Planning a Stag Do

Stag dressed up in a super hero outfit
As well as dressing up on your stag do, there are a few people you will need to be when planning a stag do:
  • A Bank Manager
  • Eddie Stobart (logistics, get it!!)
  • A Sergeant Major
  • Mother
  • Florence Nightingale

Bank Manager
As chief organiser you will be in charge of how much the stag do is going to cost, taking into consideration everyone's budget.

You will also be left with the age old question of whether the stag should pay for himself or if everyone should chip in a pay for him, this year we have found more and more stag parties are becoming extremely thoughtful and sharing the stag's price amongst the group.

We have a little post on who pays for the stag, you can find it here

Stag buried up to his neck in sand
Eddie Stobart 
You will now have to think about logistics, here are a few scenarios:
  • How are people going to get to the activity site?
  • Will there be enough time to get from the activity site to the hotel before having to get to the comedy club? 
  • Where and when will people eat?

Crikey, what on earth have you signed up for?

Just a little plug, if you book your stag do through DesignaVenture we will help you plan your weekend or night all the way through to your last breakfast / activity.

Sergeant Major
Everything is booked in and you have an itinerary fit for Prince Harry, how and when will people start giving you money for this stag do?

This is when you need to get all Sergeant Major on their arses giving them dates and how much will need to be paid.

If you book through a major stag and hen company (like DesignaVenture) you will also have the facility to get people to pay individually online.

You will also need to be on the phone to the laid back payers getting them to pay on time, you know what us guys are like we leave everything to the last minute.

Man dressed up like an old lady
All the guys are going to bugging you and wanting to know what to pack, can they wear their high heels whilst quad biking and what's the dress code for the clubs.

If you have booked your stag do independently then expect to have all this information to hand, alleviating members of the group not packing the right gear.

If you booked your stag do through a stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture, you will get sent a pack (we call it an Essential Travel Pack) by email and in the post. Inside this pack loads of information is included such a check in times, what to wear etc. -  all you would have to do is forward it to the guys, taking the pressure off of you!

Florence Nightingale
When you go on a stag do there will always be a few drinks to be had, now some boys may get excited and over do it a little and as you are the stag do organiser my advise is to stay a little straighter then the other members of the group and make sure people get to bed safely.

If you have activities booked in the morning you may have to go around getting people out of bed, they will thank you after the activity, possibly not when you're banging on their door waking them up!

A little disclaimer for my blatant plugging
I want to make this blog as neutral as possible however some parts of arranging a stag do, especially when you have little time and a massive group to get booked in, I personally think services of a stag do organiser outweigh doing it yourself.

Good luck



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