Monday, 16 October 2017

Zip Up Your Stag Do

If you're looking for some incredible and adventurous activities for your stag do, North Wales is the destination of choice. This fantastic adventure land has some of the best activities in the world let a lone the UK.

North Wales has some pretty impressive accolades when it comes to the Zip Wire activity, well it is hilly which is fairly handy - Holland doesn't stand a chance!

First of all it has the fastest zip-line in the world and the longest in Europe (see velocity below).

Then there's the Titan which is the longest zip-zone in Europe.

Not forgetting the Caverns, which is zip lining in underground Caverns, how cool this that!

All of these activities can be booked on our website, go and take a look.


The longest zip wire in Europe and the FASTEST in the world - how cool is that! You'll be lying down for this one and as you'll reach speeds of over 100mph, there's only one thing you'll be shouting - SUPERMAN!!!

  • 2 People go down at one
  • You can reach speeds of over 100mph
  • Incredible Views


Then there's the Titan Zip Wire which is the longest zip-line in Europe. This time you're in the seating position which I must say is very comfortable before the inevitable countdown - 3-2-1 and then you shoot down at speeds of over 60mph.

  • 4 People go down at once
  • Longest zip line in Europe
  • Total length of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie; 8km
  • Zip Wire Caverns + Bounce Below on the same site


This is the wackiest and the most unique out of all the above Zip Wire activities and is great for the stag do wanting adventure as well as thrills.

There's everything involved including rope bridges, tunnels, stepping stones for climbing, via ferratta and monkey bars.

  • In an underground slate mine
  • 12 Zip Lines in total
  • Has the steepest zip wire in the UK

Tree Safari

Zip from tree platform to tree platform which are a mere 60 feet up. The best part about Go Ape is surely the zip wires, am I right? Well, this is mostly zip wires. Who needs bread when you've got the jam!

  • 23 Zip lines in total!
  • 60 Feet up
  • A great price

For more details and prices head over to the DesignaVenture website.

We also have stag do packages which include these fantastic Zip Wire activities.

Good luck!


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

What To Do On A Stag Do

Before you trundle off to the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website where you will find bucket loads of activity ideas and packages I have put together a little list together below on What To Do On A Stag Do.

Just bear in mind that the last thing you want on the stag weekend are the guys bored out of their tiny minds.

You also don't need 15 drunken men by 4pm wandering the streets and making a menace of themselves, no establishment in their right minds will not let you in, so it's early to bed then!

Organise something for the day which will keep the boys happy, contented and create a memory of the stag do the groom will cherish.

Activities don't have to be adventurous, you can go; Horse Racing, Cider Tasting around Herefordshire, Whisky Tasting in Edinburgh, Casino, watch a premiership football match, Beer Bike Tours the list is endless.

However if it's adventurous stag activities you're after then Rage Buggy Racing, Quad Biking, Canyoning, Paintball, Bubble Football, Stock Car Racing, Zombie Shooting to name but a few, will make a weekend of it.

There are also some brilliant and unique stag activities in Europe such as AK47 shooting, proper Bobsleigh on ice, Snowmobiles, Mud Jelly Wrestling, Driving Trabants, so don't just think booking a stag do to Europe on a city break is enough, you'll need something for the day to stop the boys from peaking too soon.

The moral of the daytime is to make sure the guys are busy and having fun - of course the activity must suit the group and no one knows your group better than the Best Man and Stag.

How do these activity days pan out?

OK, if you haven't been on one of these activity days there are certain elements that you need to remember to bring along; the right clothing, make sure you have enough supplies such as food, drink, sun cream etc. and most importantly waterproof cameras / Go Pros.

On arrival and after kit allocation* you usually have a briefing with an instructor whether it's to show you how a Rage Buggy works or what to do in an emergency.

*Some activities will need specialised equipment which will be supplied such as helmets, buoyancy aids, wet suits etc. If you're racing motor vehicles some sites include overalls and some don't so check before you go - if you book your stag do thought DesignaVenture all this information will be in your Essential Travel Pack.

If your budget is a little tight and you only have enough dosh for the night out and hotel, consider organising an activity where you don't need money such as; football on the beach, an incredible walk up Snowdonia or along a coastal path in Cornwall, bike from Bath to Bristol (taking in a few pubs), hide and seek!!! The world is your Oyster my friends.

