How Will The World Cup 2014 Fixtures Affect My Stag Do

The World Cup 2014 will soon be all around us and currently we have loads of stag groups wandering when the matches are being played and will it affect their stag do?

First of foremost don't panic, no one likes someone who is riddled with panic.

If an England game falls on your stag do then DesignaVenture can help, we have hotels which are going to be showing the games and we also have inside knowledge of pubs, bars and clubs in popular stag destinations with huge screens and an atmosphere so electrified, you could charge your phone on it.

Unless England loose that is, you may have to charge your phone elsewhere.

I am guessing you will be an England fan and will want to know when the games are being played, so I have put together a little programme on times and dates, so you can either choose another weekend for your stag do or get in contact with us for details on where to go.

England are in Group D, and will be playing on the following dates:

Saturday 14th June 2014
England v Italy 11:00pm (UK - Time) on the BBC

For all you stag parties going on this weekend, get in touch with us and we will let you know where to go to get a great seat to watch the match - most of your stag group will not want to miss it!

Thursday 19th June 2014
England v Uruguay 8.00pm (UK - Time) on ITV

It's unlikely you'll be on a stag weekend because it's on a umm… Thursday, however we do have some stag dos going midweek.

Tuesday 24th June 2014
England v Costa Rica 5.00pm (UK - Time) on ITV

I expect you will all be skiving off work for this one!

You then have the second round matches (last 16), now if England are lucky enough to make it to the last 16 (don't forget England have Italy and Luis Saurez to contend with), England will play in either:

Saturday 28th June 2014 - 9pm (Round 2)
Runner Up of England's group (D) v Winner of Group C (Columbia, Greece, Ivory Cost or Japan)

A very busy weekend in the stag weekend calendar, height of the season, so if you've been invited on a stag do, this weekend is likely to be one of the dates considered. Don't worry though watching footie with your mates is where you should be.

Sunday 29th June 2014 - 9pm (Round 4)
Winner of England's group (D) v Runner up of Group C (Columbia, Greece, Ivory Cost or Japan)

It's a Sunday and most of your partied out bodies will be at home getting over your hangovers in time for work, if England are in this fixture and you are still lucky enough to be on a stag do finding a venue should be easy enough on a Sunday night.

Friday 04th July 2014 - 9pm (Quarter Finals)
Winners of Round 2 v Winners of Round 1 (too many teams* to mention)

Saturday 05th July 2014 - 9pm (Quarter Finals)
Winners of Round 4 v Winners of Round 3 (too many teams* to mention)

If England make the quarter finals they will be playing in one of the matches above, as you can see it's a Friday and Saturday night so the scramble for a bar to watch it in will be massive, get yourselves booked in to a hotel, bar or club to watch it beforehand, watching it in your hotel bedroom will not have the same atmosphere.

Semi Finals
These games fall on Tuesday 08th July at 9pm and Wednesday 09th July at 9pm.

The Final 
Sunday 13th July at 8pm

All the above times are for the UK, if you have a stag do abroad then don't forget to add on your or subtract your time difference.

*For a full line up of teams groups and fixtures go to the BBC website.

If you booked a stag weekend on any of the above dates make provisions, you can also make your stag do football themed, such as playing Bubble Football, 5 a side or even Human Table Football in the day!

Whatever you do, we wish you and England all the best.


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