Stag Do Ideas For Older Men

Whether you are on your second or even third stag do, or was just too wild in your early days to get married, I am hoping this blog will help you out with stag do ideas for the older gentleman.

Age is a funny old thing and that cliche 'you are only as old as you feel' is so true, it's a mind thing. So whether you are knocking on the door of your forties or fifties you should be looking at all the stag packages on offer, regardless of what's involved and see if you fancy it or not.

That's the great thing about becoming wise, peer pressure is like water on a ducks back.

So, first things first, make sure you book decent accommodation, 3 or 4 star hotels are best with a full English included you cannot go wrong, just because you are on a stag do, doesn't mean you have to slum it.

Even though you will probably go clubbing, make sure you have organised a good place to eat on one of the nights, there is nothing like sitting down with your mates and having a good old catch up. 

We are finding older men prefer to outdoor activities such as Gorge Walking also known as Canyoning.

This fantastic activity keeps the stag group together whilst scrambling up a gorge, walking behind waterfalls, jumping off high ledges and traversing rock faces.

If the stag group is made up of golfers, golfing in the UK or abroad may also be an option however, you may find that you have been on a few golfing holidays and may prefer something a little different.

Whiskey tasting in Edinburgh, Cider tasting in Bristol or even beer tasting in Amsterdam, all comes with a tour of the distillery / brewery and makes a great day out for the seasoned drinker!

A day at the races is always a winner (hopefully), book a box and make it a very special day, maybe sponsor a race in the stags honour!

There are simply loads of stag do ideas out there for the older gentleman, too many to mention but you cannot go wrong with having a chinwag with the old stick and ask him what he has in mind.


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