Details for the Bath to Bristol or Bristol to Bath bike ride

Alternatively, Walk Snowdonia

When walking Snowdonia make sure you wear the correct clothing and read up on what you should take with you - don't be a plonker like this man who walked to the top of Snowdonia in his underpants and got hyperthermia.

Night time needs to be well organised, there's no point turning up at a city for a full on stag night with no plans, especially when you are a big group of men - you're likely to be turned away from busy venues and these are the best places!

To start with, everyone likes a curry or Chinese so book a restaurant / all you can eat buffet, early doors, this will not only soak up the alcohol but it's also a great place for banter before hitting the bars.

After your meal, book an unescorted bar tour, you'll need your name down on as many venues as you can, giving you the luxury of choice.

Then it's the finale, the last night of being a free man - do you visit a nightclub and party in a private booth with Redbull and Vodka or is it straight to the lap dancing club for a night of eye watering madness.

Well it's your stag do - you decide!

Good luck


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Stag Do Ideas By Video

Looking for some stag do ideas without the chaff?

One picture, worth ten thousand words (an old Chinese Proverb), what about millions of moving pictures?

Now, I am no Rachael Riley (I wouldn't fit into those tight dresses for a start) but that's a lot of words, so instead of writing about some of DesignaVenture's popular stag do ideas, here are some videos which will give you an idea of just how good they are, enjoy...

Bubble Football with Barcelona FC at St George's Park....

Obviously Barcelona FC are not going to be your opponents, but just how good does Bubble Football look?

Coasteering & White Water Rafting, North Wales....

These activities are incredible in North Wales, they are the foundations of a truly brilliant adventurous stag do.

It's a knockout, Bristol....

Foam, inflatables, water and hen parties, all the ingredients to make an amazing stag do activity.

A total curve ball, Pizza Making....

This was some of the DesignaVenture team making Pizza and enjoying themselves.

Rage Buggies

One of the most popular stag do activities we offer, with speeds of up to 58mph and amazing handling, you just can't beat them!

For more stag do ideas and videos head over to our website.

Good Luck

Friday, 18 August 2017

Ideas For Your Stag Do In February 2018

February isn't known as a busy stag do month however, if your bride 'n' groom are getting married near Valentine's day or in March (Spring weddings are quite popular you know) then February is usually the month of choice.

Let's face it, January is just too damn dark, and you and the boys are going to be skint after Christmas, so February is a top idea.

"But where are all these stag do groups going, and what will they be getting up to?" I hear you ask.

Well thanks for being so inquisitive, I am just getting to that...

UK or Abroad?

Unless you're planning on travelling on a plane to the Canaries or flying 5+ hours (which isn't going to be cheap), the chance of getting some guaranteed sunshine is minimal.

So a city break in Europe it is, Prague, Riga, Hamburg, Berlin are all great choices and will keep the stag group happy however will the budget allow?

In my mind, for a fantastic stag do destination abroad with a budget busting price; Riga is a great idea.

We offer 2 night packages in Riga (without flights) from £44 per person, with flights around the £175 per person depending on the flight price.

Riga winter activities...

Riga also offers some incredible unique winter themed stag activities such as Bob Sleighing (on an Olympic Ice track) and Snowmobile Safari and if that doesn't do it for you, the nightlife will!

However, if you need to keep the price low, then the UK has to be your chosen destination (especially when you're wallet is still recovering from Christmas!).

UK Stag Do Ideas For February

For the brave....

In 2017 not unlike any other year, we ask our stag do groups why they've booked White Water Rafting, Canyoning or Coasteering for February?

Unanimously the answer is because we want an activity for real men!

In February these activities will make your eyes pop out of your head, your plums disappear, all the breathe in your lungs exhale however, they will make you a real man.

Any of the above water based stag activities are going to be tough however they'e also going to be loads of fun and you will have some stories to tell in the pub later on, they might even make the Best Man's speech.

You'll be provided with proper wet suits so the cold water feeling won't last for too long.

Keep it indoor...

From indoor karting, bubble football and paintball to beer tasting, cider tours, escape room and life drawing all of these activities have one thing in common, they can be done indoors.

So if the weather is an absolute nightmare outside, you're guaranteed a fantastic time with your activity inside.

It barely snows in the UK however we do get the rain which can sometimes cancel an activity so booking an activity for February indoors isn't a bad shout.

