Thursday, 18 December 2014

Top UK Stag Destinations On A Budget

DesignaValue, it's a play on words
You will find that most stag dos are governed by a price, whether it's a £100 or a £1,000 you will need to keep the weekend within reach of all the stag's mates budget.

Under a hundred knicker

We are looking at stag destinations in the UK where you can have the most amazing time for under a ton (that's a hundred quid, a fifth of a 'monkey', a tenth of a 'bag of sand'... you get the picture).

Adventurous stag dos

North Wales is a fantastic destination for active stag weekends on a budget, from white water rafting to racing Rage Buggies or shooting clay pigeons finding a stag do for well under a £100 is easier than spending a pound in the pound shop.

Whether you decide to go for a night or a weekend, you can book a stag do full of adventure in North Wales.
Stag Do Drinking shots of Tequila

Lively City Break

You need vodka bars, lap dancing clubs, themed nightclubs, massive casinos, Hooters party meals and the oldest pub in the world.

Then you need Nottingham, this city situated right in the heart of England is a fantastic stag do destination and booking a 2 night stag weekend with a bar crawl and clubs can be easily done for under a £100.

Classy Stag Do

Edinburgh is one of the most cultural cities in the world, book 2 nights hotel and then see the city by day and night under your own steam, this will definitely keep your price down as you'll need cash to get up there!

Just remember to try and keep the boys out of the bars, book a brewery or whiskey tour or if you're looking for something a little different take them around the castle and introduce them to a little culture!

Motorised Fun

Reading is great location for a one night stag do with a ruck-load of motorised activities by day and great nightlife by night.

For under £100 you can get 1 night's hotel, Rage Buggies, Quad Biking and nightclub entry, how's that for fantastic value.
Canoeing down the River Wye

Chill the Heck Out

Camping and canoeing down the River Wye is possibly the most relaxing stag do you will ever have.

Pitch up your tent, bring a load of beer or wine, whatever your tipple (not too much whilst you're canoeing), and unwind on the meandering River Wye, taking-in the unbelievable countryside and then sleep under the stars for an unforgettable stag do experience.

Just so you know, I have based the above prices on the stag packages and the "build your own packages we offer on the DesignaVenture website.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Stag Do Ideas For The Football Crazy Stag

The stag has decided to put his stall out at half time and get married, so it's down to you to put the ultimate stag do together to make him happier than a FA Cup champion, so where do you start?

Well, getting football themed stag do ideas is a good start:

Bubble Football

Bubble Football has been popular in 2014, sticking on Zorb style suits and running into each other at speed whilst playing football, sounds amazing right? It is, it's truly loads of fun.

The whole of the DesignaVenture team tried Bubble Football back in August and both the girls and boys of the team loved it.

After you've played enough bubble football there are other games to play such as last man standing and Bull Dog, which I am sure you will love equally as much.

You can almost play Bubble Football also known as Zorb Football literally anywhere around the country, just name where you would like to play it and we can organise the venue, the kit the lot!


Football and golf often goes hand in hand but this new craze created a couple of years ago, goes that step further.

Like golf you need to get your ball from the Tee to the Pin, but instead of golf balls and clubs you're using a football and your foot.

Remember, you can't kick a ball as far as you can hit a golf ball so there are 4 different courses; 6, 9, 12 and 18 holes depending on how fit you feel. You don't need to be that fit as there's no running involved and remember guys tackling is frowned upon!

5 A Side

We have all played a bit of 5 a side and if you have a group who also love the game, organising a 5 a side match is a sure winner.

This is available throughout the UK and Europe, inside or out, all weather pitches or on grass there's nothing like the beautiful game in miniature.

Stadium Tour

If the stag has a nerdy football disposition then a trip to a stadium would probably be right up his football tunnel, we organise it in Amsterdam and Barcelona but I am sure there are tours all over the UK and beyond.

Go into the changing rooms, sit in the dug outs you will get to places Match of the Day will never show, you might even get to kick a hair dryer at the stag.

Human Table Football

Strapped to a horizontal pole, with only your feet free to kick the ball (just like table football), your obvious aim is to get the ball in the back of the net. Sounds easy, well it is as long as your fellow human table football team play ball.

This again, is perfect for the football mad stag and is a great activity to do on your stag do.

