Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Top 10 Stag Do Movies Of All Time

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Stag Do movies are really on the up, over the years this fantastic life experience (your stag do / bachelor party) has also become a must see movie.

Here at the DesignaVenture towers we have raided our DVD collections and VHS tapes and watched as many stag do themed films as possible to rate them in our very own special Top 10 stag do movie compilation.

So which stag do movies have received the DesignaVenture Movie Gongs:

At 10….

Ladies on a sand bank with fake guns
Bachelor Party Vegas (2006 - IMDb rating 4.7/10)
Possibly the start of the modern stag do comedy movie where the stars pack their bags and head to Vegas for a weekend to remember, or forget! This funny film also includes lots of naked ladies and even Paintball guns, how very apt.

At 9….

Stag Night (2008 - IMDb rating 4.9/10)
This is definitely not light hearted or a comedy in any way, a stag party takes the New York underground and gets off at the wrong haunted station, "STAY ON THE TRAIN!". A thriller which will put you off having a stag do in New York.

At 8….

4 Zombies looking gruesome
Stag Night of the Dead (2010 - IMDb rating 3.2/10)
No doubt, this very British stag night comedy will make you laugh, the stag group finds out about a top secret military compound with 1 million zombies to obliterate with huge stun guns, what an activity - hang on, we do something like this called the Zombie Experience - we wondered where that idea came from!

At 7….

Very Bad Things (1998 - IMDb rating 6.3/10)
Starring Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz, this is a black comedy about the old saying, "what goes on tour, stays on tour" (swap tour with vegas, and you get the gist). A prostitute dies on the stag do which creates a whole world of problems, good film.

At 6….

Sideways (2004 - IMDb rating 7.6/10)
An Oscar winning movie about two guys going on a midweek wine tasting road trip around Southern California to celebrate a stag do. A pretty intense movie with some cringe worthy moments - we liked it, didn't make us laugh out loud however it made us chuckle and wow these guys know their wine.

At 5….

Bachelor Party (1984 - IMDb rating 6.2/10)
One of the best lines we have heard in ages "let's have a bachelor party, with chicks, and guns, and fire trucks and hookers". A very silly film which made us all laugh. It's totally worth taking a trip back to the eighties for this silly and hilarious film which not only covers the stag night but also the hen party too.

Remember Porky's? Bachelor Party is much better.

At 4….

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign
Last Vegas (2013 - IMDb rating 6.7/10)
A great film with some fantastic actors - Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kelvin Kline. A legendary stag do movie about a load of old men partying in the Mecca stag do destination, VEGAS - some great one liners.

At 3….

American Wedding (2003 - IMDb rating 6.2/10)
Jim and Michelle from the cult film American Pie get married, but before the wedding there's the bachelor party, so Jim invites all his old buddies from school creating a must see, extremely funny stag do film.

At 2….

The Stag (2013 - IMDb rating 7.2/10)
An extremely funny Irish stag do movie, with loads of laugh out loud moments, very British we thought, even though it's written by two Irish fellas, well, we do breathe the same air. Totally worth watching and then arranging your stag do after, in fact invite The Machine!

At Number 1….

The Hangover (2009 - IMDb rating 7.8/10)
It has to be...

An extremely funny, modern, original and surreal film, which had us gripped from the opening scenes.

A great cast which even includes Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and a cameo role from Mike Tyson. Set in the only place the Americans will hold their bachelor Parties - and that's Las Vegas.

Extremely funny, an unbelievable script and great acting, some people just can't handle Vegas.

Friday, 21 March 2014

How Will The World Cup 2014 Fixtures Affect My Stag Do

The World Cup 2014 will soon be all around us and currently we have loads of stag groups wandering when the matches are being played and will it affect their stag do?

First of foremost don't panic, no one likes someone who is riddled with panic.

If an England game falls on your stag do then DesignaVenture can help, we have hotels which are going to be showing the games and we also have inside knowledge of pubs, bars and clubs in popular stag destinations with huge screens and an atmosphere so electrified, you could charge your phone on it.

Unless England loose that is, you may have to charge your phone elsewhere.

