Flying Tomatoes

Situated 40 minutes (38km) from the popular stag do destination of Valencia lies a clean and sleepy village of Bunol.

The last Wednesday of August every year sees a festival like no other. 

Tens of thousands of people fill the streets waiting for loads of trucks to dump their load of tomatoes on them.

So if you are looking for a unique stag weekend, well a unique stag midweek, this is the place to come. 

Once the tomatoes have been dumped it’s everyman for himself the only rules are to squish the tomato before throwing and no ripping of other people’s clothing (which is generally ignored).

After an hour the huge tomato fight ends with the council wanting to clean up the streets so they start firing huge water canons, so your best bet is to get yourselves down to the river for a wash.

This festival does seem bonkers however apparently the acid from the tomatoes cleans the streets, once it’s washed down the drains that is, so there is method to this madness!

So if you are looking for something totally unique to do on your stag do, you would have to go a pretty long way to beat this mad festival.

And no animals were injured, which is always a bonus.


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