If you have any football crazy stag do ideas, fill in the comments form below and if it's suitable we will add it to this list.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Stag Do Questions For The Groom

4 pints of beer touching
Your best mate (the groom, remember?) has asked you to be his best man and the single most important job is obviously the stag do, am I right?

Cool, but hang on, you don't know how to arrange your washing let alone arranging 20 of the groom's best mates on a stag do to end all stag dos.

Well don't worry, help is on hand, apart from the numerous helpful posts found on this blog I have put together some ideas for questions you may want to ask the groom before arranging his memorable and amazing stag do.

First things first you need to find out from the groom who he wants to come, get a list of names, mobile numbers and email addresses.

Lap Dancer smiling
You then need to know how much, your buzz word is budget, this will give you an idea what type of stag do you are arranging, is it a trip to the local boozer and kebab house or are you looking at 7 weeks in Thailand?

Then you need to know; when, this is quite tricky as everyone needs to be free on the same weekend so booking early is essential, 6 - 9 months in advance is a good time schedule.

Where on earth is this stag do going to happen? The stag may not have a very understanding wife-to-be, who doesn't want her new finance exploring the nightlife of Europe, preferring him to stay in the UK, so finding out from the stag where he wants to go instead of just booking it, is a very sensible idea. You don't want to be the cause of a break up before they walk down the aisle!

A stein of beer and some boobs
Some answers you should be able to work out yourself such as, would he prefer a full-on adventure weekend in North Wales to a weekend of partying in Magaluf?

Is there something he doesn't want to do? He may have been on other stag dos or event where he has participated in an activity or went to a certain restaurant or club that he really disliked, so find out from him what he doesn't like as this is equally as important as finding out what he does like.

If we have missed out any question you think should be included in this post drop us a note via the comments box below, and if it's printable we'll add it to this post and give you a mention and if it's really good we'll give you a discount on your stag do.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

7 Types of Stag Do

Stag dos come in many shapes and forms but with the help of insight from the DesignaVenture customer base and news stories I have managed to put down 7 popular types of stag do, enjoy....

Stag Party Canyoning
The Adventurous Stag Do

Get your bucket lists ready boys you're about to make some crosses, from jumping off 60ft cliffs to bouncing around a raft whilst white water rafting. Adventurous stag weekends have been popular since the 90's, any activity which will fill your pants are the event of choice, from Bungee jumping off bridges in Eastern Europe to coasteering in Cornwall with 20 of your mates there is no better experience.

Stag Party Dancing at Sunset
Bring Me Sunshine

"Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches", what a fantastic line to describe a stag do in a hot country, from Magaluf in Majorca to Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, there is no shortage of amazing hot lively stag do destinations to party in.

Other cities and resorts are available such as Ibiza, Albufeira (The Algarve), Barcelona, Valencia etc. depending on budget and nightlife requirements.

Stag Party drinking beer
The Drunken Stag Do

We have all been on these type of stag dos, meet in the pub at 11am and drink for as long as you can. This type of stag do can take place anywhere from a pub crawl in your home town to the old squares of Prague or Riga, they do tend to get messy, and hopefully a good laugh.

Most best men decide to include an activity or two in the day to avoid the stag group from peaking too soon which can have consequences for the evening entertainment, not getting into clubs etc.

My advice for these type of stag dos is to include loads of food to soak up the beer, I don't want to sound like a bit of a fanny but it is quite a special occasion for the stag, so keep it memorable.

Stag Dressed in Superman outfit driving a Rage Buggy
Stag Do For the Petrol Head

There are so many driving activities available throughout the UK and world wide, from racing Rage or Rebel Buggies to driving tanks, supacats or even mini motos, there are literally loads to choose from.

We have found that the old favourite, the Quad bike has had a renaissance in recent years with loads of stag groups opting for extreme trekking in destinations such as Bournemouth, North Wales and Nottingham.

Man naked at top of Kilimanjaro
A Stag Do in the Wilderness

Everyone thinks the wilderness is based on sleeping in a tent with nothing but sheep for company (whatever you're into) but it doesn't have to be, it can be a country house hotel or a rented barn or big house in the middle of nowhere, but whatever you have in mind it basically means away from nightclubs, bars and lots of other people.

