Stag Do Advice, Intercepting A Stag Do

A stag do can last anything from 1 day all up to a whole week or even longer, on average though most celebrations are for one or two nights.
What happens if you cannot make the whole event?
The following stag do advice is for people who may may not be able to attend the whole event, they may have other commitments or financially can't do the whole stag do.

My biggest advice to you is to always try and intercept the stag do on the first night.

Usually the first night is the best night, everyone is buzzing, excited to get away, meeting up with the old crowd from Uni or home and this is the ingredient for a fantastic atmosphere and night.

You then have the option to join the activities on the Saturday (if any are booked) and then depart on the Saturday afternoon / evening.

Everyone thinks the Saturday night is the big one, but let me assure you after being on quite a few stag dos the first night is always the most eventful, the second night can be a bit more subdued, especially for the older stag parties!

If you can only manage 1 night on a stag weekend another nugget of advice is to try and book into the same hotel. If you book with DesignaVenture we usually have the flexibility to to be able to cut up the stag package booked, so people can add on to whatever part of the event they like.*
Why stay in the same hotel?
Staying in the same hotel will stop you from feeling alienated from the group. If you stay in a different hotel you will feel separated and may miss out on some funny stag do pranks and japes.

If there are activities booked try and make the at least one of them, this is where the stag party bonds and where the stories will happen, the sober ones anyway and let's face it these are the more memorable.

Lastly, don't feel ashamed or too proud to ask the best man or stag do organsier to join part of the stag do, in my mind if you have been invited and you are able to only attend part of the celebration, turning up is much better than not turning up at all.

*Some hotels may require a minimum of a 2 night stay / some activities sites may require a minimum group size


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