Keep Your Head Whilst On Your Abroad Stag Do

You have just checked into your hotel and the stag party is looking at you, 'the best man', and asking the question; "right what do we do now?"

You are in a new city, a foreign country, you don't recognise any where so you may feel a little out of your depth.

First things first; 'keep your head', advise everyone to congregate in the bar and then you can compose yourself and get people out of your face.

Then, get yourselves on a mini bar crawl around the area you are in, this will help everyone in the group to start recognising the local area their hotel is in.

Alternatively pre book a bar crawl with a guide for your first night, this will then give you a great idea of where the good bars and clubs are and where to keep away from.

Quiz your guide to find out about everything you intend to get up to whilst on your stag weekend, remember she will have first hand knowledge of the city and will know where to party.

A good walk through the city centre will also help you get a hang of the city and there is nothing like sitting in an European Square in the sun having a beer and watching the peaches walk by.

The square is usually is a good meeting point for your stag party as you are likely to loose people to bars and shops.

So to conclude, have a meeting point (a square or a bar), take the boys on a mini bar crawl and then on a walk through the city to the square and finally relax, after all you are on a stag do.


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