Activities which aren't usually available

Rage buggies, or dirt buggies generally in most locations will not be running until March however check with us or the company first as some sites such as our North Wales site which has a hard core track run all year round.

The games type of activities such as It's a knockout, Totally Wiped Out or West Country Games aren't usually available until March.

Busy nightlife...

The great thing about the UK, most Saturday nights in most towns and cities are going to be buzzing no matter which destination you choose, so if your looking for buzzing nightlife make Bristol, Manchester (watch out for Man Utd games), Sheffield, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Edinburgh or Nottingham your chosen stag do destination.

No matter what you do, choose DesignaVenture to help you organise a killer stag do, why? It's simple, we'll look after you, check out our reviews on Trustpilot for peace of mind.

Good luck


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Advice On Booking A Stag Do Last Minute

Whether it’s a shot-gun wedding, the best man is totally rubbish or the groom last-minute, has decided he actually wants a stag do, booking a stag night or weekend last-minute can be tricky.

You have availability and people to sort in a very short amount of time, it ain't going to be easy.

Get your lap top out and get going, time is of the essence.

First things first, you need a confirmed date and a list of party members who are ready to pay right away – no messing.

Set up a WhatsApp group, it's so easy and whilst you'll be getting answers and ideas from the stag group there's always a bit of time for friendly banter.

Be flexible, if you can’t get the activities you want, be open to other ideas as you are still going away with your pals and you know you’ll have loads of fun.

This can also be a similar story for your chosen stag or hen destination. For example if you choose Bristol and it’s the weekend of the Balloon festival you are going to struggle finding a decent hotel so have several destinations in mind.

Do not pay for people who say “yes" and are likely to back out, you know your friends and know who you can and can’t trust. Paying for people last minute will inevitably mean you will loose money if they back out, if they’re serious about coming they will pay, simple.

Want to go abroad but don’t have loads of Dollar? Check out skyscanner, you can put in any airport or even just the ‘UK' and it will bring up loads of flights from various UK airports to your chosen destination, you may get a real bargain.

If all this seems like to much hassle, make life easier and book through a hen / stag tour operator like DesignaVenture who can help you get out of a Last Minute hole. They will have up to the minute availability at your chosen destination/s as well as giving you thousands of ideas.

Another fantastic pro when booking through a stag / hen agency is you can get members of the group to pay individually directly to the company, that’s going to be a hell of a lot easier then chasing everyone for money for the hotel, then the nightclubs, and then the activities, phew what a palaver!

Good luck!


DesignaVenture Logo with telephone number 01432830000

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Last Minute Stag Availability in Bournemouth

Bournemouth Beach

July is looking to be a right scorcher and with stag do destinations filling up extremely fast there is only limited space across the whole of the UK.

I am here to give you some good news people, we find when the sun shines, Bournemouth is the stag do destination of choice.

Beautiful beaches, stunning views and women with next to nothing on, what more does a stag do need?

So I've knocked on a few doors, well I called some hotels and found availability in July for Bournemouth, but hurry people these rooms are filling up fast.

The 14th - 16th July and the 21st - 23rd July weekends we currently have availability in a cracking 3 star hotel right in the centre of this amazing seaside resort.

Not just that we also have availability for fantastic stag activities including Rage Buggies, Quad Biking, .22 Assault Rifle shooting, Footgolf, Bubble Football and Paintball.

Packages currently available for these weekends are:

Sandy beach bumBeach Bum
2 Nights 3 star hotel
Bar and Club Entries both nights

£133.00 per person


Grooves & Girls
2 Nights 3 star hotel
Bar and Club Entries both nights
Lap Dancing

Rage Buggy£161.00 per person


Bournemouth Beers
2 Nights 3 star hotel
Bar and Club Entries Friday Night
Lap Dancing
Beer Tasting Masterclass
Cameo Club Entry Saturday Night

£175.00 per person


Lady with sunglasses and bikini pointing a paintball gunBournemouth Basics
2 Nights 3 star hotel
Bar and Club Entries both nights
Rage Buggies
Paintball includes 100 rounds

£195.00 per person


Tap here for loads more packages go to our Bournemouth Stag Do Page

So if you've forgotten to book the stag or just haven't got round to it yet, DesignaVenture are masters in getting you last minute availability in destinations you want.

Good luck


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

5 Top Stag Do Water Themed Activities

We are going through a very hot spell of weather, and if you're looking for a cool down for a last minute stag do or or for next summer, here are some water based stag do ideas for you to wet your whistle with (I think that means to have a drink, but you know what I mean).

