Casino Vs Lap Dancing Vs Nightclub Vs Comedy Night

With so many option on what to do on a stag night I thought I would highlight a few popular night time activities.

Casino entry is certainly getting more popular especially when gaining entry into these clubs is usually free and you don't have to wait 24 hours for your membership to come through.

Most good casino's have a couple of roulette tables, poker and more slot machines then you can shake your change at, just don't use all your money you still have a stag to look after.

Lap Dancing has always been popular ever since the 90's boom, most cities have a club and most stag parties plan a trip to one, again just don't spend all your money you still have a stag to look after.

What would a stag night be without a trip to a nightclub where the group can let their hair down and have some good old fashion fun of slamming shots and dancing like baboons.

Comedy is the new rock and roll with comedians now selling out huge arenas like The O2. Although, there is nothing like the intimate club gigs where stag parties can go have a meal and a good laugh. Heckling is optional but not advisable if you don't have the gift of the gob and lets face it most of you wont after a few pints!

Whatever you do on a stag night just remember to keep it memorable.


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