Stag Do Ideas In Milton Keynes

Surprise, surprise - Milton Keynes is actually an incredible stag do destination, with tons of ideas,  most of them unique, so you will love the big MK.

 "So tell me, what the hell am I going to do on a stag do to Milton Keynes"?

Alright, alright, hold on to your bagel, let's see why Milton Keynes is rocking:

First of all Milton Keynes has some amazing indoor activities including a snow dome where you can toboggan, ski or snowboard, even in the middle of June!

Then there's the indoor skydiving simulator, no worries about the weather spoiling your day, you will always get to skydive in Milton Keynes, and it's an incredible amount of fun.

Moving away from the indoor activities get involved in some Dragon Boat Racing, massive boats need big stag dos, so get onboard and paddle like crazy, apparently it's all in the rhythm.

Have you ever raced a Stock Car Racing before? In Milton Keynes you can. Fully race prepared bangers are ready for your heavy right foot, a stag activity, not cheap, but an incredible memory.

At night you have some amazing bars and clubs all situated in one area of town making it the perfect stag destination for a bar crawl.

You obviously have a lap dancing club (no popular stag destination should be without one) and a huge nightclubs with more rooms to dance in then a house party at Buckingham Palace.

My personal view on MK (Milton Keynes)
There are some fantastic stag destinations offered on the DesignaVenture website, however, in my mind there is no other stag destination in the UK that offers so many unique stag activities like Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes also has a fantastic town centre with some incredible clubs and bars, all open extremely late.

The DesignaVenture stags have nothing but love for Milton Keynes, fact.


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