Thursday, 31 January 2013

Stag Weekends A Little Less Ordinary

When booking a stag weekend, stag parties don't really want to do the same thing twice, unless it was epic! What do people say again, "variety is the spice of life"?

So you will find best men and their grooms looking for unique stag do ideas to quench that thirst for variety.

Now all of your mates may be new to the stag world and haven't tried out Rage Buggies or Clay Pigeon Shooting and these activities will be unique to them.

But what about the stag weekends that are off the beaten track. The stag dos that you will struggle to find unless you look really hard for them or do it yourself.

A couple of months ago I wrote about a stag group that bought a couple of old bangers and drove them to Benidorm from Sheffield. They even got sponsored by all their friends and families and raised over £2k for a local hospice.

A similar stag do story I covered in 2012 in my stag do news section of DesignaVenture, was about another stag group raising money for charity and driving to the continent, Amsterdam to be precise.

There is nothing that exciting about driving to Amsterdam, after all it's only a couple of hundred miles away, however they customised their cars in a comical fashion, drawing loads of attention.

Their Honda was covered in a massive ginger shag pile carpet covering the whole car, similar to the one in Dumb and Dumber. They covered the next car in newspaper and the last unfortunate auto was a cheesy Wotsit - mobile, what's going on with the ginger / orange theme here!

Moving on to something a bit more strenuous and possibly for the groom that likes to keep fit and doesn't like to drink. Climb a mountain, and not just any old mountain, climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

You don't need to do much climbing, it's more of a trek up to the highest summit in Africa. You will need to be fit but don't worry about having orienteering skills or carrying food, you can find 6 and 7 day trips which include loads of stuff including your very own guides, health checks whilst on the climb, tents, tables and chairs and the whole shebang is fully catered.

Climbing this 5,895m mountain will not only give you a massive sense of achievement but will also give you the ultimate stag do memory to take with you into married life.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

20 Fancy Dress Ideas For A Stag Do

Gathering stag do ideas shouldn’t just be about booking the stag do, it should also be about what you're going to wear.

Here are 20 Fancy Dress Ideas for your Stag Do:

Number 1 
Get the stag dressed in a Borat Mankini, and all the rest of the stag party as Kazakhstan Peasants, niiiece. (Not to be worn on a stag do in Newquay, The police have banned the mankini)

Number 2
A stag do loves an Old Lady, so why not dress up as one. Grey wigs, knitted cardigans, flowery long dresses made of nylon and American tan tights you will look like a Mavis in no time. Smell like one by having a pee in your tights before going out.

Number 3
118 men – I know, a bit obvious, but extremely easy to do and very popular.

Number 4
Butchers, a bit random all you need is white coats with blood / red stains, a tash and that all-important string of sausages hanging out your pocket. Best leave the meat cleaver at home. 

Number 5
Scousers, an oldie but a goodie, curly black wigs, thick bushy moustaches and that high pitched…. Ah calm down!!

Number 6
Vicars and Nuns, saucy or discreet a fantastic fancy dress outfit. The Vicar is fairly easy and cheap to do providing you have a black suit and a dog collar.

Number 7
Dressing up like Old Men is extremely easy to do, just get your stag party to the local Oxfam and not only will you have a killer fancy dress outfit, but you will also be helping people out in Africa. 

Number 8
Smurfs, white peaked hats, colour your skin sky blue, white trousers and shoes, sky blue shirts and learn to speak Smurf, easyneee. 

Number 9
Morph Suits made of lycra, not easy on the eye unless you’re a gymnast, so go careful fun loving Lardies.

Number 10
Era’s – 70’s with flares or punks, 80’s with bright coloured thick cotton socks or the new romantics like ABC or Adam and the Ants.

Number 11
World Famous Wrestlers, another stag do favourite and your chances to dress up like one of your heroes from yesteryear, mine was Big Daddy, now I’m showing my age.

Number 12
Dress up, as Golfers, with long checkered socks and disgustingly bright coloured trousers and shirts, don’t forget the Golf pub drinking game.

Number 13
Super heroes, this is a stag do favourite so don’t expect to be the only one dressed as Batman.

Number 14
Babies, well after your stag do, babies are your next big thing (obviously after the wedding to). Giant sized nappies, dummies and bibs you’re gonna look a right plonker.

Number 15
Greeks and Romans, this is definitely a Blue Peter moment, toga inclusive.

Number 16
Since Pirates of the Caribbean dressing and looking like a pirate is not just Russell Brand's job, stag dos get amongst it to.

Number 17
The Village People, another stag do fav, maybe a little gay but who cares you know you are all real men, right?

Number 18
School Uniforms, shorts, stripy ties, freckles and well polished shoes until the end of games that is.

Number 19
Get your stag do to follow current trend of Horror and Zombies. Dress up like Herman monster or a zombie from the Thriller video, it’s on Youtube.

Number 20
Doctors and Nurses, Doctors will get the attention from the ladies and nurses will just have to fight off the drunken men who cannot work out if you’re a real nurse or not!

Twenty of the finest fancy dress ideas for your stag do, each year they get even more elaborate and some are just extremely funny, so keep sending in the pictures.