I am guessing you will be an England fan and will want to know when the games are being played, so I have put together a little programme on times and dates, so you can either choose another weekend for your stag do or get in contact with us for details on where to go.

England are in Group D, and will be playing on the following dates:

Saturday 14th June 2014
England v Italy 11:00pm (UK - Time) on the BBC

For all you stag parties going on this weekend, get in touch with us and we will let you know where to go to get a great seat to watch the match - most of your stag group will not want to miss it!

Thursday 19th June 2014
England v Uruguay 8.00pm (UK - Time) on ITV

It's unlikely you'll be on a stag weekend because it's on a umm… Thursday, however we do have some stag dos going midweek.

Tuesday 24th June 2014
England v Costa Rica 5.00pm (UK - Time) on ITV

I expect you will all be skiving off work for this one!

You then have the second round matches (last 16), now if England are lucky enough to make it to the last 16 (don't forget England have Italy and Luis Saurez to contend with), England will play in either:

Saturday 28th June 2014 - 9pm (Round 2)
Runner Up of England's group (D) v Winner of Group C (Columbia, Greece, Ivory Cost or Japan)

A very busy weekend in the stag weekend calendar, height of the season, so if you've been invited on a stag do, this weekend is likely to be one of the dates considered. Don't worry though watching footie with your mates is where you should be.

Sunday 29th June 2014 - 9pm (Round 4)
Winner of England's group (D) v Runner up of Group C (Columbia, Greece, Ivory Cost or Japan)

It's a Sunday and most of your partied out bodies will be at home getting over your hangovers in time for work, if England are in this fixture and you are still lucky enough to be on a stag do finding a venue should be easy enough on a Sunday night.

Friday 04th July 2014 - 9pm (Quarter Finals)
Winners of Round 2 v Winners of Round 1 (too many teams* to mention)

Saturday 05th July 2014 - 9pm (Quarter Finals)
Winners of Round 4 v Winners of Round 3 (too many teams* to mention)

If England make the quarter finals they will be playing in one of the matches above, as you can see it's a Friday and Saturday night so the scramble for a bar to watch it in will be massive, get yourselves booked in to a hotel, bar or club to watch it beforehand, watching it in your hotel bedroom will not have the same atmosphere.

Semi Finals
These games fall on Tuesday 08th July at 9pm and Wednesday 09th July at 9pm.

The Final 
Sunday 13th July at 8pm

All the above times are for the UK, if you have a stag do abroad then don't forget to add on your or subtract your time difference.

*For a full line up of teams groups and fixtures go to the BBC website.

If you booked a stag weekend on any of the above dates make provisions, you can also make your stag do football themed, such as playing Bubble Football, 5 a side or even Human Table Football in the day!

Whatever you do, we wish you and England all the best.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Top 10 Things To Do On A Stag Do

What the hell are you going to do on your stag do?

If you have never arranged a stag do before coming up with an initial idea or ideas can be a daunting task and you should always discuss it with the stag or the best man first.

To help you get the ball rolling, here is a top 10 list on things to do on your stag night or weekend.

A Rage Buggy
Rage Buggies
These buggies are incredible, if you are going to book an activity for your stag do, then the Rage buggies should be at the top of your list.

They're fast, have immense acceleration and stick to the race track like a pick pocket on a tourist.

Now available all over the UK so whatever destination you choose for your stag do, you should be close to a rage buggy racing circuit.

An Abroad Guided Bar & Club Crawl
Just imagine, you have just landed in a foreign city and haven't a clue where to go and party. Well there is nothing like having a guided bar crawl organised for your first night.

It's simply a must, you may only be going for 2 or 3 nights so why waste a night trying to find the nightlife.

A lovely lady will be your guide, with bigger stag groups you will have more than one female guide, you lucky people.

Inflatables and foam
The Games
Currently popular with both stag and hen parties are activities such as It's a Knockout, West Country Games and Highland Games.

Expect plenty of hen parties, competition, foam, inflatables and plenty of water.