Time to unwind and just have a stag weekend with the boys, get the BBQ out, drink copious amounts of beer and chill, when was the last time you did that!

Prague - Stag Do Destination
Go East

The Eastern European countries are a huge drag for stag parties wanting lively nightlife and cheap, oh so cheap, beer. Bratislava was recently voted the cheapest stag destination in the world, you can get a pint for less than a quid and most of the other popular stag destinations such as Krakow, Riga, Prague, Budapest and Tallinn are much cheaper to dink in than the UK.

Stag on cliff edge ready to abseil for charity
The Charitable Stag Do

There are stag parties out there that want to give something back to society or want to do something of Titanic proportions and get sponsored whilst doing it, it will also get the stag into the good books of his new in-laws (sneaky ah).

I have read about an endurance hike over the Brecon Beacons or driving to Benidorm in a Top Gear style challenge or a massive cycle race to France all in the name of charity. Raising money for a good cause whilst have an amazing time, everyone's a winner!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Stag Do In March, Help and Ideas

March is a funny time of year for a stag do, it's not that hot over in the Med, there's a chance it could be warmer in the UK, but hey that's enough about the weather, the UK and Europe has loads of stag do ideas to consider.

First of all, a nugget of information; Good Friday is on the 03rd April 2015 so if you have kids to consider this is a big help, if you don't you have any fathers in the group you can skip this paragraph, oh it's too late you've already read it!

Tip, if you want mud, there are loads of activities that will get you caked in the brown stuff; from quad biking and rage buggies to mountain biking and even mud wrestling in Eastern Europe great for stags with a mud fetish!

Another tip, if you don't like getting wet (you big Jessie, but I understand) book 'indoor' daytime activities, such as; indoor karts, indoor bubble football, indoor paintball, the zombie bootcamp or cider tasting!

Let's start with the UK

If you are looking for adventure then head over to North Wales where you'll be met by frothing rivers ideal for white water rafting or canyoning, there are also incredible quad biking treks, mad rage buggy racing, hairy hovercraft courses and cheap accommodation with bars that open until that last man drops (that's not a challenge by the way).

Go North to Edinburgh for similar activities or Newcastle for amazing nightlife or south to Bournemouth for crazy activity filled days so good, you'll need another stag weekend just to get over this one!

Bournemouth is an incredible UK stag destination, fantastic hotels, busy nightlife all year round and if the sun's shinning it's ideal for a game of football on one of the many white sandy beaches.

Newquay is a bit quiet in March and you'll find quite a few bars and clubs closed for the winter season, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend Newquay in March for lively nightlife, saying that, awesome for surfing or coasteering and chilled out, 'out of season' nightlife.

Busier destinations in March for the UK are Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham.

If you are looking for a horse racing event you have the amazing Cheltenham Gold Cup (book early!) you also have Chepstow ideal for a stag weekend in Bristol or Cardiff (both within 45 minutes drive).

Europe From East to South

There is nothing better than going abroad for a stag do, from drinking in the squares of Old Eastern European countries to hopefully sitting in the sun in Spain, stags just simply love to travel.

If you are looking at sinking your spends into the brown amber nectar (beer, just trying to sound trendy) then beer is extremely cheap in Tallinn, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest and Riga, a price for a pint is anything from 80p to £2.

There are loads of stag activities in any of the above mentioned stag destinations, including shooting AK47's, racing snow mobiles, driving tanks and cruising around in old Russian cars, you also have amazing nightclubs, incredible bars and lap dancing clubs that will put hairs on your chest.

If you need the sun, then travel south and the furthest southern European destination where you almost guaranteed sunshine in March is the Canary islands, however if your budget doesn't stretch that far or you don't fancy spending 4½ hours each way on a plane, the Algarve or Costa Del Sol are also great places to soak up a bit of Spring sun.

Wherever you choose to go or whatever you want to do I am sure on the DesignaVenture stag do section of this website you'll find a humongous amount of stag ideas and packages you'll want to snap up, tens of thousands of stags each year can't be wrong.

Friday, 24 October 2014

How To Plan A Stag Do

Stressed Stag planning a stag do - needs help
How to plan a stag do, this is a totally unbiased post without a single mention of DesignaVenture, the professional stag do company with a current score of 96% on trust pilot.

