What's Happened To The Cheap European Stag Do?

We are in strange times people, Prime Minister Cameron has just made the UK a lodger in the European house and prices are going up left right and centre.

Flight prices on low cost airlines are no longer low cost and a pint of beer that used to cost 80p now costs £4!!

Prague, Tallinn, Bratislava and Riga led the way in the nineties and naughties with cheap accommodation, beer, clubs and food now but they are as expensive as London.

But we shouldn't put everything down to price, Prague and the other cities mentioned are still great stag do destinations, offering fantastic activities and stunning squares to sit in, drink beers and watch the peaches go by (a stag do favourite).

There are emerging cheap European stag destinations including Bulgaria and Slovenia which take on that role of cheap beer and digs, however with European country wannabes I feel stags will need to travel further to get more doe for their buck.

But getting there is still a lot more expensive then it used to be, I would say looking at flight prices for popular dates in 2012 the £60 per person flight is no where to be seen, well unless you go on a Monday.

That's it, go midweek and this will leave you more sponds to spend.

If you need to go weekend then dig deeper or consider a ferry to Holland or stay in the UK, last year we noticed a huge rise in UK stag dos.    


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