10 Ways To Avoid The Stag Do Stresses

The stag do stresses is a medical term made up by DesignaVenture, it’s about the strain put on every best man when arranging the main part of his Best Man role, the stag do.

We have put together 10 ways of avoiding the stag do stresses, and if you follow these tips your stag do will be sweeter then a Candy Floss mixture.

Number 1 – Organisation
The more organised you can be from the very start of organising the stag weekend, the easier life will be. If you can use a PC, make a spreadsheet of who is coming and their contact details and a space for notes by their name.

Number 2 – Everyone’s Oar
Speak to everyone going on the weekend about stag do ideas however, try not to get influenced by anyone in the group other than the groom, after all it is his stag do. On the other hand use a bit of common, make sure he doesn’t get carried away with things.

Number 3 – Make The Decision
At the end of the day, it gets dark! You have been given the job of the Best Man, so live up to the job, be authoritative and assertive, make the decisions and move on, you are the director of the stag do.

Number 4 – Be Social
I know it’s a bit of work but try and set up an online page where people can log on and see what’s going on. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is a great place to start and you can always password protect it. 

Alternatively if you book through DesignaVenture, there is a members area where you can view the booking, make payment etc.

Number 5 – Some Effort Is Needed
Some people may not be able to make the whole stag weekend, and can just do the Saturday night or the daytime activities, don’t brush them away because it’s too much hard work. Work with them, as they are entitled to celebrate with the Groom, as and when they can. If you book through DesignaVenture where possible the whole stag do package can be priced piece by piece, making your life a lot easier.

Number 6 – Money Matter
Do not pay for people if you do not know or trust them. If they haven’t got the money when you need it, add them on at a later date when they do have the money. It’s not up to you to fund the whole stag event.

Number 7 – The Stag Kitty
Everyone’s arrived in the hotel bar all revved up and wanting to get on it, but wait, who’s round is it? Easy, get everyone to put in £20 into the stag kitty at a time, making the "who’s round is it?" arguments are a thing of the past.

Number 8 – Know Where You Live
Before leaving the hotel, make sure everyone knows which hotel they are staying in and get them to take a card from reception. That way, if they do peak too soon and they need their bed, they know where to go.

Number 9 – Keep Stock Of Things
Try and keep your stag do in tact, if you see members of the group peaking, head to the fried chicken bar and get them food and water, they will appreciate your good deed in the morning.

Number 10 – And Finally
Enjoy it! It won’t be a normal weekend for you as you organised it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, so chill and enjoy. Try and organise as much as you can before you get to your stag do destination, giving you more time on the break to relax and have a laugh.

Booking with a stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture will make life a lot simpler. On their website you can find the sign in section, piece by piece pricing and loads of stag do ideas and tips.

Good luck.


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