Prague or Bratislava for my Stag Do?

That is a perfectly good question , “Prague or Bratislava for my stag do?”.

Lets start with a quick geography lesson.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovak Republic and Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. These two countries used to be joined in a mutual matrimony in a huge country called Czechoslovakia.  

On the 01st January 1993 the two countries decided to split into two, in a peaceful dissolution creating two amazing countries and two incredible capitals and funny enough, both top stag destinations.

Right now the Geography lesson is over let’s get down to business.

Bratislava is a fantastic city to go out in, making it a stag do must. It has a young crowd full of students and graduates, creating a friendly and lively atmosphere.

Most of the clubs and bars in Bratislava centre are all within easy walking distance of each other and the ladies, oh the ladies…..

Obviously you will be window shopping (not like Amsterdam, that is), as you will all have wags at home, but it still makes a stag do, when you're surrounded by beautiful women!

I am not being a bit of a lad here, I have been to Bratislava and Prague and they both have an extremely high ratio of amazingly beautiful women, fact.

The difference I found between the both cities is Prague has a more liberal view when it comes to lap dancing clubs. The other difference is Prague’s City Centre is much bigger.

Prague by night is centred around the picturesque old town and Wenceslas Square. You will find loads of banging bars and clubs with a friendly and lively atmosphere. 

In both capital cities you will find an array of fantastic and unique stag activities including; shooting real guns (pistols, machine guns and AK-47’s), Bobsleighing, karting, rafting, Absinth Nights, Naked Mud 
Wrestling (two women and maybe the stag not the whole stag party) and other classics such as paintball and quad biking etc.

In all of DesignaVenture’s abroad stag destinations we always recommend you have a guided bar crawl on your first night, this is also the case for Prague and Bratislava.

Even though you can walk around both cities at night quite easily, it’s always best to have a guide or two. They will take you around all the best bars and clubs on your first night, this will help you get your bearings for the rest of the stag weekend – it works a treat.

So if you are looking for an answer on which destination you should you choose between Prague and Bratislava, unfortunately like Switzerland, I am staying neutral.

Having been to both destinations on different stag dos they are both absolutely brilliant stag destinations.


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