White Water Rafting

An obvious choice but also an incredible one. Travel down the river taking on frothing water, dodging huge boulders and 9 times out of 10, getting chucked in by the raging torrents, so if you can't swim, do not book it.

This is one of our most popular stag do activities in 2017, favoured locations are North Wales and Scotland.

Canoeing Down River Wye

Another very popular stag do activity however this activity lasts the whole weekend. Sleeping under canvass and floating down river with an amazing backdrop of gorgeousness this is canoeing and camping down the River Wye.

How it works:

Friday night; park up and pitch up at your camp site which has a shower block and toilets and is next door to a pub, yes next door to a pub!!

Saturday Morning; you'll get picked up and taken up river to a pebble beach where you'll depart for your campsite, it should take you just about all day with a stop off at several pubs on the way down. You can also stop off at Hay on Wye for lunch!

Sunday Morning; set off in your canoes from your campsite to your agreed meeting point where you'll disembark, call your driver who will take you back to your campsite.

Take down camp and back to normality.

Why don't we depart and pitch up our tents both nights at different campsites on the way down river?

I promise you, I have done both ways and by far, this way works best:
  1. You only have to put your tent up once
  2. You don't have to carry loads of stuff in your canoe each day
  3. You have a campsite with a shower block and a pub!

Canyoning / Coasteering

Canyoning (inland), jumping into deep pools walking behind waterfalls, exploring caves and generally exploring a gorge carved out by a fast flowing stream.

Coasteering (on the coast), jumping off high cliffs into deep rock pools, exploring caves and the rugged UK coastline.

As you can see, both activities are very similar except for where they're done. They are full on and exceptionally exhilarating.

Canyoning can be done North and South Wales, Scotland and the Peak district.

Coasteering can be done in Newquay / Cornwall, South Wales and near Bournemouth.

Jet Ski-ing

Combining a motor sport with water (what a fantastic idea), these jet ski's are so exciting you will need a crowbar to get the boys off them!

They're fast, have fantastic manoeuvrability and the feeling you getting zipping across the water, you'll all be buying trailers to bring one home!


We have some of the best beaches for surfing in the world, yes the world! Down in Cornwall they very rarely get a day when there aren't loads of waves crashing into the shoreline, making it the most ideal place to surf.

With long sandy beaches, great nightlife and bucket loads of hotels, Newquay is an amazing place to have a stag do and learn to surf.

For loads more stag do ideas or for information on how to book any of the above activities zip over to our website.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Choose The Right Best Man

A Best Man is not just for the wedding, he's for life, and choosing the right Best Man can be more tricky than cracking the Da Vinci Code.

So where do start?

You need a best man who is going to wow all the Mums (at the wedding not on the stag do, but then again...),  make all the guys laugh, organise all the family members, write a killer speech, keep you cool and from flapping when the bride is 50 minutes late, basically be your wingman / iceman / best-man.

What qualities must your best man posses...

First and foremost, he must be reliable (I should frigging well co-co!!), I would say this is the main quality he must have, not being at any of the pre wedding rehearsals is totally unacceptable, I have heard of some best men not even making the stag do - what!!!? Uh I feel woozy.

Other qualities

If possible a good candidate must be able to break the ice whoever he's with, a good organiser, he is able to talk in public (doesn't have to be a professional after dinner speaker) and someone who doesn't mind doing the graft a best man's job entails.

Someone who hasn't and won't judge you or your future wife, he needs to support you both and not be a fly in the ointment.

A stag do buddy who will take a Paintball bullet for you and also boss the other guys around, he's in charge now!

Avoid the following..

Political choices, someone who has been brought forward by the brides mother, or someone who has put pressure on you, giving you the salesman routine.

Typically you must know your Best Man from your childhood and he knows you inside out, "warts an all". He's going to have to arrange a killer stag do as well as put together an amazing speech, that can't be done by someone who hardly knows you.

Don't pick your drinking buddy who you've only known for the last couple of years as you may not like him sober!

Who to Choose

Best Mate? Well that's a given but not a right of passage. If your best mate isn't reliable or would hate being best man more than having Syphalis then you must look elsewhere.

Brother? Always a great choice if you're close to your brother as he shouldn't let you down in anyway or he'll have Mum to answer to. He will know the families (especially yours!) which would make a more relaxed speech. However familiarity breeds content, so keep him on his toes.

