Stag Do Ideas For January

Man in snow

Looking for stag do ideas for January?

Wow, well firstly ouch, just after Christmas, the boys are going to be skint!

With this in mind DesignaVenture has a cracking stag do in Reading which is such great value for money; the Bank of England have been in touch asking us how we've done it.

This rocking stag night in Reading for a mere £89 per person* includes:
  • 1 Night in a city centre 4 star hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Paintball which includes 100 rounds
  • Hovercrafts
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Guest List Nightclub Entry
Now that's value for money people!

What about indoor activities, staying inside in January is always a good idea.
If the stag has demanded real snow then a trip to Milton Keynes could be your safest and cheapest bet.

Milton Keynes is not only an extremely modern town / city it has loads of indoor activities including ski-ing, snowboarding and tobogganing.

There is also indoor skydiving on offer but book early because I expect lots of people would of received a voucher for Christmas and will be keen to get on and cash it in.

Indoor karting is also a good shout, with sites all over the UK, it's a fantastic activity which can involve the whole stag party racing all at the same time.

There are also a few indoor paintball sites, including one fantastic one in Manchester. Indoor paintball may not suit the height of summer, but in January it's a good call. 

The Stag Wants To Get Dirty

Easy boys there are loads of lap dancing clubs in the UK, oh you mean dirty as in muddy, I gotcha.

Well quad biking is by far the best machines to rip around fields, woods and circuits racing your buddies and and getting totally caked in mud, after all the majority of UK Farmers can't be wrong, they use them to find lost sheep up mountains!

I want the stag to freeze!
We have had quite a few stag parties going all out and booking white water rafting or gorge scrambling in January. Even though the air temperature on average is about 3 degrees the water will feel even colder but these type of activities will make you a man! You will be provided with wet suits so once the initial shock is over you can get on and enjoy without freezing your nads off.

We want to party like it's 1999 (Thanks Prince, you the man)
Even though over Christmas you have drunk enough to kill an African Elephant, this is, after all a stag do, so looking for somewhere lively could be a little tricky. My advice is head for the big cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh or London. All these cities should be busy all year round and if you really want a busy weekend try and book the last weekend in January when everyone has been paid.

*Price correct at time of this post - 26th September 2013.


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