Right, let's get started:

"We need beer, music, we need dancing and we need naked ladies, right?"

Really, is that all you need? Actually there is more to booking a stag do then what's perceived, hence why we have put together a 'How to plan a stag do'.

Whether you book it through a stag weekend company like DesignaVenture or go it alone you will still need to know the basics of; how, when, where and what.

Follow these easy steps for how, where and what:
  1. Sit down and chat with the stag and find out what he wants to do and where he wants to go
  2. Whilst you have the stag's attention get all the contact details (mobile and email addresses) of all his mates he wants to invite
  3. When you have a good idea of what he wants to do and where he wants go, make the decision; should you book it alone or go through a stag company (booking through a company go to step 6)
  4. Going it alone; every time you book accommodation, activities or into a venue, make sure you two important things: ask for the name of the person you booked it with and get written confirmation.
  5. Make sure logistically your itinerary is achievable, check train times, activity times, where the activities are (you might need transport laid on), how long it's going to take you to get to each venue etc. Also make sure you are not running around like headless chickens.
  6. Booking through a stag do company; before booking, check the company's reviews, make sure they understand your request and most importantly make sure you check your itinerary and that it's everything you have asked for.
When should you go on your stag do? 

Usually most stag dos are booked a month before the wedding, but this is going to be dependant on a number of things:
  1. When the hen party is, will you go on the same weekend or if they have children, you may need a different weekend
  2. When the most important guests can make it (ushers, the stag's best mates, family, the stag!)
  3. The stag's chosen destination, is it a busy weekend? If he has chosen Chester, hotels are a nightmare when there's horse racing at the Chester Racecourse, Bristol has a balloon festival in August, Edinburgh has a comedy festival and Tattoo in August, Bournemouth has party political conferences, Cardiff has massive rugby matches at the Millennium Stadium etc.
  4. Booking the stag night the night before the wedding is now frowned upon, so don't do it.
Last but not least make sure you include the stag when booking your group in, you will shocked at how many best men forget!

Once everything is booked make sure you send as much information to the guys as possible, this will take the emphasis off of you whilst on the stag do and you won't have to mother them so much!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Cheap Stag Weekends

As Autumn falls on us and the nights are drawing in is it wrong to be thinking about a stag do, surely this is a summer sport?

Wrong, more and more couples are tying the knot out of the summer season, whether it's having a Christmas wedding, a Valentine's ceremony or they cannot get into the church that they want until 2059, Autumn and Winter weddings means Autumn and Winter stag dos, awesome!

Well people, before it gets too trendy to have your wedding whilst it's snowing maybe you should take advantage of some incredible stag weekend offers, there are some stag dos out there so cheap, you could go twice!

Shows guys at a strip club drinking  shots

Take our Riga Deal, I know it'll be cold however you can stay for 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast, guided bar tour, strip club entry, nightclub entry and and return airport transfers for just £59 per person*!

I have just looked at flights from Stansted to Riga and in January with Ryanair they are currently less than £80.00 per person**, that makes your stag weekend to Riga including flights cheaper than £140.00 per person, Shish Mac-leash.

To spice up your winter stag to Riga you can always add a snowmobile safari or bob-sleighing (on real ice) to your package.

If you prefer to stay in the UK as not everyone has a passport or can get the green card, how about a stag do to Bournemouth?

If you only have 1 night in December or January what about Amazeballs Bargain in Bournemouth which includes 1 night in a 3 star hotel and bubble football for just £65.00 per person*.

For £135.00 per person* you can book the cleverly named; Bournemouth Offer Weekend. Included in this stag weekend to one of the UK's best stag destinations is; 2 nights 3 star hotel with breakfast, quad biking, blindfold driving, Archery or Human Table Football, Clay Pigeon Shooting and guest list nightclub entry (in the summer this package will cost you around £190 per person) amazing!

Box with Ammo written on it

Staying with Bournemouth currently there's an offer of shooting .22 Assault Rifle, Crossbow, Axe Throwing & Archery for just £55.00 per person* and most of it under cover. Incredible to think that for £4 more and you have the mentioned package to Riga, you do have to get to Riga first though.