You're Dad? It's a great gesture and always one to look into if you have a reason to or most of your mates are plonkers. You may need to step in for the stag, after all a night in his local boozer isn't a stag do.

You're Son? If you're a dad remarrying there's nothing like your son standing at your side and being your best man. You may need to reign him in when it comes to the stag do!

Best Woman? It has happened and it's happening right now, this is 2017 after all. If she has the qualities and why the heck not?

5 Best Men, REALLY?

OK, maybe having two best men is acceptable, but anything over three just means you're not good at making decisions (how the hell did you propose) or on the flip side you don't like letting people down.

This is your wedding, you're now an adult and this is as adult as it gets, so be a man and make a decision - all the rest can be Groomsmen.

Good luck.


Friday, 28 April 2017

Top Tips On Stag Do Fancy Dress

Stag dos and fancy dress go together like Vodka / Redbull, bucket & spade and Kim Kardashian and big bummed trousers.

However, you could spend an absolute fortune on fancy dress and then get turned away from every pub and club at your chosen stag destination, or quite frankly you could look like a "dick", so wait, don't buy anything until you check these top tips out.

20 Fancy Dress Ideas For A Stag Do


Check to make sure the pubs/bars/clubs you're booked into are happy with fancy dress plus also find your limitations, they may say yes they're happy with fancy dress but may not be happy with the stag turning up dressed as a giant penis.


Everyone likes a trier, so if you're fancy dress theme is Pirates (for example) don't just turn up with a bit of face paint (usually skull & bones, tut!!), get dressed up like a pirate.

Captain Jack Sparrow looks awesome, check out what he's wearing and go for it. You'll be glad you've made the effort as the attention you'll get from the ladies will be twice as much as you're mate who painted his face and talks like he's from the posh part of Devon.

If you're going to be an old lady, get the dress, wear the wig and smell of moth balls, go all out.


In the UK we love a joke, humour is what get's us through the terrible weather and the crap-heads we call "politicians" however, pushing a joke into the Frankie Boyle domain of sick crudeness can create cringeworthy moments and stop you from enjoying yourself. Also, don't over-expose yourself, you'll be classed as a flasher!

The Mankini has now been banned in Newquay and Blackpool!

Know your audience.


Most party organisers these days book daytime activities for the stag do, so uniform yourselves up by everyone wearing a T-shirt, that way you can also spot your boys where ever you go.

Stag T-shirts usually include:

  • A bad picture of the stag on
  • A slogan which matches the stag's personality
  • A picture of the bride
  • The person's name on the back + Number like 69 (oh you jokers)

Fantastic Stag Do T-shirt Ideas

Whatever you do, enjoy it!

Good Luck


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How To Organise The Best Ever Stag Do

Being best-man is a great honour, sometimes you can do without it, but most of the time you step up to the mark, create a killer speech and put together the best ever stag do.

Arranging the stag do shouldn't be a hassle, if you're short on time but want to be the Weekend Warrior, the Kimosabe... basically the person who gets all the credit for an amazing weekend, I have put together a kind of knowledge base on covering all the angles on arranging a stag do.


Time is like gold dust people, and when we're not working, spending time with your partner (if you're lucky or unlucky depending on how you see it!!), keeping fit or commuting you need me-time.

Keep your me-time to the max and arrange your stag do through a company just like DesignaVenture (I did say just like, as I am trying to be impartial, however please take "company just like" out of the last sentence):

  • They can arrange absolutely everything for you so you just have one contact for lots of arrangements (accommodation, activities, nightlife etc.)
  • People can pay the company direct, no need for you to get your hands dirty or put your bank account through a state of confusion
  • Nightlife is a pain to book, stag do companies like DesignaVenture have it licked with guest list entries, booth and drink packages, list of great bars and clubs to visit which are stag friendly
  • You'll also get an electronic pack from your chosen stag do company so you can forward it to all the guys so you don't have to mother them on the weekend
These are just some of the positives I am sure you will find more, our feedback is amazing and it makes me really proud.


Communication is king, keeping everyone up to date is key to organising the best ever stag do. We have so much free technology at our fingertips and most of it is very easy to use.

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook groups, pages etc. (remember to keep these groups closed in, private) or you can organise a WhatsApp group which basically will be like a forum with everyone chipping in with their ideas and of course banter.

