Bond Like Brothers On Your Stag Do

Man jumping off a cliff into deep water
Most stag parties are made up of friends and family who may not know each other.

So, in order to get your group jelled you will need some cracking stag do ideas and an experience which will put everyone on a level playing field, something, that will take people out of their comfort zones.

Two amazing stag do ideas which embrace’s this view are Coasteering and Canyoning.

Coasteering is when you explore a rocky coastline jumping off ledges into deep pools, climbing and traversing rock faces and generally having a ball.

Start on a sandy beach and explore the rocky coast gradually making your way up to some pretty impressive heights, and there's only one way down!

Canyoning is very similar however, you will be exploring a gorge / canyon rather then the shoreline.

The exploration of a gorge can include caves, waterfalls and a bit of swimming.

Man jumping into a deep pool whilst canyoning
You don't have to worry about buying in special equipment or clothing, all this will be provided*.

All you need is a pair of trainers you don't mind getting wet, something to wear under your wetsuit (provided) and balls of steel!

The instructors will there to guide you, keep you safe and to generally make sure you get the best out of the activity.

Coasteering sites are obviously on the coast and can be booked whilst on a stag weekend in Newquay, Bournemouth, Cardiff or Swansea.

Canyoning is available in North and South Wales, Scotland and Northern England, there may be other locations available in the UK I haven’t mentioned, I am not perfect.

In my mind, there is nothing like sharing an adventure with your mates to create a special bond which will last all the way through the stag weekend and beyond.

*Most of DesignaVenture's canyoning and gorge walking experiences include:

  • Wetsuit
  • Buoyancy Aid (life jacket)
  • Helmet


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