A Day At The Races
A fantastic day, what's not to like:
  • Loads of bars
  • Loads of ladies in weird hats called fascinators (education people)
  • Betting on horses, live
  • An atmosphere so good you could spank it with a desert spoon.

Silly Games
No stag do is complete without a bit of stag do shenanigans, and stag do games are the ideal solution.

Check out our blog on stag do games for some fantastic ideas.

Stock Car Racing
That's right, stock car racing. Get strapped in and race your buddies around a race track at full speed in what can only be described as the whacky races.

You'll get full coaching from professional drivers who get you prepared for a race event you will never forget, which is perfect for the stag who will want an ever lasting memory from his stag do.

The Beer Bike
Now available in loads of cities across Europe, this is a stag activity like no other. With up to 20 seats with pedals and beer on tap, you will see sights you'll never get to see, whilst drinking beer. 

You will have a designated sober driver (supplied) and sounds of your choice, pumping out of the onboard meaty music sound system, so don't forget your iPod.

Your Names Down, You Are Coming In
You don't want to be walking around a city with no where to go, city nightclubs usually don't allow big groups of single sex parties into their venues unless you have a pre paid ticket, so get your boys on the guest list, you then have a venue to party until the small hours of the morning.

Booking through a stag company such as DesignaVenture will get you access to the best clubs in town.

Hooters Party Meal
There is one thing that will get the boys in the mood for a great night out and that's loads of beer, sport on big screens, a table full of ribs, wings and fries and gorgeous women walking around in skimpy shots and t-shirts two sizes too small for them.

Currently, the only place in the UK with a Hooters restaurant is Nottingham, so best you get yourselves to Robin Hood country then!

Comedy Club Entry
Another fantastic night out which will be totally memorable for the stag, is entry into a comedy club. Sit on a huge table with all your mates and laugh at the hilarious comedians whilst enjoying a beer or two. 

Most of these clubs will have a late licence so after the comedy show you have a place to party. The great thing about a comedy club is you won't loose people like you would if you just went into town and hit the bars. 

If you are on a stag weekend, we find most groups book their comedy club for the first night.

So, whatever you decide to do, put a little thought into the stag do and enjoy it, for further stag do ideas and packages head over to our website.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Stag Do Insurance - Why It's Essential

"It's a stag do for crying out loud, why the hell do I need insurance? Stag dos are meant to be edgy, why do I need to grey it up with insurance, I'm not 60!"

Well first of all, your stag do can still be edgy, it can still be a lads holiday, just protect yourself, and I'm not talking about a trip to Boots for a 'pack of 3'.

A stag do abroad is one holiday you must insure yourself, first of all, medical cover, and I think an E11 card just won't do, and you don't need a hefty bill at the end of the weekend, so get yourself insured.

But before all that, even before you go, if you fork out in excess of £300 for a weekend and then can't make the stag weekend because of a family bereavement or you've broken your leg (it does happen people) then you have insurance to claim your money back from.

If you have gone for the cheapest fare or booked a low cost airline ticket, you will not get your money back when cancelling at any time, and it's highly unlikely hotels and activity sites will refund once you have paid them.

Most stag do companies, such as DesignaVenture, have terms and conditions with cancelation timescale charges, so whatever you loose your insurance company should cover.*

What about a stag do in the UK, I don't need insurance right?

Well, personally, I think you do.

OK, if you have just booked a night in a hotel with nightclub which costs less than sixty quid then maybe not, however be prepared to loose your money if you can't make the night. However, it's not just about the cancelation cover, if you injure yourself and you cannot go to work your insurance may cover you for that.

On average most activity based UK stag dos cost around £150 per person, an extra approximately £10 for insurance should not be an issue.

Your insurance should not only cover you for cancelation, but also for matters that you might not consider such as curtailment, loss of property (such as your iPhone or an expensive watch) and injury**.

At DesignaVenture we don't sell travel insurance as we are too busy concentration on creating killer stag dos however, we do sell the idea of travel insurance to cover you on your stag do.

*Depending on your excess

**Before buying your insurance make sure that it covers you for the activities you have booked, also read the small print to make sure you insure yourself properly