Top 10 Stag Accessories

You've booked your stag do, the boys are chomping at the bit, questions are flying around Facebook and Twitter asking "how are we going to humiliate the stag?"

This is where stag accessories come in, they are essential, a laugh and can make the stag look like a right prat.

We are not just listing these stag accessories, you can actually buy some of them from our friends at Amazon or we'll include the link straight to the website, more convenient then a fridge full of beer on a stag do.

In no particular order....

The Inflatable Sheep
Where would stag dos be without the amazing stag accessory of a blown up plastic sheep. This is so obvious and has been done so many times however, it's fantastic and can make the groom look like a right plonker.

The Adult Animal Fancy Dress Costume
What would make the stag look more stupid then dressing him up as a member from the animal world? Better still accessorise up the stag do game of Chicken run, this fantastic game is top of the list in our Top 10 Stag Do Games.

The Moustache
From squadron leader to the Twist or Wings moustache, the super-stache website has loads of hilarious styles in black, brown or blonde and if you use the discount code 'StagDo' you can expect a super 10% discount, spiffing!!

The Kitty Purse
You're going to have to have a kitty and you'll need somewhere to keep it, so why not accessorise this age old tradition with a feminine touch, get yourself a Hello Kitty purse and look a right dick every time you have to get a round in.

The Ball and Chain
OK, again obvious but this is the top 10 stag accessories, so they are going to be obvious / popular. What can we say about the ball and chain apart from it's a ball and chain which represents his future wife, making out that his future bride is going to be a dead weight around his leg - sexist.... but extremely funny!

The Mask
Since these extremely realistic masks were seen on the Dragon's Den they have sold like hot cakes. So get a picture of the stag, the bride or even better the mother in law for everyone to wear and surprise the stag on his stag do.

Available at mask-arade

Personalised Shot Glasses
I saw these on fleabay I mean Ebay, you're going to be drinking shots until it comes out of your ears and no doubt some of you will be drinking shots out of each other ears, so why not have your very own shot glass with your name or nickname on it, then you can take them home as a stag do souvenir.

I haven't included the link as I am unsure about the seller, so the best thing is to search 'Personalised Shot Glasses' or 'Stag Party Accessories' on ebay.

The T-shirt
To some stag groups, the personalised stag t-shirt is a necessity, with slogans such as "Last Fling Until The Ring" or the less tasteful "On it until we vomit" or even a funny picture of the stag, the stag t-shirt is an extremely popular accessory.

Polo shirts are possibly the best choice so you can get into nightclubs (as they have a collar), however some clubs will not allow personalised stag t-shirts so check before you decide which night to wear them on.

Search Google for 'Personalised t-shirts'.

The Hawaiian Flower Necklace
Whether you're on a stag do in Magaluf or a stag weekend in Newquay the Hawaiian Lei Flower Garland is great way to celebrate holidaying by the beach and can make a Hawaiian shirt look better, lets face it, dribble would make a Hawaiian shirt look better!

The Dwarf
I know, PC or non-PC, the dwarf has become a very popular stag accessory, especially with the celebrity stag do. Marvin Humes from JLS, Jamie Lomas (Hollyoaks and Eastenders actor, I didn't know either) and Louis Tomlinson's (from One Direction) step dad, well he's nearly a celebrity, have all had one.

It will cost you up to £750 per night, so start saving boys!


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