Top Stag Do Stories

Everyone loves a stag do story, funny or bad they are extremely entertaining and may even give you some inspiration, it may also help you not make the same mistakes.

Kidnapped Stag, Shingles and a Rusty Old Bike

Whether you are a celebrity or just a normal being, if your stag do story is entertaining enough it will hit the papers just like poor Ollie McAninch (non celebrity) story.

This poor fella was with his future wife Clair Hunt (who was in on the scam), driving along a country lane when 16 masked me blocked the road, pulled the unsuspecting stag out of the car, he was then bound and gagged and thrown into the back of a black van (Ford Transit or similar).

He was then driven 100 miles into devon, stripped and made to wear a Mankini and then given a rusty old bike, a map and ordered to ride the 10 miles to his stag do, he thought his stag do was the following week!

Ollie, got the shingles after this prank kidnapping and as its extremely contagious, he was not allowed to see his FiancĂ©  for the month before his wedding.

Bill Murray Crashed A Stag Do

A stag party in the states was joined by the amazing Bill Murray. He gave this unsuspecting stag party some priceless advice "You know how funerals are not for the dead, but for the living, bachelor parties are not for the groom but for the uncommitted!".

He went on to tell the stag party that before they agree to get married they should buy 2 plane tickets and go around the world with their intended. They should go to places that are hard to get into and hard to get out, then after they get back to JFK (New York airport) if they still love their girlfriend they should get married there and then at the airport.


A Stag's shoe takes a sight-seeing tour of Cardiff before being posted 400 miles to Scotland, back to it's rightful owner.

Got your attention?

Cool, let me explain, Scott Watson came home after work on the Thursday night to his home in Falkirk to find a parcel with his brown shoe in it, the shoe he thought he lost on his stag do in Cardiff the Sunday night before.

However, there was also a note with the shoe with an explanation, thank goodness I say, as Scott was so bladdered he couldn't remember how he lost it!

"Hi Scott, my name is David and I was you and your friend's taxi driver on Sunday night. I thought I would enclose this letter to explain why I have your shoe, as the two of you were pretty tanked on Sunday Evening.

"Basically you wanted your shoe to see the sights of Cardiff with me on my night shift so you can gave me your shoe and your address and made me promise I would send it back.

"As I am a man of my word I have done so, I hope it reaches you OK and I hope the two of you got home OK. Take care, David.

"P.S. tell your friend thanks for the coffee."

Thanks to WalesOnline website for covering this story so well.

Our next stag do story shows you how easily things can go wrong

A groom to be from Poole in Dorset was travelling back from Alicante to Bournemouth on a Ryanair flight after having a great stag do in Spain.

According to an article in the daily mail online he was supposedly flirting with the Air Hostess and and slapped her on the bottom and told her she was very pretty.

The air hostess took great offence to this apparent act and has taken the groom to court, who at this moment is awaiting for his sentence after pleading guilty to being drunk on the flight and to one charge of assault by beating.

He will be sentenced on June 16 which is two months before he is due to get married.

The original stag do smurf story
In June 2007 a stag party from Birmingham rented a midget for 4 days and handcuffed him to the stag, 24 hours a day.

This poor midget (he got paid to do this, plus expense) was painted blue to look like a smurf and handcuffed to the stag and had to do everything the stag did, which included toilet breaks, sleep, shower, eat, drink etc.

Since this epic stag do prank, midget hire has grown tenfold with celebrities getting in on the act including JLS and Louis from One Directions 'soon to be' father in law.

When you read about this prank all over the net the in-joke was "no midgets were harmed during this weekend".  May I just have a reality check here and say if you do intend to hire a midget, please make sure that you respect him / her, in every way.

5 Stag Do Stories in short

Groom went to a lap dancing club, went into a room for a lap dance by two ladies (paid for by the stag party) and one of the lap dancers was his ex-girlfriend's mum.

A stag in Finland was sat in a wheelbarrow, naked being pushed around by his mates giving out bags of popcorn to anyone who asked, this was slowly exposing his wedding tackle.

An American bachelor party went to Atlantic City (about an hour from where they live) and booked a stripper to meet them in the VIP area, as the stripper starts her act the stag's brother stands up shouts "WTF" and storms out of the club. The stripper starts crying and scampers off, the group find the stripper to find out what was going on and she said four words, "that was my boyfriend".

In the 1970's a New Zealand stag was sent to Australia without a passport or money "to see how he would cope!" said the best man. Not only did he not make his wedding, the bride was so annoyed she called the whole thing off.

I read on a forum this line, which is short and sweet - My mate was in the RAF and put the poor hammered stag on a flight to the Falklands, ouch!


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