5 Stag Do Activity Ideas

We all know that a stag do without a daytime activity can be lethal, especially if there's a day to kill and nowhere to go, except the pub that is and drinking too much can turn a stag night into a stag nightmare.

So I have put together 5 cracking stag do activity ideas, for loads more stag activities and ideas browse here.

Adventure - Coasteering or Canyoning
Man Jumping Off A Cliff Into the Sea - Coasteering
If adrenalin fuelled activities are high up on the stag do activities list then you cannot go wrong with Coasteering or Canyoning.

Jumping off high ledges into deep pools whether they are filled with sea (Coasteering) or fresh water (Canyoning) you cannot get away from the fact that these two activities are pretty awesome.

You don't have to worry about getting any specialised equipment as the beauty about booking your activity through a company such as DesignaVenture is we include the specialised equipment you just need to bring along with you swimwear, trainers (you don't mind getting wet) and balls of steel.

Quirky - West Country Games
A chance to have a real laugh whilst taking part in the quirky West Country Games.

Get your stag party involved in a Pitchfork Duel, Welly Wanging, Wurzel Knockout, Tractor Tyre Rolling and so much more West Country action, they even have a cider run!

stag group in a cardboard boatIf your stag loves Total Wipe Out then this stag do activity is definitely up his alley.

Totally Bonkers - Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bathtub Kart Racing & Banana Boat Ride
Making a boat out of cardboard and then racing it across a lake just sounds like an amazing Top Gear challenge, well it's not it's a stag do challenge and it's becoming amazingly popular.

You are given your tools (cardboard and duct tape) and it's then down to your team to create a racing vessel which can cope with speed and your weight, I use the term speed, very loosely.

Also included in this crazy activity session is Bathtub Kart racing which is exactly that, karts made out of bathtubs racing each other around a race track and then to finish this madcap day a trip round the lake on a huge inflatable banana, what else!

Full On Motorised - Rage Buggies
There is nothing better than to get together with the lads and race karts, and there is no better kart than the Rage Buggy.

600cc's of pure power, this Honda engined monster can hit 60mph and is tough and agile enough to wrap it round corners at full pelt.

Rage Buggy racing is one of DesignaVenture's biggest sellers and will feed any petrol head's addiction to speed.

Relaxing - Golf
One thing is for sure golf is a little like Marmite and can split groups so before you book this activity just make sure everyone in the stag group is happy with playing golf, otherwise your group size may dwindle.

Personally I love a game of golf and catching up with old friends on the golf course is great for the soul.

As you're on a stag do why not loaf a little and get buggies, well you don't want to knacker yourself out for the night ahead!

Whatever you do my advice is to do something, give the stag a memory he can take into his married life.


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