Red Carpet Winners For Top Stag Destinations

With the glamorous Oscars spilling out this year’s film awards, we have a few commendations of our own. Not on the film front, but on top stag destinations for all you well-travelled stag dos out there. Who knew that you were so adventurous, using your last days of freedom to explore pastures new around the UK.

If you traditionally think that stag nights are either a choice of a full on weekend in Europe or a stagger around your local clubs and bars, have a look at where stags have really been going, with our survey taken between autumn 2010 – the same period in 2011.

Despite a fantastic destination in Dublin, the Irish like to hop across the sea to sample Scotland’s capital Edinburgh or party in Bristol in the South-West, to be sure.

Conversely the Scots are a little more patriotic and also love Edinburgh, but their second most popular stag do choice is rugged North Wales. They just can’t get enough of those hills can they?

Stag Parties from the North East are taking advantage of their good position to trot down the motorway to have their stag do in Nottingham or up to Edinburgh and some have even taken that extra leap to good old Bristol.

But the North Westerners are following suit with the East Midlands and like to be among the ancient mountains of North Wales.

Stag dos from the East Midlands are mainly homeys but then take it by the antlers and surf on down to the South-West. Where the stag dos from the West Midlands prefer to venture to the southwest or across to the East Midlands.

The Welsh stag dos are loving that toe into England and favour the southwest with a stag do in Bristol being their first choice, easy does it, then take a real gamble to the south coast as their second choice, with their own North Welsh grass of home coming in a surprising third.

Nominations from the South-West stag dos keep their sights firmly at the bottom of the compass with the south coast again popular, as is the south-east, but keeping it real is bustling Bristol at the top of the list.

The same line-up in a different order floats the boat of the South-East stag nighters, this time with Bournemouth plucking the prize. And the Londoners’ plates of meat are taking them to the south-east and west, steady boys.

DesignaVenture’s continental stags are coming from the Netherlands to paddle in our English coastal waters, from France to the south-east, ooh-arrr, and interestingly from Jersey to have a knees-up in London innit.

And the winner is…….the South West all the way! Be it the coast or West Country area, it’s where you stags love to live it up the most.

Take a bow you Scrumpy swilling revellers for winning the top stag destinations bong, it could all change in next year’s pole and keeping the gong can be as hard as winning it.


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