The Infamous Stag Do Grows Up

Stag dressed in rubber ring with bucket and spade ready for the beach
When you mention the phrase 'stag do', you can imagine pub doors shutting, people running for cover and hotel managers shaking in their boots, however things are changing, a new dawn of stag weekends has arrived.

I am not saying alcohol, drinking games, songs and stag do pranks are obsolete, I am just saying that bonding the group by adrenaline-pumping adventure is much higher up the agenda. I am also stating that our life styles are changing.

From jumping off high cliffs into deep sea pools to racing fully race prepared stock cars spending more money on activities seems to be the way forward.

A fantastic memory to take with you into married life is the way forward these days with stag groups opting for excitement and adventure.

43% of best men chose activities with the stag in mind, for example if the 'groom-to-be' is into motor bikes a motorised activity would be on the itinerary such as Quad bikes or Rage Buggies, if he loved to play football then bubble football (a favourite in 2014) would be booked.

Another reason to book activities is to encourage less drinking in the day avoiding total carnage by 4pm, proof of the stag do growing up.

Stag Cheering At Ascot Racecourse
More thought processes are going into booking stag dos, such as choosing themed activities which would match their fancy dress, stag do games and what's going on in the world of sport, like the World Cup, Royal Ascot or the Olympics.

By concentrating on themes, booking various activities and with the average age of the first time groom hitting 32 years old, stag dos will be more sophisticated, more grown up and much more friendly / conscientious.

What about stags getting married for the second or third time, we have a great post on stag do ideas for the older man - here.


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