For the actual Stag do, you will need to think about the following and use these resources:

Fancy Dress - we have a blog for that...

Stag group walking up the road hand in hand dressed as fruit

Stag Do Pranks - we have a blog for that...

Man buried up to his chest as a stag do prank

Stag Do Games - we have a blog for that...

Stag Drinking Games

Stag Do Challenges - we have blog for that...

The Essential Stag Do List...

Ladies purse as the stag kitty

Strippers Vs Lap Dancers - umm c-mon we're not animals, OK we'll soon have a blog for that!

Is that someone's front room jazzed up with a lighting rig and pole??

And finally, remember...

Good Luck


Monday, 20 March 2017

Where On Earth Is Hereford

Following on from our themed "Where On Earth" - based on various stag do destinations, we are now focusing on Hereford.

So why Hereford?

That's a great question which I am just about to answer, so be patient.

Well lets start off with a small location lesson, Hereford is about 60 minutes north of Bristol and 60 minutes south of Birmingham, it's like the filling to a Birmingham and Bristol sandwich, if you will.

It's also only 45 - 60 minutes drive from the Brecon Beacons, which is a perfect place for one of our top adrenalin stag activities - Canyoning.

Hereford sits on the River Wye, a beautiful river which meanders from the Welsh mountains through Herefordshire all the way to the Bristol channel, a fantastic river for a camping and canoeing weekend.

Enough about the Geography, why should I hold my stag do in Hereford or Herefordshire?

Alright bolshy keep your fish-nets on...

As well as the mentioned above stag activities there are also some awesome activity sites where you can race outdoor karts, thrash quad bikes through woods and shoot clays out of the sky over a woodland lake.

There are many Paintball sites you can go old school and  raft building, book a treasure hunt or simply go climbing at Symonds Yat.

So if you're looking for tons of activities at prices which won't break the bank, Hereford has it all.

A full list of stag activities in Hereford.

How about the nightlife?

Hereford is a small city compared to say Bristol or Manchester which I think gives it an edge, it has great nightlife all condensed (no need for cabs) in and around the city centre, most can be found on Commercial Road and Commercial Street.

Along Commercial Road you get your regular bars and pubs such as Yates and J D Wetherspoons but also sits a gem of place called locally as The Gin Palace (Hogarth's). It not only sells loads of different ales, ciders and beers but also trays of different Gins by the bucket load.

Five minutes walk from Commercial Road you have a hugely popular pub called "The Barrels" which sells local Ciders, ales and beers and is the birth place to the Wye Valley Brewery. There is also the Litchfield Vaults where you can get incredible Greek food and not forgetting the old Market which is full of restaurants and high-street shops for guilt presents.

Don't forget that Herefordshire is one of the biggest producers of Cider, so if your stag loves the apples, bring him to Cider paradise, there are a barrel load of cider tours in Herefordshire with Weston's being one of the best in the UK.

You're in Hereford, home to the Hereford Bull, so what better way to celebrate this than to eat it! 

Hereford is home to one of the best burgers you will ever eat at the Beefy Boys and they only use Herefordshire cattle, it's an extremely popular restaurant, so book early.

There are also quite a few late night bars and clubs to keep you drinking into the wee hours such as The Kerry, Play (Hereford's biggest nightclub), Mama Jammers and so on.

So if you're looking for a stag do with lots of adventurous activities, great nightlife at a good price, Hereford is certainly a fantastic choice.

What you currently wont be able to book in Hereford on a stag do (well I have to be impartial):
A lap dancing club
No regular comedy club nights

Other "Where On Earth's" on this blog are:

Where on Earth is Riga
Where on Earth is Bratislava

Good luck!


Monday, 27 February 2017

Top 10 Stag Do Activities

When booking a stag do, it's essential these days, to consider how to keep the troops entertained.

Drinking most of the day may not be everyones idea of fun and by 4 - 5 pm it's going to be pretty messy, trust me I have been on these types of stag dos and they are as memorable as a wet weekend with your cousin Wendy, or Windy as she's known as to most of her friends.

So in other words you need to keep the boys out the bars and doing something which will push them to the limit, make them laugh/cry/smile - whatever you or the stag fancy inflicting.

From a straw pole we did with last week's stag bookings, 91% of best-men considered the stag's interests or choices when booking a stag do activity, that's food for thought when considering what to book.

