Best Men - Do Your Best!

If the JLS stag do arranged by Oristse is anything to go by, then best men, you have something to live up to.

First of all the stag party arrived into Las Vegas where Marvin Hume was handcuffed to a Dwarf called 5 Cent.

They then moved on to Miami where they took a yacht out with bikini clad women and then hit the clubs of Miami in true stag do style.

Now, obviously the JLS boys have a totally different budget to any normal stag party however, budget a side there was a lot of thought gone into this epic stag do.

They had a sports bag stuffed with pranks; funny t-shirts and other stuff to further embarrass the stag.

So Best Men of the world, don't think booking the hotel and a nightclub is enough, put some more thought into the whole process, as this is his last few days as a free man.

Find out what the 'groom to be' likes and what he doesn't like, use this information to your advantage.

Obviously a stag do prank or two is always a good idea and will make the lads laugh into their WKD's.

Don't forget to do something nice for him, something he will enjoy, a memory he can take with him into his married life.

I had sent to my room a roly poly stripper which was more of a stag do prank then a happy memory however it still makes me chuckle when I wouldn't let her in!!

Some best men arrange it so the stag party pays for the whole or part of the stags weekend, or they all put money in to buy him something special, like a tandem skydive or a special fancy dress costume (mind you that could come under a stag do prank).

Whatever you do, don't let your stag down, live up to your name and be the Best Man.


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