Winter Stag Do Activities

With a cold snap around the corner, maybe a quick reminder of what stag do activities can handle winter without breaking stride.

First of all the farmer's favourite, the quad bike, these four wheel drive machines can handle any terrane and as much snow as mother nature can send it's way.

It's not just the versatility of these bikes which make them popular, some can reach speeds of up to 60mph and getting air between terra-firma and the wheels is easily done making them an extreme stag do activity.

To go to the other spectrum of activities are the indoor ones such as karting and paintball. 

Indoor karting are always a good move as the elements cannot disrupt your racing line.

Indoor Paintball is also a fantastic move however, outdoor paintball in the snow, in my mind, is pretty awesome.

No mention of water activities, however if you are made of sterner stuff go white water rafting or gorge walking, the cold water will shake away your hangover and the wet-suite will keep you nice and toastie.  

Rage Buggies and outdoor karts are not fantastic in the extreme wet or snow so I would recommend staying clear and go for something more robust like the Max Cat or 4x4, however can be a bit tame.

If you really want to tackle the snow at full speed head on your next stag do to Riga and have a go at snow mobile or even bobsleigh.

So for more stag do activity ideas head to the DesignaVenture website.


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