Bournemouth, Is It THE Stag Destination of 2012?

I am currently residing in a hotel in Bournemouth investigating why our stag and hens love Bournemouth so much.

It’s now the 01st September, the beaches are still packed with holiday makers enjoying 21 degrees and a vibrant atmosphere.

Why is this beach side town still packed with holidaymakers from around the UK and beyond?

Well the airshow is in town and it’s free to watch, the weather is hot and the Bournemouth Council knows how to throw a party.

The airshow features the Red Arrows doing 20 minutes of what can only be described as acrobatics in jets, this was a surprising element to my trip as I didn’t know the airshow over the beach was going on, so I took a picture.

I also didn’t know that in July and August every Friday night there is a huge firework display over the Pier and again it’s free!

Now if you are on or about to go on a stag weekend to Bournemouth you will be pleased to know that the nightlife is phenomenal, loads of great restaurants serving tasty dishes, buzzing bars, banging clubs playing music all night long, well until 4am that is and an atmosphere that rivals any great stag destination worldwide and I’ve been to a few.

In the day if you don’t fancy the beach Bournemouth has a humongous amount of stag activities, from racing Rage Buggies to power boating, from thrashing around on quad bikes to the zany It’s aknockout.

Bournemouth beach however is fantastic place for a game of Cricket, football, Frisbee or just a gentle beer catching up with all your old mates. The beach is extremely sandy, the sea is crystal clear and clean and the beachlife is young and vibrant.

Maybe the sun has gone to my head or the beer, but I would totally recommend Bournemouth as the best stag destination of 2012.

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong booking your stag weekend to Bournemouth.


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