So let's take a look at the top 10 stag activities being booked for 2017 and in no particular order:

Rebel Buggy kicking up dirt
Rage Buggies

By far the most requested stag activity, Rage Buggies are extreme in every way. These machines have been capped at 58mph and are built to stick to your dirt track like spider man sticks to sky scrapers, they also sound amazing. If you don't smile whilst racing these beasts, you are dead inside.

Similar karts to the Rage Buggies are the Rebel Buggies made by Walker Adams, just as fast and have great handling it would be hard to pick between the two.

White Water Raft launching into the sky
White Water Rafting

In my mind the perfect Saturday morning stag do activity, especially after the Friday night, when you weren't suppose to have a heavy night, we've all been there.

Whether you decide to go man-made (Nottingham or Cardiff) or natural; North Wales, Edinburgh, Europe and beyond you have just booked yourself the best hangover cure this side of the Co-Codamol factory, well done you.

Quad bike getting air
Quad Biking
Quad bikes also know as ATV's (all terrain vehicles) can almost take on any terrain, I'm not sure about sheer cliff faces, but all other than that on any other terrain they are pretty handy.

One of our most popular quad biking sites is North Wales / Shropshire borders where you can take on some pretty steep inclines before viewing 7 counties from a flat plateau, the perfect time for some stag do snaps.

Quad biking is a fantastic stag do experience, racing or trekking quads are incredible vehicles to drive / ride and they are so easy to drive, with pretty much all of our sites offer quad bikes with automatic gears.

Bubble Football Stag Group
Bubble Football

If the stag eat/sleeps football, then Bubble Football is a must.

Stick on your bubble suit and a learn a different style of football which includes; fouling, umm... fouling and yes fouling. This is great fun and a very memorable couple of hours, also great value for money.

AK 47 Shooting

What's a stag do without doing something completely crazy? So, stick your AK47 into automatic and shoot up a target like a crazy wartime hero, the only difference is you won't be shot at, which is damn lucky!

You'll need to be in popular stag do destinations such as Prague, Riga, Budapest or Bratislava to enjoy this amazing activity.

Man Hanging off a rope whilst Canyoning

Sneak behind waterfalls, jump off 60 foot ledges, explore caves and traverse rocks, no this isn't SAS selection, these are the activities you can do whilst Canyoning also known as Gorge Walking.

Canyoning is an exciting activity and buckets of fun with the boys with stories of pure heroism you can take with you to the pub and brag to the stripper about!

Paintball player getting shot at

OK, this is old hat, a cliche, and also an activity the stag can sometimes dread, however, Paintball has had some resurgence this year with lots of parties opting for this incredibly popular activity.

If you feel like letting loose and running around dodging bullets, ambushing your mates with a load of bullets, smoke bombs and paint grenades, Paintball is your stag do activity of choice.

It's also great value for money and only get's expensive if you have a trigger happy finger, you can expect to pay anything from £4 - £8 per 100 rounds. If you want loads of bullets club together with the lads and buy in bulk, as most places will offer you a discount on boxes of 1,000+.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing

Every year more and more hen and stag groups book a horse racing weekend. C-mon what's not to like, a load of horses running at break neck speed, the excitement of gambling a tenner on a horse you've never seen before and an atmosphere so good you would brush your teeth with it.

With great facilities at the race course, transport to and from the race track and a good standard of hotel a DesignaVenture Horse Racing Weekend is a winning stag do choice.

Man with white rimmed sunglasses surrounded by happy people

Bar & Club Passes

This is more of a necessity than a popular choice, however saying that, these days, with almost 70% of the stag groups we book tend to include at least a night-club entry. Most groups also include entry into a load of bars as there is nothing worse than being all dressed up and no where to go!

Talking about being all dressed up and no where to go, if you tend to get dressed up in fancy dress then please let us know and we will make sure that either the club is aware of your costumes OR we won't book you into the club that will turn you away just because of the way toy look.

Football dropping into a footgolf hole

Which game combines football and golf? "Umm golf-foot?"

No you plonker, footgolf, it's in the header!

Anyway, like Golf, you have to tee off and get the football in a hole on the green, obviously enlarged for a football, otherwise you'd have to puncture the ball.

It's great value for money and a real hit this year.

I'd like to see what a golf-foot looks like though.

Whatever you choose to do, for a memorable stag night, weekend, keep the boys out the bars!

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Good luck!