompanied!

    Rule Number 3 - Take Your Punishment Like A Man
    No matter what you have done, if a punishment has been dealt then you must take it, whether it's 'empty your glass', 'drink two fingers' or worst of all 'an alcoholic drink before breakfast'.

    Rule Number 4 - Cheating is Cheating
    There will probably be a trip to a local lap dancing club or you might bump into a hen party with a list of hen dares including  'kiss a stag', so whatever you do make sure the stag doesn't go too far, he is about to get married and doesn't need it on his conscience no matter how drunk he gets.

    Rule Number 5 - Don't Go Too Far
    Stag In A Pink Tutu

    There are always going to be stag pranks and dares however, make sure he gets back off the stag do with all limbs attached, no permanent scars, tattoos or drawings and make sure he's not put on a ferry to Normandy.

    One thing is for sure you cannot spoil the wedding photographs other wise you'll be banned from the wedding by the stag's 'wife to be'.

    However, have a bit of fun abusing his pride, your weapon of choice - EMBARRASSMENT!

    Rule Number 6 - No Jibbing
    No ducking out, if the majority of the group wants to go lap dancing, you'll all go lap dancing, if most of the group wants shots, you all must drink shots, after all you're on a stag do and you must go with the majority.

    Man with a pint of beer and Union Jack on his shoulders
    Rule Number 7 - The Stag Isn't Allowed To Choose His Own Drinks
    Now this is a messy one especially when
    everyone in Wetherspoons is washing down their breakfast with a pot of coffee or a good cup of builders, and the stag can only wash down his bangers, bacon and beans with a nice glass of cold beer, ouch!

    Rule Number 8 - One Hand, One Drink
    On the whole stag weekend or night anytime you have a drink in your hand it must be in the nominated  drinking hand. So for example; the drinking hand is the right hand, so if you're spotted drinking from your left hand you must take a forfeit.

    Rule Number 9 - Put It Down Quentin Tarantino
    This ain't no Hangover film, no one wants to see the stag filmed peeing in public, talking to strippers or asleep in a bath. So put your cameras away boys and let some parts of the weekend be a memory to the stag party and a mystery to everyone else.

    Filming of the daytime activities is allowed, except if the daytime activities include drinking or strippers.

    Rule Number 10 - Don't Use Your Blower 

    If you're seen taking, making or receiving telephone calls or texts the guys are going to to make you drink your own weight in beer, it will be forfeit heaven to them.

    So the best rule is leave the phone calls to when you are back in the privacy of your boudoir, this may save you from vomiting on yourself.

    What's Yours?
    We would love to hear from you, stag do rules are created every time you go on a stag do, so if you have any funny rules or stag do etiquette not mentioned above, you would like to share with our readers, please let us know via our comments box below.

    Good luck with your stag do.

    Thursday, 26 September 2013

    Stag Do Ideas For January

    Man in snow

    Looking for stag do ideas for January?

    Wow, well firstly ouch, just after Christmas, the boys are going to be skint!

    With this in mind DesignaVenture has a cracking stag do in Reading which is such great value for money; the Bank of England have been in touch asking us how we've done it.

    This rocking stag night in Reading for a mere £89 per person* includes:
    • 1 Night in a city centre 4 star hotel
    • Breakfast
    • Paintball which includes 100 rounds
    • Hovercrafts
    • Clay Pigeon Shooting
    • Guest List Nightclub Entry
    Now that's value for money people!

    What about indoor activities, staying inside in January is always a good idea.
    If the stag has demanded real snow then a trip to Milton Keynes could be your safest and cheapest bet.

    Milton Keynes is not only an extremely modern town / city it has loads of indoor activities including ski-ing, snowboarding and tobogganing.

    There is also indoor skydiving on offer but book early because I expect lots of people would of received a voucher for Christmas and will be keen to get on and cash it in.

    Indoor karting is also a good shout, with sites all over the UK, it's a fantastic activity which can involve the whole stag party racing all at the same time.

    There are also a few indoor paintball sites, including one fantastic one in Manchester. Indoor paintball may not suit the height of summer, but in January it's a good call. 

    The Stag Wants To Get Dirty

    Easy boys there are loads of lap dancing clubs in the UK, oh you mean dirty as in muddy, I gotcha.

