Your Stag Do Plan For 2013

Can you believe, that in 3 months time it will be Christmas? 
After someone has used smelling salts to aid you back to consciousness, lets talk about a very important element of  2013, your stag do.
In 2013, Brits are changing the way they celebrate their stag dos, no longer drinking all day is an adequate or even suitable solution (apologies for all the corporate talk, I have just had a meeting).
Obviously, celebrating with beverages will be part of the stag weekend however adrenalin and competition should also be a contributing factor.
Whether it’s jumping from 60-foot ledges into the sea whilst Coasteering in Newquay or hurtling down an Olympic iced track, at 80mph in a bobsleigh on your stag do to Riga, maximum adrenalin for your group will keep them buzzing for weeks.
Alternatively, there is no better place for a bit of competitive action then when you are on a stag do, be it Archery, Paintball, Karting or 5 a side football, you have enough people to make it an amazing competition.
Booking just accommodation for a 2013 stag do is not the best way to celebrate, book some activities which includes either adrenalin or competition or even better; both, you will have yourself a right up to the minute, trending busting, hashtag stag do.


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