Joint Stag and Hen Do… For better or worse?

Joint Hen and Stag weekends, a SHAG or a STEN Do is growing ever more popular between couples. 

But is this a great bonding event or a very bad idea?

First of all before you decide on having a joint hen and stag do consider the reasons behind why.

Is it because you want to celebrate together? 

Would you both prefer a more relaxed pre-wedding celebration? 

Is it to save money (especially if travelling abroad)? 

Or are there underlying issues such as trust and jealousy (questions will be asked)?

All this should be taken into account before booking anything, after all, this should be an event you should both enjoy with the memories lasting for the rest of your lives.

Having a joint hen and stag do is a great idea for couples with mutual friends or friends of both sexes. 

Plus it's a great way for meeting partners of those in the wedding party who may feel uncomfortable in not knowing anyone on the night out or weekend away, if you had separate hen and stag dos.

Then you have friends who may be opposed to the idea.

They might see your separate stag or hen do as a chance to have a night with their mates without the other half. Plus, they may not be able to let their hair down with their partner in the same place, which is a pain when you want everyone to enjoy the celebration with you.

Another reason your friends may not be on board is they may see the tradition of the last night of freedom as quality time during your last days of ‘singledom’. It’s a chance to celebrate with your closest mates and enjoy the naughty ‘but harmless’ antics the night may bring.

If you do choose to share your last days of freedom, make sure the Maid of Honour and the Best Man are on board as most of the planning will be down to them. Disagreements between the best man and the chief bridesmaids will not be keeping up with tradition, they should be really getting on if you know what I mean!

Back to the shag weekend, keep some separation, maybe split the weekend? Bonding with your pals one night, then a verses session with the other halves the following evening.

For example night on the tiles followed by bowling Hens vs. Stags the next night. Or organise separate activities during the day for both parties, like a spa day for the girls and an adrenaline day for the guys, before meeting up in the evening for a meal and drinks. 
Of course a bit of friendly competition never hurts. Planning a fun activity such as paintballing, it's a knockout or karting for both parties to attend is also a great ideas, making it the Hens vs. Stags will only end in laughter. 

Setting boundaries before the big celebration can be a godsend in preventing getting wires crossed and causing upset. With the guys enjoying the manly banter and the girls giggling and dancing the night away, having rules in place for the evening can prevent the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head, especially when the stripper/s arrive!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate together without getting under each other’s feet.  And again remember no matter what you decide to do, just make sure the both of you enjoy yourselves, and remember the night for all the right reasons. 


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