    Well quad biking is by far the best machines to rip around fields, woods and circuits racing your buddies and and getting totally caked in mud, after all the majority of UK Farmers can't be wrong, they use them to find lost sheep up mountains!

    I want the stag to freeze!
    We have had quite a few stag parties going all out and booking white water rafting or gorge scrambling in January. Even though the air temperature on average is about 3 degrees the water will feel even colder but these type of activities will make you a man! You will be provided with wet suits so once the initial shock is over you can get on and enjoy without freezing your nads off.

    We want to party like it's 1999 (Thanks Prince, you the man)
    Even though over Christmas you have drunk enough to kill an African Elephant, this is, after all a stag do, so looking for somewhere lively could be a little tricky. My advice is head for the big cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh or London. All these cities should be busy all year round and if you really want a busy weekend try and book the last weekend in January when everyone has been paid.

    *Price correct at time of this post - 26th September 2013.

    Friday, 20 September 2013

    A Stag Do in a Nutshell

    A Sign Saying Caution Marriage AheadFirst of all, what is a stag do?

    Well that’s a perfectly good question… if you’re from Mozambique.

    In the UK we all know that as a man before you get married you get a chance to say a fond farewell to all your mates. It’s not because you are not going to see them again but you kind of know that things are never going to be the same again.

    In other words next step, Fatherhood.

    In this very modern world there will be loads of exceptions and maybe this is an old fashioned explanation, because in the old days you didn’t live with your wife until you got married, so the next step after getting married really was fatherhood and family life.

    These days a lot of couples live together before they get married and some have children, so getting hitched won’t actually change many things, but this still doesn’t mean you can’t have a stag do, oh no.

    Stag Dos are a way of celebrating with your old and new chums and is really part of the whole wedding.

    So a stag do in my mind is now part of the wedding and should not really be referred to as a pre wedding event. Just like when you go for suit fittings, reading of bans and the actual rehearsal, the stag do is part of the wedding.

    Whether you go for a drink down the local boozer, hire a house in the middle of nowhere, go to Las Vegas for a week or go on an adventure stag weekend you still have that ancestral need to celebrate with your mates before getting married, just like your dad did, and his dad and his dad and so on.

    And by the way, a stag do dates back way, way before hen parties jumped on the band wagon and started celebrating.

    Stag party drinking slammersApparently in 5 BC the ancient Spartans believed to have a dinner in the Grooms honour, making toasts on his behalf. I think I read somewhere that Vikings would celebrate the night before the wedding day with a meal and a barrel of grog, I bet that was some night!

    Even Henry VIII had a few stag nights (after all, he did get married 6 times) and if you turned down his invitation to the stag do he would knock your block off (literally).

    I don’t think he would have enjoyed a stag prank, unless they were on one of the stag party members, it would have been quite a tense night with the worry of getting too drunk and finding yourself in the gallows in the morning after telling him what a git he was.

    These days people talk about having the best stag do, better than the last, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s good to evolve and a little competition doesn’t hurt anyone.

    I believe a stag do should be something for the groom to enjoy and not dread, a break away from your hometown to enjoy a sense of freedom with all his best mates.

    For loads of stag do ideas, get yourself over to the DesignaVenture website.

    Thursday, 12 September 2013

    5 Stag Do Activity Ideas

    We all know that a stag do without a daytime activity can be lethal, especially if there's a day to kill and nowhere to go, except the pub that is and drinking too much can turn a stag night into a stag nightmare.

    So I have put together 5 cracking stag do activity ideas, for loads more stag activities and ideas browse here.

    Adventure - Coasteering or Canyoning
    Man Jumping Off A Cliff Into the Sea - Coasteering
    If adrenalin fuelled activities are high up on the stag do activities list then you cannot go wrong with Coasteering or Canyoning.

    Jumping off high ledges into deep pools whether they are filled with sea (Coasteering) or fresh water (Canyoning) you cannot get away from the fact that these two activities are pretty awesome.

    You don't have to worry about getting any specialised equipment as the beauty about booking your activity through a company such as DesignaVenture is we include the specialised equipment you just need to bring along with you swimwear, trainers (you don't mind getting wet) and balls of steel.

    Quirky - West Country Games
    A chance to have a real laugh whilst taking part in the quirky West Country Games.

