Is Golf a Good Stag Activity?

Golf in my opinion will split your group, depending on who is in your stag party, Golf is not always a great stag activity.

Let's just say the Jury's out.

Some groups embrace the sport and others find that only a low portion of the group will turn up.

There are some fantastic golf courses in the UK with prices over the weekend is on the decline. Also these days and most golf courses don't even ask for everyone to have a handicap.

It's a great activity to do as it's not too strenuous, the boys can go round in groups of four chat laugh and generally have a great day.

However, it's also an extremely hard and frustrating sport (talking from experience) and if you have never played before and never really fancied it, there is a chance you would not want to pay for it no matter how much you love your mate.

So if your group is made up of like minded individuals who don't mind picking up golf clubs from time to time and taking a swing, golf is a great stag do activity.

However if your group is made up of a mixture of golfers and non golfer prepare for drop outs.

Booking through a stag company like DesignaVenture if the groom definitely wants to play golf either book it for the Sunday or give the party golf and non golf options / prices - this stops people from using the golf as an excuse not to come.


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