The Perfect Stag Do

OK everyone is different and have their own opinion of a perfect stag do, however after booking so many stag dos and attending loads with my mates I wouldn't mind putting down the perfect stag do in the UK.

Now this isn't the most expensive stag do money can buy and would include linking champagne off C list celebrities as that isn't realistic.

It's about putting down a theme that most stag parties like to take in order to send their mate off in style.

First things first, staying in a good hotel has many benefits including a late bar, a big buffet breakfast and a comfy bed, so a 3 to 4 star hotel centrally located is my ideal accommodation.

Lap dancing on the first night starts the weekend off with a bang and gives the stag a real treat right at the start of the weekend.

After breakfast and plenty of coffee get picked up by minibus to take us to an activity site which has Rage Buggies and Paintball on the same site. Rage Buggies for the adrenalin and paintball for the competition and to get the boys more bonded then a tube of no nails.

Minibus back to the hotel to get ready for the comedy club and then moving onto a nightclub.

Now there is no new formula or ground breaking ideas here however, it's a tried and tested weekend where people will come back off the stag weekend buzzing.

Alternatively there's always Vegas!


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