    Get your stag party involved in a Pitchfork Duel, Welly Wanging, Wurzel Knockout, Tractor Tyre Rolling and so much more West Country action, they even have a cider run!

    stag group in a cardboard boatIf your stag loves Total Wipe Out then this stag do activity is definitely up his alley.

    Totally Bonkers - Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bathtub Kart Racing & Banana Boat Ride
    Making a boat out of cardboard and then racing it across a lake just sounds like an amazing Top Gear challenge, well it's not it's a stag do challenge and it's becoming amazingly popular.

    You are given your tools (cardboard and duct tape) and it's then down to your team to create a racing vessel which can cope with speed and your weight, I use the term speed, very loosely.

    Also included in this crazy activity session is Bathtub Kart racing which is exactly that, karts made out of bathtubs racing each other around a race track and then to finish this madcap day a trip round the lake on a huge inflatable banana, what else!

    Full On Motorised - Rage Buggies
    There is nothing better than to get together with the lads and race karts, and there is no better kart than the Rage Buggy.

    600cc's of pure power, this Honda engined monster can hit 60mph and is tough and agile enough to wrap it round corners at full pelt.

    Rage Buggy racing is one of DesignaVenture's biggest sellers and will feed any petrol head's addiction to speed.

    Relaxing - Golf
    One thing is for sure golf is a little like Marmite and can split groups so before you book this activity just make sure everyone in the stag group is happy with playing golf, otherwise your group size may dwindle.

    Personally I love a game of golf and catching up with old friends on the golf course is great for the soul.

    As you're on a stag do why not loaf a little and get buggies, well you don't want to knacker yourself out for the night ahead!

    Whatever you do my advice is to do something, give the stag a memory he can take into his married life.

    Monday, 2 September 2013

    The Finishing Touches To A Stag Do

    You have booked your stag do, everything is paid up and you are almost on your way, but wait:

    What happens now?
    A Hand Written On With The Words Help

    What do I do next?

    How is everyone going to know what to do and where to go?

    How do I make sure everyone on the stag do knows what’s going on?

    Why am I asking so many questions?

    Calm down - don’t worry, this little post will help you sail through your anxieties and get you on your way to a memorable, successful and almost stress free stag do.

    First Of All Communication Is King
    As chief stag do organiser, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone on the stag do is aware of important information such as; hotel security bonds (if applicable), activity restrictions, age restrictions, timings etc.

    Booking through a stag do company such as DesignaVenture has many positives, including getting a detailed travel pack emailed to you once you have finalised numbers and paid in full.

    This travel pack (at DesignaVenture we call it an Essential Travel Pack) includes all the above information and much, much more.

    You can then simply forward that email to every member of the stag group taking the emphasis off of you. 

    Stag Do Nerds Watching A Lap DancerNo one can then turn around to you on the quad biking site and say “you never told me I can’t wear my white stilettos on this activity!”

    If you have booked independently make sure you pass on key information on to the stag group.

    No one likes a nasty surprise, so before your group goes on the stag do make sure they know: meeting places (with sat nav postcodes), times, what to wear whilst doing the activity or dress codes for the nightclubs, hotel security bonds and if applicable age restrictions.

    Make Sure Everyone Knows Where They Are Sleeping
    On arrival at the hotel a great little tip is get everyone to take a hotel card from reception, then they know where they are sleeping should they loose the group or need to take an early bath.

    You don’t want to mother these boys however with little tips like this, will eliminate a head count in the morning.

    Kitty Up
    There are so many pros to having a stag kitty including keeping the group together, no one spends more money then they have to and buying the stag drinks and souvenirs is so easy.

    Stag Pranks and Fancy Dress
    Stag Gaffer Tapped To A TreeThe stag will love you forever if you don’t organise a prank or two at his expense, however if you do the group will have something to remember the stag do by, “remember when you gaffer taped the stag to that tree”, or “remember the time the stag was forced to wear that Mankini?”

    Fancy Dress is also something you could look into; all you have to do is give everyone a theme such as Old Ladies, Golfers or Morph Suits and let them get on with it.

    We have separate posts on fantastic fancy dress ideas and some great stag do prank ideas.

    Drink Water Between Pints
    I know this will be rather dull for you at first however, early evening, if you have clubs or bars on your itinerary, try not to drink too much.

    Trying to negotiate a stag group into a club whilst talking absolute twaddle will not get you or your group in.

    Enjoy yourself.