A Holiday Makes You Feel Happier

NEWS FLASH, NEWS FLASH.... materialism doesn't make you happy, well it does make you happy but only for a short period of time, apparently only 1 - 2 hours.

You go to the shop and buy the new Ipad or a brand new smart phone, you come home play with it for a hour or two and then get a little bored. These are great gadgets however the happiness is short lived.

Now, a holiday or a short break with friends on the other hand lasts for days if not weeks increasing your happiness tenfold and you dine out on the memories for weeks, keeping you chirpy for months.

This is why us Brits love a holiday, we are not stupid, we know what makes us happy and the more holidays and short breaks we can cram into our yearly schedule the better.

So any excuse to have a holiday we take it, and there is no better excuse then a stag do with all your mates and acquaintances.

Don't just go down the pub make a weekend of it!

It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, you can get a stag weekend away with a daytime activity or two for less than a hundred knicker.

Then, once you paid for transport, drinks and food you are still under the price you would expect to pay for an expensive gadget.

Stag activities are amazing fun and having a go at a new experience such as Coasteering, racing Rage Buggies or playing paintball again makes you even happier, so it's a win win situation.

So the next time you see a gadget on the TV and think 'I would love that', put it up against a stag weekend and I bet you would prefer to go on a stag do.


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