Full Throttle Stag Dos

We were horrified when the news broke that Jordan, aka Katie Price, had bought an awesome Bugatti Veyron and was then committing the ultimate insult to the hypercar by have it pinked up, inside and out.

It might be your Top Gear wet dream to own one of those babies (the car, not Jordan!) or even drive one, but let’s be honest, you’d never get too fast and too furious for fear of dinking it.

If you’re the type that cringes if the bus pulls too closely into the lane next to you, then our stag do driving activities are a great way for you to not only build up your driving confidence, but jump into a vehicle that is actually specially designed to be thrown around.

Forget the supercar raceday, your stag do needs to be full throttle, off road rally driving. Throw a real car into corners, handbrake all the turns, blast through the water, but always take the advice of your pre-race tuition expert and for heaven’s sake remember you’re not in that car on the way home.

If you want to feel a bit more meat around you, let your stag party go to the four-wheel drive extreme and get all Arnie’d, Willis’d and Statham’d up in a titanic Hummer. This activity is based in Prague and even has a sexy female instructor – Hasta la vista, baby.

Maybe you’re feeling more Super Mario than Super Driving Hero, but there’s nothing downscale about the adrenalin rush of the Mini car racing on a specially designed course, or the bouncing all terrain Quad Bike challenges. Our Race Kart venues are so popular that there are loads of venues around the country.

And if you’ve never tried Rally Karts, Rage or Dirt Buggies put it on your list now. The Stig will have nothing on you once you’ve lost your inhibitions, found your accelerator pedal and discovered that the whites go right around your eyes.

Not that we want to be breeding any road rage monsters, but just to wickedly drive you completely insane, your stag party needs to experience the most scary yet perilously slow steering stunt of all – blindfold driving. Your mates become the ultimate back-seat drivers, directing you, extremely vocally, how to navigate a deceptively simple course. Oh, did we mention that they can’t use the instructions ‘left’ or ‘right’.

I know, I know, where do we dream these things up from? That’s stag dos for you.


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