If you have just £99.00 per person* to spend, how about the Reading Deal? You can get a stag do in Reading which includes 1 night in a 4 star hotel, Paintball with 100 rounds, Hovercrafts, Clay Pigeon Shooting and nightclub entry all for under a ton.

fireworks going off in Prague

How about Prague Party, for just £103.00 per person you have 2 nights 3 - 4 * apartments (Prague 1), guided bar tour, lap dance and nightclub entry, ouch!

Flight prices on weekends in January are also currently under £100 per person*.

I have included popular stag do packages that we sell loads of here at DesignaVenture Towers, I am trying to be non biased here, although I am finding it hard, especially when these stag packages are so good, so I have to shout it from the roof tops.

*Price based on today's rate (17th October 2014), are subject to availability and based on a specific time frame, usually November to February click on the images or links for more info.

**Based on today's rates for flights in January 2015 (Friday out - Sunday In), subject to availability

Friday, 10 October 2014

Stag Do European Destination Ideas

The stag has decided he wants to shrug off the shackles of the UK and head for a city beyond blighty and who could blame him, but hang on, you need some stag do abroad ideas pronto, well as luck would have it, here are some stag do European destination ideas:

Whether it's heading for a cheap beer or a place in the sun, Europe is the UK's stag do destination of choice.

Bratislava has been proven to be the cheapest place in the world to have a stag do, see our recent news item for details and prices.

Buy a pint in Bratislava and it will cost you around £1.04! Stags obviously drink a lot of beer, so if beer is going to be your biggest expenditure then Bratislava is definitely the place to party. But it's not all about the cheap brown booze, the city itself is amazing; great nightlife, friendly locals and more stag activities then you can wave a stick at.

Next door to the Slovak Republic (Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Republic, more details can be found here) you have the Czech Republic and it's capital city of Prague. There are places in Prague where you can buy a beer for 87p however, most places in the centre of Prague are more expensive, although not as expensive as they are back here in the UK.

Prague is wild at night, bars will put hairs on your chest, clubs will keep you up all night and the atmosphere is so electric you can charge your phone on it.

Budapest's average price for a pint of beer is £1.01, that's even better than Bratislava! These old Eastern Block countries sure know how to party, making Budapest a great stag do destination.

Also don't forget about Riga and Tallinn, both incredible city breaks for a stag do with cheap beer and cracking nightlife. Riga has some pretty cool stag activities including Bob-sleighing and Snow mobile adventures.

If your stag has requested warm weather, you cannot go wrong with the Med, it's close enough for a short trip and if you are lucky enough to go for longer than a couple of nights, the bars and clubs are busy all week long, not just on weekends.

Magaluf (Majorca), San Antonio (Ibiza), Albufeira (The Algarve, Portugal) and Marbella (Costa Del Sol) are all within a couple of hours away and once you are past April the sun shines all the way through to October.

Expect great beaches, wild nightlife and in the height of the summer, high prices, so book early.

Other cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Benidorm are also great places to go on your stag do, you get the weather, the beaches and great nightlife, what else do you need, jam on it?

From the UK you can get to this destination by sea, air, train and coach, this famous stag destination has been welcoming stags since the 60's, where is it.... AMSTERDAM.

Me and my friends over the years must have visited The Dam over 5 times, and on each occasion the weekend was simply amazing, and each one of the mentioned transports I have gone to Amsterdam on!

What we loved about Amsterdam is it's the freest city in the world, we loved the atmosphere, the culture, you can walk around the streets without getting run over, you can hire bikes, go on a beer bike, take a barge bar tour, there is simply loads to do.

For a fantastic list on our abroad stag destinations which includes activities and packages go here.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Top 10 Alternative Stag Activities

Alternative stag activities must be weird, maybe wacky but always something the whole group hasn't done before.

We have all done paintball, quad biking and racing karts on a stag do and although these activities are loads of fun sometimes there is a need for an alternative stag activity, an unusual event, something that will get the boys hooked on and really looking forward to the stag weekend.

Here at DesignaVenture we have gone through our stag activities with a fine tooth comb, rooted out some very alternative activities which go along the spectrums of budget, craziness and of course how far they go up the alternative stag activities measuring pole. So we present you with the Top 10 Alternative Stag Activities (in alphabetical order, just for the OCD heads out there):

Air CombatAir Combat
An extremely expensive alternative stag activity, but it's right up there with wacky, thrilling, adrenalin induced activities and can only be found in the good old US of A.

