Making the Best ‘Man’ of your stag do

The Best Man often has more responsibilities than anyone realises and there’s no slacking off if you want to stay mates with the groom and shine in the eyes of the all-important bride. After all, she will be your passport to future access to your best mate, and maybe the may get involved in the stag do unless you show you can cope with responsibility.

The pressure’s not just on with the speech, rings, getting the groom there at all, it all starts before the actual day as, traditionally, it’s your job to organise the stag do. If we’re putting the fear of God into you before you’ve even entered the church, then don’t panic, we have some great advice to make at least one important task go swimmingly and possibly be something to inspire your Best Man’s speech; the stag night.

Plan ahead
Plan early. This will give you time to organise something properly, get availability and make a real event of it instead of a predictable local bar crawl dressed as babies. It also means that if you need to collect money off people, they and you have time to do this and even save up if need be.

Advanced planning allows you to select a date that suits as many people as possible and they can book it off and look forward to it too. If you’re going abroad, make sure all the passports are up to date and that you order currency if out of Europe.

The best thing is to get your groom and group to submit preferences, clarify budgets and have a little say in things from the outset. You might be coordinator, but you’re Best Man, not Hitler.

Keep in touch
Don’t let things fall down because of poor communication. Don’t rely on Paul to tell Mike, send out an email, facebook, whatever to everyone at every stage so they have everything in writing. Travel dates, venues, locations, times, pick-up points, special arrangements, costs and give deadlines for responses. Send out a complete summary before you go – then there’s no reason for anyone to say they didn’t know and put a spanner in the works.

Be considerate
Take into account that you have a group of people that may all think differently, vary in age, attitude and have different abilities. Dad may want to join in as well as kid brother and it really is possible to have something for everyone.

Planning a variety of activities to accommodate your mixed group and carry you through the day and night will keep the party going but may alienate some. A combo of soft and active water and land sports, followed by a night-time meal and club will embrace most members of the group, yet allow them to sit it out and watch the fun if need be – granddad may not be into rage buggies but might be less shocked at the lap-dancers than you think.

Planning an overnight stag party could be the answer for those unable to make a set day. They can rendezvous with you at some point and still join in, though obviously this may not be viable if you are abroad. And if staying overnight, make sure compatible people are sharing rooms. Snorers not withstanding, a good night’s kip works wonders for happy stag do relations, especially on a two-nighter.

Ease the pressure
One way, of course, to reduce your stress about all this is to look at a reputable stag do company and select their readymade packages. Make sure they are ATOL protected to ensure piece of mind and ask their advice on something to suit your group. They should be able to make up something bespoke if the selections present problems, but they are the experts so use them.


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