A Stag Do in a Nutshell

A Sign Saying Caution Marriage AheadFirst of all, what is a stag do?

Well that’s a perfectly good question… if you’re from Mozambique.

In the UK we all know that as a man before you get married you get a chance to say a fond farewell to all your mates. It’s not because you are not going to see them again but you kind of know that things are never going to be the same again.

In other words next step, Fatherhood.

In this very modern world there will be loads of exceptions and maybe this is an old fashioned explanation, because in the old days you didn’t live with your wife until you got married, so the next step after getting married really was fatherhood and family life.

These days a lot of couples live together before they get married and some have children, so getting hitched won’t actually change many things, but this still doesn’t mean you can’t have a stag do, oh no.

Stag Dos are a way of celebrating with your old and new chums and is really part of the whole wedding.

So a stag do in my mind is now part of the wedding and should not really be referred to as a pre wedding event. Just like when you go for suit fittings, reading of bans and the actual rehearsal, the stag do is part of the wedding.

Whether you go for a drink down the local boozer, hire a house in the middle of nowhere, go to Las Vegas for a week or go on an adventure stag weekend you still have that ancestral need to celebrate with your mates before getting married, just like your dad did, and his dad and his dad and so on.

And by the way, a stag do dates back way, way before hen parties jumped on the band wagon and started celebrating.

Stag party drinking slammersApparently in 5 BC the ancient Spartans believed to have a dinner in the Grooms honour, making toasts on his behalf. I think I read somewhere that Vikings would celebrate the night before the wedding day with a meal and a barrel of grog, I bet that was some night!

Even Henry VIII had a few stag nights (after all, he did get married 6 times) and if you turned down his invitation to the stag do he would knock your block off (literally).

I don’t think he would have enjoyed a stag prank, unless they were on one of the stag party members, it would have been quite a tense night with the worry of getting too drunk and finding yourself in the gallows in the morning after telling him what a git he was.

These days people talk about having the best stag do, better than the last, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s good to evolve and a little competition doesn’t hurt anyone.

I believe a stag do should be something for the groom to enjoy and not dread, a break away from your hometown to enjoy a sense of freedom with all his best mates.

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