This is no simulation, these are real planes, in dog flights over the Nevada Desert, unfortunately live ammo isn't allowed as it's deemed as "too dangerous", however if you get hit (simulated by lasers, obviously), real smoke bellows out of the back of your plane, how cool is that?

The Beer Bike in Berlin
Beer Bike
Just to bring you down to planet Earth and to something a little more sedate but no less alternative, how about getting on a Beer Bike in Amsterdam or Berlin? (other stag destinations are also available)

You are provided with a sober designated driver, all you have to do is turn up and pedal, oh yeh and drink beer whilst taking in the amazing sights of your chosen city. You are also provided with an onboard sound system, so bring along your iPods and don't forget to take the Frozen album off, otherwise you'll be a laughing stock.
Cardboard Boat Challenge

Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bathtub Kart Racing & Banana Ride
There is nothing like building a boat out of cardboard and racing it across a lake, and once you have gone for a swim, have a speedy wash / race in a motorised bath tub before riding a huge banana around a lake. No you are not eating funny cakes in Amsterdam you are on an alternative stag weekend in Reading.

A man flipping a Pizza in the air
Pizza Making
Look here, we are trying to give you the alternative stag activities, and Pizza Making is totally up there. It may not be racing planes or driving motorised bath tubs but it's an activity which gets the guys all involved, includes alcohol and food, and will be popular with hen parties, so I'm there.

A Ski Do / Snow Mobile
Even though there are restrictions on this fantastic stag activity, Snowmobile is totally alternative and an immense amount of fun.

Tear along the snowy wilderness in snowmobiles which can hit speeds of up to 40mph, if you like jet skis, you will love snowmobiles.

Restrictions are: Riga and in the winter time, obviously.

Spy Mission
Spy Mission
The ultimate challenge of stealth, sharp thinking and SAS style covertness. Dodging security cameras and trip wires, you will need to zip wire in, negotiate and navigate around tunnels up ladders and stop a nuclear fall out happening, how James Bond is that?

Stock Cars, racing
Stock Car Racing
This is one of our high priced stag activities however lots of stag groups book it as it's so unique and a very alternative stag activity.

Race head to head around an oval course in a variety of single seater, full raced prepared motors, don't worry you will have a 'Stig' type of instructor who will steer you (pardon the pun) into the right direction and help you get the best out of your vehicles whilst staying safe.
A picture of the drivers side green Trabant car
Trabant Driving
Keeping it motorised, these 2 stroke motor vehicles are antiques from back in the Iron Curtain days, where Russia kept tight lipped about everything. They are loads of fun to drive and in a Trabant driving convoy you will drive these vehicles around Berlin or Budapest. Wear really old shell suits and trainers, fake moustaches and curly wigs and really look the part, and then you have fancy dress when you want to look like the stereotypical Scouser!

A man Suping in White Water
White Water Paddle Boarding (SUPing)
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is basically standing up on a surf board and paddling over gentle water however, the SUPing ideal for stags is slightly different, you have white water to contend with, making your board go faster, you're going to get wet and will p*ss your wetsuits at your mates going for a Burton (never used that expression before, and possibly won't use it again).
A Zombie
Zombies Are Coming
An extreme and alternative stag do activity which will make you sleep with your eyes open for the rest of your life.

Armed with guns your mission is to clear a compound of Zombies. Amazing make-up and an atmospheric location so real this is more than a stag activity, this is you and the boys fighting for your life.

For a full list of our stag activities alternative and popular go here.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Rough Guide to a Stag Do in Nottingham

If a Nottingham stag do excites you then this post "Rough Guide to a Stag Do in Nottingham" is going to knock your socks off, if Nottingham doesn't excite you, read on, I am pretty sure I can persuade you.

If you are looking for cracking stag do packages to Nottingham go here.

First of all I have been visiting Nottingham on and off for over a decade now and to-date, I have seen the biggest transformation on this trip (I am still actually here, writing my blog from The Park Plaza bedroom, Park Plaza is one of the hotels DesignaVenture deal with, and by the way, is this the longest sentence inside brackets you have ever read?).

