Stag Do Activities Cure The Hangover - FACT*

*OK, I have no scientific proof that the following stag do activities cure your hangovers, so I say drink plenty of water before, during and after your activity and see what happens!

These activities will take your mind off your banging head and you will also come through the other side with a huge smile on your face.

Te best activities to fix your hangover in my mind should include water, plenty of it!

White Water Rafting
Not only will you be fighting the frothing rapids you will possibly be in them, not many rafts get away without getting a dunking!

All your kit's included so all you have to do is rock up with your swimwear and don a wet suit, helmet and buoyancy aid before hitting the white water.

More refreshing then a glass of water in the Goby desert.

Destinations for white water rafting includes:

Cardiff (man-made)
North Wales (great for Chester)
Nottingham (man-made)
The Highlands (1 hour isn from Edinburgh)

More details

Canyoning / Gorge Scrambling
Again includes getting very wet; jumping off high ledges into deep pools, exploring caves, walking behind waterfalls, traversing sheer rock faces - this is an activity straight out of the SAS selection training book.

Again, you will only need your swimwear as all specialised equipment is included.

Destinations for Canyoning include:

South Wales (perfect for stag dos in Bristol, Cardiff & Hereford)
North Wales (also great for Chester)

More details

A fantastic stag do activity to not only get rid of that sore head, but also to give you a spring in your step as you stride onto the beach with the surf board under your arm and looking cooler than a penguin in the Antarctic.

Most taster sessions last half a day with the second part of the day giving you time to practise standing up (something you couldn't do last night). If you want to give it a day, you can always head for the beach bar for a bit of the hair of the dog - hang on, that's cheating.

Destinations surfing is available in the UK:

Bournemouth (a bit temperamental)

More details

Really wind it down and paddle down river enjoying the sun, scenery and a chance to reboot with your mates.

If your head really hurts then jump into the river and refresh, this activity is especially popular with our stag dos that love to chill and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Destinations available:

North Wales

More details

Please note that all activities will not be in the centre of the cities mentioned and you will need transport to make the short distance to your activity site.


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