The Finishing Touches To A Stag Do

You have booked your stag do, everything is paid up and you are almost on your way, but wait:

What happens now?
A Hand Written On With The Words Help

What do I do next?

How is everyone going to know what to do and where to go?

How do I make sure everyone on the stag do knows what’s going on?

Why am I asking so many questions?

Calm down - don’t worry, this little post will help you sail through your anxieties and get you on your way to a memorable, successful and almost stress free stag do.

First Of All Communication Is King
As chief stag do organiser, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone on the stag do is aware of important information such as; hotel security bonds (if applicable), activity restrictions, age restrictions, timings etc.

Booking through a stag do company such as DesignaVenture has many positives, including getting a detailed travel pack emailed to you once you have finalised numbers and paid in full.

This travel pack (at DesignaVenture we call it an Essential Travel Pack) includes all the above information and much, much more.

You can then simply forward that email to every member of the stag group taking the emphasis off of you. 

Stag Do Nerds Watching A Lap DancerNo one can then turn around to you on the quad biking site and say “you never told me I can’t wear my white stilettos on this activity!”

If you have booked independently make sure you pass on key information on to the stag group.

No one likes a nasty surprise, so before your group goes on the stag do make sure they know: meeting places (with sat nav postcodes), times, what to wear whilst doing the activity or dress codes for the nightclubs, hotel security bonds and if applicable age restrictions.

Make Sure Everyone Knows Where They Are Sleeping
On arrival at the hotel a great little tip is get everyone to take a hotel card from reception, then they know where they are sleeping should they loose the group or need to take an early bath.

You don’t want to mother these boys however with little tips like this, will eliminate a head count in the morning.

Kitty Up
There are so many pros to having a stag kitty including keeping the group together, no one spends more money then they have to and buying the stag drinks and souvenirs is so easy.

Stag Pranks and Fancy Dress
Stag Gaffer Tapped To A TreeThe stag will love you forever if you don’t organise a prank or two at his expense, however if you do the group will have something to remember the stag do by, “remember when you gaffer taped the stag to that tree”, or “remember the time the stag was forced to wear that Mankini?”

Fancy Dress is also something you could look into; all you have to do is give everyone a theme such as Old Ladies, Golfers or Morph Suits and let them get on with it.

We have separate posts on fantastic fancy dress ideas and some great stag do prank ideas.

Drink Water Between Pints
I know this will be rather dull for you at first however, early evening, if you have clubs or bars on your itinerary, try not to drink too much.

Trying to negotiate a stag group into a club whilst talking absolute twaddle will not get you or your group in.

Enjoy yourself.


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