Stag Do! HELP! What Next?

You have just been asked to be best man at your best mates wedding and the first thing you say is "what are we going to do for the stag do?"

So, what are you going to do for your stag do?

Is it a UK destination with loads of activities?

Eastern Europe for cheap booze?

Or is it sun, sea and sangria in one of the Med's lively resorts?

Whatever choice you make, here are a few tips and ideas to make the whole event run smoother then a pint of the black stuff:

  •  Talk to the people the groom wants to come and try and be as accommodating to everyone's tastes as possible. On the contrary, don't let any one's opinion rule the decision, make an executive decision yourself from everyone's feedback, afterall you are the best man.
  •  Following on from the first point, try not to price anyone off the stag do, we all have a budget. If you do over price the stag weekend it might end up just you and the stag going.
  •  Try your very best to do something in the day to keep the boys out of the pub, otherwise you will have peakers by 4pm, and it will be messy.
  • Be flexible, if some people can only make part of the stag do that's fine, give them the option,  they may be having trouble getting time off or raising all of the funds.
  •  Whilst on the stag weekend have a Kitty, there is not enough emphasis on the stag do Kitty, it's a great idea, it keeps everyone together and no one spends more then they have to.
  • Before you go on your mammoth stag do, make sure everyone has an electronic version of the itinerary and accommodation details. Or if you are in a strange city get people to take a hotel card from reception, at least then they will know how to get back to their bed at night!
  • At DesignaVenture, we send out with every stag do booked, an 'Essential Travel Pack', in the post and by email. We then reccommend all our customers to forward that email to everyone in the group, that way, everyone has the same amount of information you have. You can then sit back, relax, and have a fantastic stress free stag weekend.
Good luck....


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