I cannot believe how clean the streets look, how many bars and restaurants there are and how cosmopolitan the city looks with the new Tram.

Also, one thing Nottingham is really proud of is becoming a Purple Flag owner, which basically means when you're appreciating the fantastic nightlife Nottingham has to offer, you will be able to enjoy your night-out in a safe environment, pretty cool huh?

So a bar for everyone, a club for most tastes, more restaurants then you can shake a stick at (I have never understood that saying) and currently only one lap dancing club, you can't have it all.

Then there's the bar breathers, in other words the daytime activities, Nottingham has been a hot spot for stag dos as far as I can remember, so there are daytime stag activities a plenty.

From white water rafting (man-made) to Rage Buggies, paintball to clay pigeon shooting, indoor karts to quad biking again there are more stag activities then you can shake a stick at (still none the wiser on that saying).

Staying in Nottingham is also not a problem, there are more stag friendly city centre hotel then you can shake....

From deluxe 4 star properties to standard hotels suiting the lower budgets, I am pretty confident Nottingham can offer you a stag do whatever your requirements are (unless your requirements are; 'it must be in Budapest').

Nottingham is an extremely popular stag do destination, the bars, clubs and locals rather then complain about the weekend traffic have actually embraced stag and hen weekends in a big and positive way, making it in my book one of the most stag do friendliest cities in the world (said in a Jeremy Clarkson voice).

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rough Guide To A Stag Do In Birmingham

Selfridges Bull Ring
Whatever your preconceptions of England's second city are, you must to leave them on the M42 and book your stag do to Birmingham.

Birmingham has undergone and is still having a massive facelift, with more money spent on it than some countries spend in an entire year.

The city centre has transformed into a gorgeous cosmopolitan city full of iconic landmark delights like the Selfridges Bullring, Library of Birmingham, Millennium Point, The Spiral CafĂ©, Hyatt Regency Hotel and The Cube which home fantastic hotels, shops, the big screen, amazing restaurants, smooth bars, cool clubs and even one of top ten coolest car parks in the world.

A statue of a bull
Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice, the canal area around the Mailbox, Brindley Place and Summer Row focus very much on stylist socialising with lots of cool pub/bars, alfresco places to eat delicious food, and trendy late bar clubs to dance the night away the nightlife scene here has a totally different vibe to the infamous Broad Street even though its just a stone throw away.

Broad Street is the stag do central and hen party hub, it is bursting with eclectic bars, restaurants and lap dancing clubs and Birmingham biggest nightclub, Gatecrashers with its 4 club rooms playing a variety of music, there really is something for everyone on this street.

Laser Lights from DJ Booth
The Cube is the place to head if you are looking for a more sophisticated high end night out, The Cube offers prestigious names, world class brands and stunning skyline 360-degree view of city.

You also have the Southside with its many bars and clubs, also home to the city's buzzing gay scene.  Digbeth area is worth checking out its quickly becoming one of the most creative clubbing areas and lets not forget the Jewellery Quarter which offers the extremely popular Jam House with its live music.

But that's the nightlife covered what will stags do in the day?

Good question Jaz I am just getting to that....

Rebel Buggies + Stag Group
Our Birmingham day time activity choice start from the city outskirts and work their way into the centre, of course paintball sites are plentiful however, you also have a fantastic killer dirt buggy site where you race Rebel buggies head to head, nowhere else in the country can this be done.

Speaking of racing head to head, another activity site to consider whilst booking your stag do to Birmingham is the Stock Car Racing also known as Dodgems Racing, we get nothing but 5 star reviews from our customers for this activity, more information on this activity can be found here.

Walking distance from the centre of Birmingham (The Bull Ring) is the extremely fast indoor electric karts site, no more choking on petrol fumes these environmentally friendly karts zip around the indoor track like no other indoor kart I have raced and oh so quiet!

Other activities which can be included in your stag do to Birmingham include Bubble Football, Clay Pigeon Shooting,  Quad Biking,  Air and Rifle Shooting, The Zombie Survival Experience (totally life-like and frigging scary), Crossbows and a little more tame but equally competitive Archery and for the creative  Pizza or Cocktail Making shish the list just goes on!

