Meet My Old Friend, The Simple Kart

One thing is for sure, the kart in whatever form you choose is an extremely popular activity to include whilst on your stag do.
The Indoor Kart is possibly the most useful when the weather is bad or the stag is allergic to daylight.
You can get loads if not all of the stag party on the track at once alleviating waiting around for your turn.
All the indoor karting sites we deal with all have karts with onboard computers giving you read outs on fastest laps, the most laps and the winning kart.
You then have the Rally Karts, these have roll cages, big tyres and are usually raced on mud circuits. The speeds of these karts are in excess of 30 mph and you can race them head to head on most circuits in the UK.
Then you have the daddy of all outdoor karts, the most popular sought after karting activity, the Rage Buggy (pictured above). 
These babies can hit 60mph and the acceleration will exfoliate the skin on your face a win win situation.
Stags love the rage buggies so book early for busy Saturdays (March to October).
So if you are looking for a fantastic stag activity the humble kart should always be on your list.


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