Bank Holiday Stag Weekend

A last minute stag weekend is always a little chaotic, fumbling around looking for things to do in the day, where to stay and what to do at night.

Add in the Bank Holiday element into the equation and you may find yourself up a certain creek without a certain paddle.

So there must be a cure for this unwise situation, and there is book now.

Getting a big stag party of say 20 lads into a hotel last minute is hard enough, without the added pressure of a bank holiday to boot.

So booking early will elevate the pressure and will also give you and the stag party a focus.

If booking through a stag organiser such as DesignaVenture, they will allow and accommodate group sizes dropping up until 5 - 4 weeks before you go so booking early will not leave you out of pocket.

So if you have a location in mind and want to go over a busy bank holiday get your stag weekend booked as soon as you can.

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