Unusual Stag Do Ideas

Unusual stag do ideas; from the extreme to the dam right funny, stag parties love a good old jape.

Below I have compiled some unusual and unique stag do ideas, not in any specific order:

Trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, this isn’t any old stag do idea, this is the one for the non drinking stag who wants to put a challenge between himself and his wedding. 

It will be the best, BEST MAN story in the world and if you get sponsored for charity, your new in-laws are going to love you.

A bit more sedate now, but only slightly – Shark Fishing! Get on a boat and catch the feistiest fish in the seas. You will have to put them back; however the memory of the fight you had to put in to lad the bugger is enough of a trophy.

The next unusual stag do idea is to do with Zombies, this won’t be unusual for long so you best hurry up and try it out before know it all Alan has a go.

With the use of pistols and hand guns (not with live rounds) you have to fight your way through a scenario without becoming a zombie meal, all those games on the X Box will now come alive and scare the living daylights out of you.

Now for something totally different, Dragon Boat Racing in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes is the Daddy to the unusual stag do idea, which include ski-ing, tobogganing or snowboarding in the indoor snow dome, indoor skydiving, spy games and Dragon Boat Racing.

The Dragon Boats are raced on a man made lake just outside Milton Keynes, you need at least 10 people for the races to commence.

It’s not all about brawn as a bit of muscle power will help but it isn’t the key. Finding the motion of the ocean will get you speed and a winning medal, oh and make sure tubs sits on the other boat.

Keeping with water-based activities have you ever considered Hiring a Yacht and Skipper and sailing to the Isle of Wight?

This is another stag do idea which is totally brilliant, you can get involved as much or as little as you like and the Isle of Wight for a night out is fantastic, relaxed, lively and something totally different.


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