Did I mention the great accommodation all within walking distant of the Broad Street nightlife

Birmingham is waiting for you to come and party.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Where on Earth is Bratislava?

Bratislava by night
Following on from our  "Where on Earth is..." theme (our last one was Where on Earth is Riga looking at favourite stag do destinations in Europe), we have now moved on to mid-Europe and giving Bratislava the magnified glass treatment.

So, Where on Earth is Bratislava?

Alright don't get ratty, I am just getting to that....

Bratislava is the capital of Slovak Republic, and the Slovak Republic used to be joined to the Czech Republic which was a massive country called Czechoslovakia, a county curiously good at Ice Skating in the 80's.

Czechoslovakia was broken up in 1993, so Czech Republic divorced from Slovak Republic or Slovakia as many maps refer to it, the capital of Slovak Republic is Bratislava.

That's great and everything, but where the hell is it?

Alright keep your hair on, Slovak Republic is about 2 and a half hours flight from the UK (depending on where you are flying from) and is landlocked between Hungry, Austria, Czech Republic (obviously), Poland and Ukraine.

So why should I go there on my stag do?

Barman linning up the drinks in Bratislava
In a nutshell, Bratislava is a small capital city in comparison to many of the other European capital cities, however it has loads of young people living there, giving it an atmosphere like no other city in Europe.

These Brats (I am not sure if thats their correct name, but I like it) like to have fun and you can tell that from the atmosphere in the bars and clubs.

We visited many bars and clubs whilst on the stag do and it was full of lively people and many students in front and behind the bar having a wild time.

From Absinth Nights to shooting AK47's, the Stag activities in Bratislava are also pretty cool and unique, the DesignaVenture website has a huge selection of stag activities in Bratislava.

I would also highly recommend the Guided Bar & Club Tours for your first night, these guides (all girls) will show you round the best areas of Bratislava saving you a heap of time exploring, after all you are only there for a couple of nights after all.

Now the all important weather, expect cold winters and hot dry summers.

After going on a stag do to Bratislava I would highly recommend this fantastic stag destination.

For more details on our stag packages click here.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Twin Centre Stag Do Ideas

Berlin to Amsterdam - connect by flights

Going on a stag do is all about exploring new destinations and a great way to make a decent adventure out of your weekend is to visit two destinations on the same stag do.

Whether you're going on a stag do abroad or in the UK there are plenty of destinations you can twin up on your stag do.

Back of a Lady holding up a surf board on Newquay beach
On my stag do we did Bristol and Newquay, visiting Bristol on the Thursday and then travelling to Newquay on the Friday for 2 nights of pure pleasure, two very different but brilliant experiences.

Enough about me, there are other top stag destinations in the UK you can do this in, such as:

  • Cardiff and Bristol 
  • Newcastle and Edinburgh
  • Bournemouth and Brighton
  • Reading and Birmingham
  • Manchester and Liverpool
  • Chester and North Wales

Your first night should be a destination on the way down to your main destination, breaking up the journey and having a night out before the big stag weekend starts.

You may find only half the group can commit to it, but hey you could make it exclusive to your close mates?

Over on the Continent is totally different you will possibly need to fly from destination to destination.

Amsterdam is one hell of a stag destination so why not combine it with another fantastic European destination such as Berlin, Prague, Barcelona or Riga. The reason why you should include Amsterdam is:

  1. In my mind, it's the best stag destination closest to the UK
  2. KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) fly everywhere
  3. Finishing off a stag do in Amsterdam, how cool is that!

Alternatively you can fly into one European destination and then fly out of another, train or bus it between destinations, such as:
Stag Do Boarding an Easyjet flight
  • In to Prague out of Bratislava (3½ hours by road between cities, quicker by train)
  • In to Budapest out of Bratislava (Only 2½ hours by road between cities)
  • In to Dusseldorf out of Amsterdam (Only 2½ hours by road, quicker by train between cities)

In this day and age transport connections between big cities has never been so regular or quick, so make the most of it, that should be your stag do slogan, MAKE THE MOST OF IT.

Also, Easyjet or Ryanair allow you to book one way tickets at no extra cost, it couldn't be easier!

If you do need help arranging your twin centre stag do give DesignaVenture a call on 01432 830880, we have lots of advice, connections in the right places and can help you with all your logistics.