It’s a knockout – Bizarrely Brilliant

It’s a knockout in the 70’s and 80’s was a huge TV hit which even grabbed the attention of the Royal Family, creating a couple of spin off TV shows called It’s a Royal Knockout.

So what the heck has this got to do with my stag do?

Alright keep your knickers on I'm just about to tell you! If you need a bizarrely brilliant stag activity which will involve the whole of the stag group, It’s a knockout is the perfect choice.

On Saturdays throughout the summer in Bristol, Bournemouth, London and Nottingham, hen and stag parties congregate to compete against each other.

What to expect:

Foam, inflatables, water and loads of laughing, don’t take it too seriously as you will only look a right ninny.

There’s a compare to keep you up to date with scores and all the costumes are included, you just need to wear clothing and trainers you don’t mind getting wet.

So is this a kind of school sports day for adults?

Yes possibly, except there will be a lot less swearing and spitting.

In all seriousness It’s a knockout is a totally unique stag activity and embraces the fun factor of loosing your inhibitions and having a right laugh with your mates.

Top activities include;

Fools Gold
Using live Cannon Balls fired from live cannons, giant pirate costumes and fishing nets, this It’s a knockout activity is superb.

Slippery Summit
Climb an inflatable mountain with the aid of a rope, competing against the other team, it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have a load of soap, water and foam added into the mix.

Wacky Waiters
One of your team members will be dressed as a giant waiter, the rest of the team need to fill his tray with food using giant knives and forks before he sets off to his customers table, it’s back to the kitchen if the food drops on the floor.

Penguin Pursuit
Another fantastic fancy dressed It’s a knockout activity which involves eliminating the penguin in front by catching them up, the winner will go into the final in a sumo style, penguin off!

So for a growing popular hen and stag do alike activity choose it’s a knockout. 

You can find the It's a knockout details on our website here.


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