Make The Most Of The Weather On Your Stag Do

Summer really should be sunny, blue skies and BBQ’s in the back garden however, we do live in the UK and not Australia.
So even though the sky may be cloudy and you have just got soaked going to the local, maybe we should take advantage of this wet weather by doing some fantastic stag activities.
After all, white water rafting would be boring without loads of rain, no frothing rivers and raging rapids just a slow moving stream not big enough for poo sticks let alone a raft full of hung over men!
Then you have Canyoning, without a decent amount of rain there would be no waterfalls to walk behind or deep pools to jump into making it a walk rather then an adventure!
Quad biking on a dry and dusty tracks can be a bit tame, you need mud, steams, land slides and a slippery surface to make things a little more interesting.
So even though the weather may be wet take advantage of it, and do some amazing activities on your next stag do.
Any by the way, pack a macs are still not trendy.


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