Thursday, 18 December 2014

Top UK Stag Destinations On A Budget

DesignaValue, it's a play on words
You will find that most stag dos are governed by a price, whether it's a £100 or a £1,000 you will need to keep the weekend within reach of all the stag's mates budget.

Under a hundred knicker

We are looking at stag destinations in the UK where you can have the most amazing time for under a ton (that's a hundred quid, a fifth of a 'monkey', a tenth of a 'bag of sand'... you get the picture).

Adventurous stag dos

North Wales is a fantastic destination for active stag weekends on a budget, from white water rafting to racing Rage Buggies or shooting clay pigeons finding a stag do for well under a £100 is easier than spending a pound in the pound shop.

Whether you decide to go for a night or a weekend, you can book a stag do full of adventure in North Wales.
Stag Do Drinking shots of Tequila

Lively City Break

You need vodka bars, lap dancing clubs, themed nightclubs, massive casinos, Hooters party meals and the oldest pub in the world.

Then you need Nottingham, this city situated right in the heart of England is a fantastic stag do destination and booking a 2 night stag weekend with a bar crawl and clubs can be easily done for under a £100.

Classy Stag Do

Edinburgh is one of the most cultural cities in the world, book 2 nights hotel and then see the city by day and night under your own steam, this will definitely keep your price down as you'll need cash to get up there!

Just remember to try and keep the boys out of the bars, book a brewery or whiskey tour or if you're looking for something a little different take them around the castle and introduce them to a little culture!

Motorised Fun

Reading is great location for a one night stag do with a ruck-load of motorised activities by day and great nightlife by night.

For under £100 you can get 1 night's hotel, Rage Buggies, Quad Biking and nightclub entry, how's that for fantastic value.
Canoeing down the River Wye

Chill the Heck Out

Camping and canoeing down the River Wye is possibly the most relaxing stag do you will ever have.

Pitch up your tent, bring a load of beer or wine, whatever your tipple (not too much whilst you're canoeing), and unwind on the meandering River Wye, taking-in the unbelievable countryside and then sleep under the stars for an unforgettable stag do experience.

Just so you know, I have based the above prices on the stag packages and the "build your own packages we offer on the DesignaVenture website.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Stag Do Ideas For The Football Crazy Stag

The stag has decided to put his stall out at half time and get married, so it's down to you to put the ultimate stag do together to make him happier than a FA Cup champion, so where do you start?

Well, getting football themed stag do ideas is a good start:

Bubble Football

Bubble Football has been popular in 2014, sticking on Zorb style suits and running into each other at speed whilst playing football, sounds amazing right? It is, it's truly loads of fun.

The whole of the DesignaVenture team tried Bubble Football back in August and both the girls and boys of the team loved it.

After you've played enough bubble football there are other games to play such as last man standing and Bull Dog, which I am sure you will love equally as much.

You can almost play Bubble Football also known as Zorb Football literally anywhere around the country, just name where you would like to play it and we can organise the venue, the kit the lot!


Football and golf often goes hand in hand but this new craze created a couple of years ago, goes that step further.

Like golf you need to get your ball from the Tee to the Pin, but instead of golf balls and clubs you're using a football and your foot.

Remember, you can't kick a ball as far as you can hit a golf ball so there are 4 different courses; 6, 9, 12 and 18 holes depending on how fit you feel. You don't need to be that fit as there's no running involved and remember guys tackling is frowned upon!

5 A Side

We have all played a bit of 5 a side and if you have a group who also love the game, organising a 5 a side match is a sure winner.

This is available throughout the UK and Europe, inside or out, all weather pitches or on grass there's nothing like the beautiful game in miniature.

Stadium Tour

If the stag has a nerdy football disposition then a trip to a stadium would probably be right up his football tunnel, we organise it in Amsterdam and Barcelona but I am sure there are tours all over the UK and beyond.

Go into the changing rooms, sit in the dug outs you will get to places Match of the Day will never show, you might even get to kick a hair dryer at the stag.

Human Table Football

Strapped to a horizontal pole, with only your feet free to kick the ball (just like table football), your obvious aim is to get the ball in the back of the net. Sounds easy, well it is as long as your fellow human table football team play ball.

This again, is perfect for the football mad stag and is a great activity to do on your stag do.

If you have any football crazy stag do ideas, fill in the comments form below and if it's suitable we will add it to this list.