Tech Up Your Stag Do - Part One

Organising The Mother
The best place to start is by getting in contact with a professional stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture. They will have the contacts, get you into the best clubs and fix you up with good quality, stag friendly accommodation.

Communication = Success
Once you have the dates and stag weekend sorted, you then need to get the word out and these days with so many free platforms at your finger tips you'd be a fool not to use them.

Create a Facebook page advertising the stag weekend, twitter the details, use your smart phone and email everyone the itinerary, create a Paypal account for people to drop money into. If you want to keep it a secret you can do all this hidden behind a username and password, away from prying eyes.

Use file sharing websites such as or DropBox. Here you can store all the stag do arrangements and information files which then, can be easily accessed by only your stag group, providing they have the user name and password. 

You can then use these mediums to share photos and videos after the stag do, without allowing the world and youtube in.

It's Not The Weather, It's Your Clothing
If your stag do is in the UK, let’s be honest we are not blessed with 365 days of brilliant sunshine, some years we are not even blessed with 365 minutes!!

So, there is an old useful army saying, “it’s not the weather, it’s your clothing”. And what this basically means; if you get wet or cold you are having a wardrobe malfunction!

These days outdoor clothing has become very high tech, using Nano technologies and computer designs to create amazing outdoor clothing. This modern clothing can keep you warm, cool or dry whilst allowing your body to breathe and not get smelly, unlike the cagoule's of the past.

Companies such as North Face, Salomon and Mountain Equipment not only does all these things but also looks good on, which let’s face it when on a stag do is highly important, unless the dress code states; "come as Gimps".


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