10 Amazing Stag Weekends In The UK

Some days we just want to unashamedly plug our stag weekends, well we do arrange killer stag weekends that our clients absolutely love, and these are amazing stag do ideas!

Lets start with the Daddy of destinations for adventurous stag weekends and that's North Wales. This stag package rocks adventure like a Dyson sucks air:

White Water Rafting
White Water and Wheels Weekend
This incredible package includes 2 nights accommodation, breakfast, evening meal, white water rafting and quad biking - more details

Heading to Cornwall now for one of DesignaVenture's most popular stag weekend in Newquay:

Newquay Wheels and Water
This package includes 2 nights hotel accommodation with breakfast, the awesome Jet Ski-ing, Quad Biking and entry into 2 fantastic clubs - tell me more

Going south......

Bournemouth Rocks
Bournemouth really does rock and this package is absolute proof. Included are a ruck loads of motor activities, shooting activities and lap and nightclubs. Certainly a different kind of adventure, but an stag do adventure all the same - more details

Up North.....

Absolute Splash - Edinburgh
Cliff jumping and white water rafting in the highlands, adventurous stag weekends don't get any better than this, lap dancing on the moon comes close mind - more details.

The Midlands....

Rage Buggy
Rage Buggies Bikes & Boogie - Nottingham
This is extremely popular with the stags at DesignaVenture, they love rage buggies, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and 2 nights in a 3 - 4 star hotel in Nottingham with a nightclub chucked in for good measure - more details.


Petrol, Pistols and Pooches - Birmingham
What a mouthful and let's be honest here - what a stag weekend! Shooting rifles and pistols, racing rage / rebel buggies, dog racing, lap dancing and nightclub entry, it's like a weekend of Grand Theft Auto, but this time it's the real thing - more details.

Going country.....

Bristol Gorge Weekend
This isn't a weekend of stuffing your face (gorge, get it? Oh never mind!), this is an extremely popular stag do in Bristol with canyoning / gorge walking as the main activity. You will love the city centre 4 star hotel, your nightclub within walking distance and the drag of having to go to a lap dancing club, which includes a free beer and a dance for the stag, these stag dos are hard work - more details.

Going posh....

Hover Party - Chester
One thing Chester is world famous for is Hovercrafting, well actually it's not, but it should be. because the Hovercrafts that feature in this package are superb, you also get do some archery, 2 nights in a 3 star city centre hotel and entry into a club, a stag do with spunk - more details.

Going really posh....

Horse Racing At Ascot
Ascot Racing Weekend - Reading
Not only are you going to the world famous horse racing track where the queen frequents, you have transport there and 2 nights in a city centre 4 star hotel, no wonder it's so fricking popular - more details.

Having it large, but.......

Rods & Reel Laugh - Cardiff
Get your sea legs on and take a trip to Cardiff for a day's sea fishing before settling down to a comedian bang on about how crap his life is, love it! - Even more details.


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